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Shamanic Fire Reiki invites you to a very special magical workshop "Herbal & Plant Spirit Medicine" with our beloved sister Cristina Maria Humming Bird Medicine.
Herbal & Plant Spirit Medicine
With Cristina Maria RojasFernandez,
Humming Bird Medicine
Have you desired to learn and assimilate the language and spirit of plants?
Do you want to gain this knowledge and wisdom through your unique understanding and traditional ways?
Are you called to heal and strengthen your being through Medicine of the Earth...
Sunday, November 5th
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
One-day Intensive in Manhattan
Early Bird Price Extended $144
Learn how to make Herbal & Plant Medicine through various
Traditions - WiseWoman, Shamanism, Witch/Earth Spirit, Jungian/Archetypal Approaches - Ascension Medicine, Psychology & Behavioral Science, Energy Vibration Medicine tools - Rattle, Voice-Chants/Icaro's/Song/Sound
 Your Being-"the hollow bone"
We work hands-on with local herbs/plants and connect to and learn about sacred Spirit Medicine from Andean, Taino and other Indigenous Traditions.
You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding and connection on how to practice the sacred ways of Herbal and Plant Spirit Medicine. The teachings will enter your mind and body through vibration invoking the Wise One within. This will allow the medicine to integrate with your ancient knowing and wisdom aligning your being with the Spirit Medicine of the Earth.
All Herbal Medicine & Medicine Making Tools Included
Light cleansing & smudging
You must bring your Medicine Rattle
 Register today - Email
About: Cristina Maria Humming Bird Medicine

Cristina Maria Humming Bird Medicine is a Medicine Woman integrating the Ways of Spirit with 15 years of clinical social work experience. She is initiated through medicine teachers Kate Anjahlia Loye, Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman and Robin Rose Bennett and is a licensed social worker in NJ/NY. Her background is rooted in a diverse collection of Earth Centered Traditions and Other Realms.
Through her medicine practice, Spirit Medicine Ways, she offers sessions and ceremonies with Herbal and Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanism, Witchery, Bodywork and Energy/Vibrational Medicine and Ascension Medicine. She also facilitates circles/gatherings/classes.
You may contact her via and Spirit Medicine Ways Facebook page.
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