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Southeast Wise Women
Wise Woman Ways:
Standing strong with mullein

Corinna WoodCorinna Wood, Director
Southeast Wise Women

Driving in the mountains to the Blue Ridge Parkway the other day, my heart jumped at the sight of stand of mullein flowering out of a rocky cliff.
mulleinI thought of all you women and of the strength of community when we gather . . . In these times when the problems of patriarchy fill the newscasts, we continue to stand strong as a community of powerful, intelligent women, thriving individually and collectively.
Have you seen mullein, along the fence line or on the roadsides? This is the time we notice her, while in bloom, with her tall yellow flowering stalks. We find her everywhere, from abandoned lots to mountaintops.
mullein on hillside
Mullein is able to extract and accumulate minerals from soil that is more rocky, unlike some other plants that require more compost and humus. She is able to draw nourishment even in adverse conditions, Mullein floweringwhich speaks to her hardy nature and strength. And haven’t we needed to do that in these times?
Medicinally, mullein leaves are are used in infusion or tincture for respiratory support, and her flowers steeped in oil for earaches.
Mullein offers the ability for us to breathe easily and deeply, both physically and emotionally. As we take a deep breath, our hearts open to the green world. Even in difficult environments, she reminds us to stand tall and strong with dignity.

Women's Professional Training Course with Dr. Aviva Romm
As you may know, we are very proud to bring Dr. Aviva Romm to the herbal conference this year.  Throughout our mothering years, our staff have personally relied on Aviva’s work, including classics such as The Natural Pregnancy Book and Naturally Healthy Babies & ChildrenShe is also the author of one of the leading natural medicine textbooks for women, Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health.
After over two decades as a herbalist and home birth midwife, Aviva was called to go to Yale medical school to build upon that Wise Woman foundation.  Now, after years in medical practice, she is equipped to change the way women’s health is being approached in modern medicine. 
If you are a practitioner of women’s health, you may be interested in a new extensive professional training that Aviva is offering.  She has created an in-depth program for health professionals that synthesizes traditional women’s healing wisdom with the best of what conventional medicine has to offer.  This professional training presents her wealth of knowledge and experience to us as health practitioners who want to also help women take back their health - wisely, effectively, safely - and transformationally.
Women's Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional Training with Aviva Romm
Her Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional 10-Month Training Program is now accepting applications. If interested, you must act quickly, enrollment is open only thru September 7th!
The program is by a woman, about women, and for women students only.
To learn more or register visit Aviva's website.
When you join, make sure to put Southeast Wise Women in the “where did you hear about this course” box on the application and you’ll be part of making a donation that will fund scholarships to the women's conference.
And we can't wait to see you this October!
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October 13-15
Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference
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