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T for September
for sweet September 
September is always beautiful in Toronto, but this year, we are blessed with the summer weather. No colours yet, all is still green.
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T for Toronto
Beautiful city!!!

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T for Knitting
One of the best hobbies! 

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T for Crafts

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T for Bijouterie
Time in the summer really, literally flies ... like a bee. You want to do so many things and catch up with people you don't often see during the year. You want to read and knit and .... be busy :-)

More bijouterie here

T for .....
T for Tea
T for teaching
T for TIFF
T for Tango
T for Nuit Blanche
T for Party
and so much more!
T for tanya
Who  am I kidding!?  It's for Tanya!
Happy Bday to me!

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