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The Anti-Fur Society
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Our affiliate Fur Free Society, Inc. has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) against Ruby Fur Farm Inc., an Iowa farm that repeatedly broke federal law by allowing hundreds of fur-bearing animals to suffer in dangerous and extreme heat conditions.  Temperatures in the metal housing exceeded 100 F degrees and heat indexes reached as high as 122 F degrees on at least four separate dates. Animals in severe heat distress were panting, drooling, lethargic, breathing heavily, non-responsive to activity around them, and unable to cool off.  Fur Free Society is asking the USDA to impose the maximum fine of $13.75 million ($10,000 per animal affected, per violation) and to immediately terminate any and all licenses held by Ruby Fur Farm Inc.  The complaint and USDA inspection reports can be found here:
Contact USDA and demand maximum fine against Ruby Fur Farm, Inc. 
EMAIL:, ; CALL: (970) 494-7478
Sample Message:
"Dear Dr. Gibbens, Dir, USDA Western Region:
Please levy the MAXIMUM FINE against Ruby Fur Farm Inc. for their egregious disregard of the Animal Welfare Act by allowing animals to suffer in extreme heat and dangerous conditions. These violations of federal law should NOT be tolerated and MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law."

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PS: Photo depicted is a representation and
not an actual image from above facility.
Presentations @ Oxford University
Our very successful presentation at the Oxford University School of Animal Ethics this summer couldn't have been better described than this article by "The Ecologist:  "Kimberly Moore, Attorney at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, and Board of Directors at the Fur Free Society warns against the practice of ‘Greenwashing', where fur companies make claims that purport the practice of producing fur to be ‘natural', ‘sustainable', or ‘green'. Using vague terms the false claims can be twisted into messages so the consumer believes it's ok - even environmentally beneficial to buy fur.  When you consider that chemicals used to treat fur include formaldehyde, chromium, aluminum, lead, ammonia, chlorine and ethylene, and that 90% of people who live in certain areas of India near the tanneries, are expected to die before the age of 50, the reality is far from green.
In Nova Scotia, lakes close to the mink industry areas have been seriously degraded by the use of these chemicals and blue green algae flourishes; mink carcasses thrown out from the fur farms in Russia pile up and pollute rivers, and the fur trim on children's coats contains high levels of dangerous toxins, according to Dutch research carried out for the Fur Free Alliance last year." More:
The second presentation by Kimberly, was regarding how children is being manipulated, and indeed, indoctrinated by the fur trade so as preserve future customers for decades to come.  More information will be soon available on our website:
Exhibiting & presenting at the Green Festival, NY & AR Conference in DC
This has been a very busy summer for us at the Fur Free Society / Anti-Fur Society. In addition to our major accomplishment by participating in such a respectable annual conference at the Oxford University, we also exhibited and made presentations at the Green Festival in NY and the Animal Rights Conference in the Washington DC area. We were able to reach out to thousands of people outside the animal rights community at the Green Festival, and at the AR Conference, being the only anti-fur organization to exhibit there (ever) our table is always very well attended, but this time we were swamped by visitors. Lots of tee shirts, window stickers and other small items were sold at both events. 
Thank you for reading our newsletter.
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Rosa Close & Kimberly Moore
Fur Free Society /
Anti-Fur Society
P.O. Box 6871  |  Towson, MD 21285
PS:  Our Press Release
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Media Contact: Kimberly Moore (Director of Public Relations, Fur Free Society)
Contact us @

Iowa Fur Farm Breaks Federal Law, Should be Fined $13.75 Million;
Group Claims Government Inspections Find Hundreds of Raccoons
in 'Unconscionable' and Dangerous Extreme Heat Conditions

DES MOINES, IA – A fur farm located about 50 miles from here should be fined $13.75 million by federal regulators after a series of inspections revealed hundreds of raccoons were allowed to suffer in "unconscionable...extreme heat conditions."

According to a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture complaint filed by the Maryland-based Fur Free Society Inc., Ruby Fur Farm Inc. of New Sharon, IA violated the Animal Welfare Act numerous times in USDA inspections from the end of 2016 through July involving 1,375 animal incidents. The USDA can levy a fine of up to $10,000 per animal affected, per violation.

Fur Free Society is demanding the USDA not only fine Ruby Fur Farm Inc., but immediately terminate any and all licenses held by Ruby Fur Farm Inc. The complaint and USDA inspection reports can be found here:

Fur Free Society released this statement:
“It is unconscionable that these animals were allowed to suffer from such extreme heat conditions and dangerous conditions, despite repeated USDA citations. These animals are no different from the dogs and cats who are left in hot cars, and the public should be equally outraged at the gross mistreatment of these animals.

"We demand justice for these animals, and justice requires that the USDA impose the maximum fine allowable against Ruby Fur Farm Inc. in the amount of $13,750,000 ($10,000 per infraction, per animal).  We further demand that the USDA immediately terminate any and all licenses held by Ruby Fur Farm Inc.”

Background: Repeated violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act by Ruby Fur Farms Inc., including animals in desperate need of veterinary care, dangerous enclosures (including broken wires that could inflict injury or permit escape), filthy and unsanitary conditions (including dead animals in enclosures with live animals and insect infestations), and most egregiously, the building in which animals were housed (constructed of metal and not insulated) had temperatures that exceeded 100 F degrees with dangerous heat indexes as high as 122 degrees on four separate dates.  

On four (4) separate occasions, USDA inspectors discovered animals in severe heat distress, panting, drooling, elevated respiratory rates, lethargic, not responsive to activity around them, and unable to cool off. The USDA’s inspection reports warned Ruby Fur Farms Inc. on four (4) occasions that “[A]n animal may never be subjected to any combination of temperature, humidity and time that is detrimental to the animal’s health or well-being,” yet despite such warning, on four (4) separate occasions, animals were found to be in severe heat distress.  Justice demands that the USDA take action against Ruby Fur Farm Inc.


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The Anti-Fur Society  |  P.O. Box 6871  |  Towson, MD 21285-9998  |

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