17-09-10  Music Room Rules 
Body Percussion Lesson AND Bulletin Board
Music Room Rules
by Denise Gagne
This is not only a great lesson for the first weeks of your school year - it's also a great and very easy bulletin board!!!
1. Have the students read the rhythms.
2. Read the words in rhythm.  (Or teach by rote if students are not good readers)
        (body percussion is noted at the top of the system)
3. Teach the students the suggested body percussion to go with measures 1-2. 
                       Make   good  choi-ces .          Always be responsible
                      stomp stomp stomp stomp .   pat-pat pat-pat pat-pat pat 
When the students are confident with that, teach measures 3-4:
                       Use good manners be nice and be kind
                        clap clap clap clap, snap snap, snap-snap snap .  
Measures 5-6:  Speak when acknowledged, always put your hand up.
                       stomp pat-pat  pat    pat .   clap-clap clap-clap clap snap
Measures 7-8:  In the music room always try your best!
                    clap clap clap-clap clap . pat-pat pat-pat pat
Practice several times until the students have learned the entire chant, and are able to perform it without your assistance.
This chant is available as part of a poster pack called Music Room Rules.  Not only is this an excellent first lesson and potentially your first assembly performance, this can be a bulletin board!  You'll notice that there's one poster that isn't in the chant above:  Care for the instruments and all of the equipment.
4.  Have the students create body percussion for
                    Care for the instruments and all of the equipment.
Chant the phrase 4 times, giving the students the opportunity to create body percussion with the phrase that will work.  Invite students to share their work, and have the whole class learn it.  This phrase can be either an introduction or an ostinato.  In performance, the words to the rules will be heard better if it's used as an introduction. 
7. Decide on a form for performance
For example:
- Say the introduction 2x
- perform chant with words only
- perform chant with body percussion only
- perform chant with words and body percusion
Extensions or Alternative Ideas:
- instead of performing the chant with body percussion, create accompaniment with bucket drums!  The score shown above is from Easy Bucket Drumming - and is already arranged for buckets.  Simply transfer the body percussion you've already taught to the buckets.  Stomp=Side of the bucket
Pat=top .  Clap=rim . Snap = click sticks

This resource is amazing!  In addition to the Music Rules activity, there are 18 sequenced activities that will teach your students how to play the parts of the bucket, how to develop hand independance so they can play two parts at the same time, and has arrangements of three pop songs.
The projectable PDF AND the videos of all the pieces, make this really easy to use in your classroom.
View a class lesson where I teach Liberty Bell March from this collection on YouTube:  Liberty Bell
Canadian Teachers Easy Bucket Drumming
USA Teachers - link to Easy Bucket Drumming

The Music Rules poster pack includes Music Room Rules (5 posters), Audience Behavior, and How to Care for the Instruments.
Link to Poster Packs on Canadian Site - WWW.MUSICPLAY.CA
Link to Poster Packs on USA Site - MUSICPLAY.CA
Other Posters in this pack include Audience Behavior.  Teach this lesson before your first performance.  Have your students perform their creation at the opening of the concert, so that parents learn the expectations!
- teach the chant either by rote or have the students read the rhythms
- read the ostinato and decide on body percussion to accompany it
- divide your class into two groups and have one group perform the chant and the other the ostinato
- decide on what to use as an introduction and ending
- perform!
Divide the class into 5 groups and give each group one line of the poem or the ostinato.  Have the students decide how to perform their line using body percussion, non-pitched instruments and / or movement. Have each group teach what they've created to the class.  When the class has learned the entire chant with body percussion, movement etc, discuss and decide on the final form.  Perform.

 The posters illustrating each line of the poem are available for purchase.  Visit www.musicplay.ca and click on Teaching Aids.
Link to Poster Packs on Canadian Site - WWW.MUSICPLAY.CA
Link to Poster Packs on USA Site - MUSICPLAY.CA
Poster Packs are available for
- Music Room Rules  (Audience Behavior, Music Room Rules, Instrument Care Rules)
Instruments of the Orchestra Posters
Instruments of the Orchestra - posters of instrument families, orchestra seating chart and each instrument.
They might be cheaper on Pinterest, but printing in color is really expensive -for $25 the posters are done for you and so is your bulletin board!
Instrument Alphabet Posters
Instrument Alphabet - 26 posters with pictures of instruments beginning with each letter of the alphabet!
Link to Poster Packs on Canadian Site - WWW.MUSICPLAY.CA
Link to Poster Packs on USA Site - MUSICPLAY.CA
Orff or Kodaly Chapters:  Would you like door prizes for your chapter workshops?  We'd be happy to send you a gift certificate for a year's subscription to www.musicplayonline.com . Just email denise@musicplay.ca
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More is being added each week to our online resource.  
I was called by a teacher who is using the Listening Logs in the Listening 2-3-4-5 as entrance music when her students come into the classroom.  It's playing as they come in, then they answer questions about it.
If you haven't tried the site for a while and would like a free code for a month to try, send an email to denise@musicplay.ca.  You'll be amazed!

Apps and Digital Resources
We've created SIX great apps for iPad or Google devices.  If you have a class set of iPads, volume purchasing is available for these apps.  The apps are being updated to the new IOS so will continue to be available!

Note Name Smash!  New note naming app!  Only .99 USD
In this app, you choose the notes to practice.  Each note correctly named breaks a hole in the wall.  Name them all and the wall breaks!
Link to Note Name Smash in iTunes

Rain Rain Story -  is a sound story book that uses the Rain Rain Go Away song, and a poem for students to accompany.  This app includes ear training activities and instrument exploration.  

Rain Rain Story - iTunes                Rain Rain Story - Google   

Note Name Match Game
 -  10 levels of Memory to match notes with their letter names.  Great for recorder students, piano lessons, beginning band.
Note Name Match Game - iTunes            
 Note Name Memory Game - Google   
Vocal Warm-ups for Singers or Choir
This app is based on the warmups book, "Strictly Warmups" by Kerry Heisler. The warm-ups in this collection are organized into five sets.  Each set includes a physical warm-up, breath awareness, then five minutes of a variety of mid-range warm-ups.
Vocal Warmups for Singers or Choir - iTunes  
Vocal Warmups for Singers or Choir - Google 

Learn and Play Recorder
 has everything that you need for your beginning recorder classes.  
 Learn and Play Recorder - iTunes       Learn and Play Recorder - Google   

Learn and Play Recorder 2
is now available for iTunes and Android devices!
This app gives your recorder players 24 songs for two part soprano with optional alto. Naming notes is reviewed, now with interactive practice!  Counting music is reviewed, with an interactive name the note value activity. The full score with both regular alto and transposed alto for teachers to project is included.  
Learn and Play Recorder 2 - iTunes    Learn and Play Recorder 2 - Google 
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