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Venice Scarf
One of my travel destinations this summer was Venice, Italy.
What inspired me?
 - airy, stone lace of palazzi on a busy and beautiful Piazza San Marco 
- old narrow calles - like wrinkles on fabric
- fading pastel buildings looking like unraveling knitting
- numerous canals and crooked bridges like yarn on the needles
- evening magic of orchestras on St. Mark's Square
All of the above inspired me to make
something vintage and elegant,
airy and kind of transparent,
long and narrow, light,
not cold as marble
but warm and soft,
a bit Vivaldi like ...
and definitely
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Internationally famous
Debbie Bliss Angel
Super Kid Mohair & Silk
76% Mohair
24% Silk

200m/25 g - 2 balls

Needles N5,5
Hook N3,5
The design for this scarf is taken from the Europe's Top Knitting Magazine Verena - Winter 2008. I very rarely use patterns from magazines, but in this case, I followed almost all the instructions and recommendations. 
I changed the colour a little: not pure white but faded shade of off-white.
The two lace patterns were used.
Scarf length size is 10 x 205 sm.
I started knitting the scarf on the plane and finished it in Toronto.
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Fine Accessory
The scarf is not very busy, heavy or too warm, so it can be a great accessory for any summer
or winter outfit.

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2017 Yarn Store
Like in 2008, I stopped by at a beautiful yarn store on San Marco 3718 (Calle della Mandola)- Lellabella.

Click on image to go to Lellabella website
2008 Same Store
"At Lellabella, you won't find just "wool", but the highest quality Italian yarn and unique products from the most sought-after brands. We use our yarns to create a large variety of personalized items made by hand."
Meravigliosa lana! 
Italy, 2008

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New Yarn
I bought yarn here for my next (winter) project.

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Venice is not a 'man' city (like New York) to me. Venezia is a woman ... aging gracefully ... knitting its yarn of dreams, trips, people, stories ... keeping glowing from the inside :-))
Viva Venezia!
Viva Knitting!
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