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Southeast Wise Women
Explore our audio classes shop
We are proud to launch our new Audio Classes Shop, where the October 2017 conference recordings are now available!
Over the years, we have amassed a fantastic collection of audio classes from the annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conferences, with leading female herbalists and teachers sharing their passion for education and connection through the traditions of earth based healing, local plants, women's health, and deep nourishment.
Individual classes are available for $12. Or purchase the 2017 Full Set of over 30 classes to have mailed to you on a flash drive for $185 (our best value--less than half price of the cost of all the classes included).
In addition to all the 2017 audio classes, you will find participant favorites from past years. The audio classes are sold as digital downloads so you can save them to your computer to revisit for years to come.
Weaving hope for women and 
the Earth
Women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life gathered this October, to learn, teach, and grow together . . . 

We gather each fall to nurture ourselves with a shared sense of reality, to remember our own strength, beauty, and power, and to lift one another up.
At the doors to Opening Ceremony, those entering each infused a pinch of wool with her hopes for women and the Earth. As the ceremony and the weekend progressed, spinners among us actually spun that wool into yarn, and then wove it into a powerful creation (below) for the closing circle. 
At home and during the weekend, we all are experiencing, practicing, and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition. This work is not always easy. We must begin by getting un-confused, seeing and naming clearly what we know, who we are, what we see, and how we heal. And we continue the work of untangling ourselves from the web of messaging that is internalized day after day--messages of sexism, racism, ageism, heterosexism, all the -isms.
As Director Corinna Wood shared, “We are here this weekend as strong women, standing on the shoulders of generations of brilliant women, surrounding our circle! If it were not for the devotion of the women of my mother’s generation, to civil rights and to feminism, we would not be here like this today.”
Among other highlights (see videos, right), Unity Fire expanded this year, as a place where all women are invited to dialogue about steps we can take in our own lives and work around racial equity. Because we know there is a lot up this year, both around misogyny and racism! And it can be hard sometimes as white women, to recognize our own privilege, and to figure out what we can do. 
Each one of us is taking the radical step of taking back her health, both emotionally and physically. We are sharing tools with one another of how to regain our birthright and full potential as women. Powerful women. Healthy, strong women. Women full of life, energy, and vitality. To renew our passion and co-create the worlds we want to live in.
Save the date ~ see you next year!
Saturday Studies
Eager to delve into your Wise Woman studies in the spring?
Learn to embody self-love the Wise Woman Way! In this healing, intimate circle of sisters honoring women and the Earth, we embrace the culture of the Wise Woman Tradition.
We begin with connecting to our strong female feelings which guide us toward our underlying needs. And as we embrace our needs, we support our thriving.
We will also spend time outdoors hands-on with wild plants and herbs. As we get to know wild plants, we recognize the cycles of the Earth, which are reflected in our own psyches, especially as women. Together, we reclaim sacred relationships with ourselves, the plants, and our sisters.

Saturday Studies
Through October 31st, we are offering $115 off the registration for the Saturday Studies program, bringing the $650 tuition down to $535. 
Join us for this powerful six-month journey, one Saturday/month March through August 2018. The program takes place in a beautiful natural and herbal setting along the river at the Common Light Friends Meetinghouse, in Black Mountain, NC. 
Video highlights
Take a peek at some favorite moments that participants shared through video clips on Facebook and YouTube . . . 
At Opening Ceremony, Mother Turtle and Corinna Wood acted out a skit about racial microaggressions to offer awareness and tools to allow for healing and connection.

 see 13th minute of video
In "Enough is Enough: Overcoming Overwhelm," Dr. Aviva Romm spoke to health impacts of the oppression we face today as women, from perfectionism to sexual assault.
video at top of fb page
Empowering women to take back their health, Aviva encouraged women to recognize that we are enough! And to love ourselves, to allow ourselves to pause, to rest and to sleep. To nourish and replenish ourselves.
After two days of classes on a myriad of aspects of herbal medicine and women’s health, Saturday evening’s Sisters of Soul concert blew us all away! 
The crowd went wild over Lyric’s powerful voice and presence, to Heather Mae’s rocking the house.
Gina Breedlove closed the night with her potent "Folksoul," including the classic Ferron song "By My Heart, Be I Woman."

Gina Breedlove, filmed from Renee's mom's front row seat (YouTube)
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Southeast Wise Women  •  17 Benchmark Rd  •  Black Mountain, NC 28711

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