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Real Talk about IT Costs

An Honest Discussion of IT Costs
There’s no way around it, information technology costs money. What you do have control over, is the way your business invests in its technology, because there is absolutely a right way and a wrong way to do that.
Purchasing technology based solely on retail sticker price will end up costing you in the long run. Hiring experts, like those at a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP), to support and advise your business’s IT purchasing generates the most long-term value from your IT budget.
When you hire a TSP you get to leverage all of their industry knowledge and experience to inform your IT purchasing and use. They can advise you on which technology is a waste of money and which is worth investing in. They help deploy it efficiently and for optimal use. And through smart maintenance they make sure it remains an asset, rather than turning into a burden, over its lifecycle.
To offer one recent example of smart maintenance, none of Tools 4 Data’s customers were affected by the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks that hit many Connecticut and international businesses, like FedEx. Tools 4 Data evaluated the computer vulnerability when it was first identified months earlier and immediately updated all of their customers’ PCs to protect against it.
Rather than just spending on technology, investing in reliable IT solutions for your business with the help of an expert TSP benefits you in the long run.
Managing Necessary Costs
Many businesses think they can drastically reduce the cost of their computer network. Maybe you saved a few dollars up front on clearance hardware, but for the following three years you’re bogged down with added maintenance costs and reduced work efficiency. There are, in fact, many efficient ways to run your business’s network that expert TSPs can advise you on, but let’s be clear: your network will always carry a cost.
You may have tried tasking an intern with managing your network, or having your other staff chip in effort. Then six months later your servers have slowed to a crawl. Your cabling might not have been done right through your drop ceiling, and now the electrician can’t safely run the wiring for the new outlets you need. The accounting software upgrade your CPA needs you to install isn’t compatible with your PCs.
A series of seemingly less expensive choices have painted your business into a corner. This happens all too often. The solution is proper planning using a TSP’s experience and knowledge to guide your business’s IT investments. That lets you avoid unnecessary IT costs.
Spending on Expertise Creates Longterm Value
Would you ask that office intern to fix the plumbing, or repair your vehicle fleet? We can sometimes forget that IT is just like any other type of business infrastructure. Applying experience and knowledge to maintaining it pays off. Cutting corners will only end up hurting you down the road.
Expert TSPs have access to whole catalogs of interconnected technologies and tools that aren’t available retail. A dedicated TSP uses their own time, money, and expertise to test them. Through that trial and error they’ve learned the most effective ways to run your business’s IT infrastructure.
That knowledge informs a whole technology plan they can develop for your business. Then you can buy and build according to a plan that maximizes the value of every single purchase you make. They know that you could save $100 on that discount network router today, but when you buy their recommended model, you know you’ll come out ahead after it stays in service, and scales with your business’s needs many years longer.
Unique Advantages Working with TSP
There are other ways TSPs deliver value. Most notably through applying understood IT best practices, like proactive ransomware patching. They can prevent costly downtime that could have a significant impact on your bottom line.
A knowledgeable TSP firm might also know how to use advanced monitoring tools to fine tune your network to make it as reliable as possible. These types of monitoring tools are often one of the exclusive tools TSPs have access to.
You also gain access to the local knowledge they’ve accumulated working with other businesses. TSPs frequently find powerful, creative uses for technologies intended for entirely different industries. Perhaps that inventory management software at a business across town would actually be a good fit for your office.
No matter what, business IT will cost time and money. So what really matters is just how much value you get from yours. With intelligent management, your business can turn those IT costs into an investment. For many, doing that begins with hiring a Technology Solutions Provider to best inform your business’s IT decision-making.
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