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Why Subscription IT Service Plans Work
One trend in information technology over the last decade has been the switch from providers allowing outright ownership of IT products to offering subscription plans instead. This switch has happened across many different types of IT services and products.
Software companies like Adobe and Microsoft have done this with their Creative Suite and Office applications. As have tech support companies, and full Technology Solutions Providers (TSPs) like Tools 4 Data.
While subscription business models are all over our economy now, the fairly recent, widespread change in the IT sector hasn’t been well explained to IT customers.
It’s hard for many business owners to come around to the idea of paying monthly for things they had previously owned outright. This is completely understandable. When you as a business owner pay your one-time, upfront fee for a product, you expect to be done paying and to get your full value for its entire lifecycle. That possibility no longer exists with many business information technologies.
The primary reason for the subscription service switch is not IT companies looking to gouge their customers. It happened because keeping up with a constantly changing environment of technologies, security incidents, and business practices has become a monthly, sometimes even daily, process.
New security threats are discovered every day. Software developers release weekly performance updates to make your applications better. Old infrastructure needs maintenance. New infrastructure needs to be integrated.
That’s why a subscription model IT service plan can deliver many benefits for your business.
Keeping Costs Predictable Over Time
When you have a Technology Solutions Provider actively manage your business’s IT infrastructure, rather than waiting to pay a tech when something breaks, you keep your business running efficiently and your ongoing expenses stable.
Technology tends to fail when you need it the most. The network goes down right as you need to send a contract to a client. Your application server dies right when you need to confirm inventory for a major customer.
Actively managing your IT systems month to month keeps them running at peak efficiency, which reduces downtime for your business, as well as the unexpected, and usually larger, expenses that come with getting them back online.
Getting Actual IT Management
Subscription IT service plans are particularly well suited to businesses with limited in-house IT expertise. When your business uses a full Solutions Provider, you not only get ongoing IT support, you get to shift your IT planning, decision-making, and active IT management to your TSP.
Will this server work well two years from now when we expect to have doubled production? Will our existing accounting software handle the new industry regulations we’re going under next year? Do we need to upgrade the whole software suite for new printing functionality, or is there a simple add-on that works just as well?
No more deciding whether it’s time to fix technology. And no lost productivity when you’ve guessed wrong. You use your TSP’s expertise to shift your business’s IT focus from applying quick fix solutions and dealing with crises, to long term planning and identify the technology that will deliver the most value. All of this is built into your ongoing TSP contract.
Adjusting to Business Fluctuations
Nothing is out of scope with a subscription service plan, because there is no scope. You simply adjust how much IT service you pay for as your business’s needs change.
Is your business flat out during the winter, but quiet by early spring? Pay for increased emergency availability November through February, and scale back down when the cost of an outage has less of an impact. Schedule out your major upgrades for the off season at a slower pace.
Simply plan with your TSP when you’ll need more or less IT service over the fiscal year.
An Ongoing Business Relationship
When you meet regularly with your Technology Solutions Provider to manage your business’s technology, you develop a very different, much more positive relationship than you would with a basic tech support firm you only see when something breaks.
With a subscription agreement your TSP isn’t incentivized to be done with the project, they’re incentivized to make your business the best in can be for the longterm. Business owners can trust the opinions and intentions of a TSP that they know will still be around after their immediate IT needs are resolved.
In a world of constantly changing business and technology, having a relationship with a TSP that you can trust, and will be there when you need them, is invaluable.
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