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The Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala is Almost Sold Out!
People bid at the WNCAP Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala
C'mon friends, it's Gala Season!
We are just 11 days from the Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala on Saturday, September 23, and tickets are nearly sold out. But there is still time to snatch a few last minute tickets for Asheville's favorite Gala, which will be held at the Asheville Event Centre beginning at 6:00pm. You can purchase tickets online by clicking here, or by calling the WNCAP office at (828) 252-7489.
"Hyena" by River Arts District Artist Daniel McClendon will be available at the WNCAP Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala.
This year's Auction is drawing a lot of attention from local media outlets, and for good reason! Our team has assembled an amazing collection of auction items, including local art, antiques, jewelry, and fine wines.
Marco Bicego Mixed Gemstone Necklace available at the WNCAP Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala.
Three dessert wines available at the WNCAP Raise Your hand Auction & Gala
Antique silver serving tray and dish available at the WNCAP Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala
Pieces from the 2017 Raise Your Hand Auction. From L to R: "Hyena" by River Arts District Artist Daniel McClendon; Marco Bicego Mixed Gemstone Necklace; Collection of three fine dessert wines; Antique silver serving tray & dish.
There are also a number of fabulous vacation and gourmet dining experiences on the auction block. That includes an exquisite Rooftop Dining experience brought to us by Chef Anthony Cerrato of Strada Italiano and The Social Lounge.
Rooftop Wine Dinner at The Social Lounge, at WNCAP Raise Your Hand Auction
Anthony Cerrato will provide a Rooftop Wine Dinner experience at WNCAP Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala
Asheville Chef Anthony Cerrato (pictured right) will provide an exquisite gourmet meal on the roof of The Social Lounge (left).
You can see the full lineup of our incredible 2017 Auction Items here. Don't forget to buy your tickets now before it's too late! Can't make it to the Gala on September 23, but still craving to bid on one of our one-of-a-kind items? Check out the Absentee Bidding option and you won't miss out!
All proceeds from Raise Your Hand directly benefit HIV prevention and treatment in our community, so you know you're shopping for a good cause. Your generous support is greatly appreciated. See you next Saturday!
Out of Many, One
WNCAP Supports Our Immigrant Brothers and Sisters
We are all immigrants, and WNCAP supports our immigrant brothers and sisters
Now is not an easy time to be an immigrant in America, especially an undocumented one. There is unprecedented hostility from the highest levels of government towards those Americans who have moved here from other places. Most recently, the Trump Administration announced it would not continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program initiated  by President Obama in 2012. DACA protects from deportation Americans who were brought to this country by their parents when they were very young. Although this group of people (also called DREAMers, after the stalled DREAM Act) is not documented, most of them only know the United States as home. They speak English, they attend American schools, they work, they serve in the military... in short, they are as American as apple pie. But some people in government don't see it that way. 
Recently, WNCAP Medical Case Manager Norma Acero wrote an article about the services WNCAP provides immigrants in our community. In light of the scary current political situation, now seems like a good time to reiterate WNCAP's stance towards our immigrant brothers and sisters. First and foremost, all the services that WNCAP provides - free testing, case management, syringe exchange, and more - are available to everyone in our community, no matter their ethnicity, immigration or citizenship status. HIV does not discriminate, and neither do we.

Norma Acero is a bilingual Spanish speaking Medical Case Manager at WNCAP

 Top Row (L to R): Antonio Del Toro, Associate Director; Iosvany Gispert, Implementation and Compliance Officer;
Randy Rodriguez, Special Events Coordinator. 
Bottom Row (L to R): Norma Acero, Medical Case Manager; Michael Harney, Prevention Educator.
Second, WNCAP provides a variety of services that may be of particular interest to those in the immigrant community. Currently, we have four bilingual native Spanish speakers on staff: Antonio Del Toro, Associate Director; Iosvany Gispert, Implementation and Compliance Officer; Randy Rodriguez, Special Events Coordinator; and Norma Acero, Medical Case Manager; and one bilingual native English speaker, Michael Harney, Prevention Educator. All of these staff are ready to help native Spanish speakers in their own language. And, if you are a non-Spanish/non-English speaking immigrant, or hearing impaired, we will always find interpreter services in order to communicate with you and address your needs.
There are a whole galaxy of services, entitlements, and community agencies that can help recent immigrants, regardless of their documentation status. It can be quite confusing to navigate all this bureaucracy. That's why WNCAP is here! We can help you access vital services for you and your family, be they housing, health care, or even community events to help you plug in to your new home.  
When language or citizenship status is a barrier, it can be easy to feel like you have less rights than others or that you can't contribute to your new home. At WNCAP, we want all of our clients to know that they are welcome and deserving of quality care. Thanks to all our clients, volunteers, and donors who help us make this organization a safe and welcoming place for everyone!
And Now, A Word from Our Sponsors
Thank You!
It takes a lot to make the Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala possible. We simply could not do it without our generous sponsors. Please help us support those who have supported us by visiting these local businesses and saying thank you!
Spirit of Giving
WNCAP Seeks Donations of Household Items for Client
WNCAP seeks donations of household items for client.
It is a well known truth that for people with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis, "housing is healthcare." At WNCAP, we try to match all our clients with affordable and stable housing.
Recently, we were able to secure housing for one of our clients - a great victory! But now he needs our help to fill his house with all the basics needed to build a healthy and happy home. If you are able to provide any of the below items, we could use your help:
1. T.V. set
2. Bed (any size, any model)
3. Couch (any size and model)
4. Coffee Table
5. Dishes
6. Cookware
7. Shower curtain
8. Cleaning supplies and trash bags
9. Mattress for queen bed
10. Electric fan
11. Shower chair (the ones to assist someone with a disability)
12. Any kind of Xbox that can be donated (this item in particular is needed to direct client's energy towards something entertaining that he likes doing and help him stay away from types of activities that can jeopardize his housing). 
If you can help us out with any of the above items, please email Norma Acerocome by the WNCAP office at 554 Fairview Rd., or call the main office at (828) 252-7489. Thank you!
Hurricane Relief
Help Those With HIV/AIDS Recover From The Recent Hurricanes
People with HIV are some of the most affected by Harvey and Irma. Luckily, AIDS United has begun a Hurricane Relief Effort designed to send help towards those who need it most. Please donate to help people with HIV/AIDS rebuild!
Vaya Con Dios!
Come Visit Our Table at Fiesta Hendersonville on Sep. 24
Salsa dancers at Fiesta Hendersonville, where WNCAP will have a table.
Fiesta Hendersonville is a one-day event that celebrates the music, food, and culture of Latin America. It will be held from 12pm-6pm on Sunday, September 24 in Downtown Hendersonville - 201 S. Main Street. The event is family friendly and FREE to the public.
WNCAP will be manning a table at Fiesta Hendersonville to talk about all the services we provide to the community, including testing, case management, and syringe exchange. Come visit us!
Save the Date
September 18 is National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day is September 18
National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day is an annual event meant to bring focus to the specific issues facing the aging HIV/AIDS community. Started by The AIDS Institute in 2008, NHAAAD encourages individuals and organizations all over the country to hold events and speak out about HIV prevention, testing, and treatment for older individuals with HIV.
Want to get social? Like The AIDS Institute on Facebook and follow #NHAAAD on Twitter to join the conversation!
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