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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
October 1, 2017

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This is an internet reference newsletter. A link to the original article is provided in the colored title line. We claim no authorship of these references, we only reference so you can consider the information. The purpose is for TI education only. The reference may contain only part of the original article due to space limitations here. CAHT neither agrees with nor disagrees with any opinions or information contained herein. Please go to the link to read the complete article. Thank you.
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We're trying to find a T-shirt people will wear that gets people interested in the implant system that will make an electronic slave of everyone. It should generate conversations on the electronic torture system that allows V2K, neural monitoring and torturer. Let us know what you think of this one.
In This Issue
NEW CITIZENSAHT TI SHOP NOW OPEN-makes it easier to order!
TI TESTIMONIES:  Submit and share your stories for this column.
ACTIVISM:  Andy Ostrowski taken for 72 hour exam-then disappeared
VIDEO:  Hurricane Harvey-Blowing Dams to Drown People, after blocking off their neighborhoods
ENIRONMENT:  Land-Based Aerosol Machines-Stealing Land, Using Loudspeakers to sound like Rocket Engines, Creating Weather-Floods
WIRELESS BODY AREA NETWORKS:  For Medical Torture Applications
TESTIMONY:  Psychotronic Weapons Forced Suicide
One of our readers' Smart Meter Cartoon
BLUETOOTH:  Ultrasound Platform for Mapping and Localization
TI HEALTH:  Manuka Honey
ACTIVIST:  Mike Mason
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black
Activism/Support Groups
SHIELDING:  Linqstat
TI TESTIMONIES:  Submit and share your stories for this column.
Please share your stories, it doesn't have to be your whole life story, just an incident. What are your torturers doing to you today? Have you been diminished in artificial ways with microwave technology?  Are you having problems with doctors?  Also, please send copies of your injuries, burns, etc. so we can publish.
This is a picture Karen Stewart took of the car in front of her. She believed she was being attacked with microwaves. As she was taking the picture the frequencies affected her camera and this is the picture it took.
I am a victim of Morgellons. I recently started trying to get help from the medical community. I have had swelling in my legs to the point of pain and not being able to walk. I went to a dermatologist. They had been contacted by the perp contractors prior to my arrival. I was greeted by a phone stalker pointing a phone at me within 6 feet of the front door. He was sitting in a chair facing the door. I asked him what time it was so I could get his face on video.
During the nurse's interview, I looked up and she had a tablet in my face taking my picture without asking. Then she took pictures of my legs.
The nurse/practitioner walked in the exam room, and the first thing she said was, "Do you scratch?" which meant whatever sores are on your body are your fault and you caused them.  This question is asked to make it look like you are responsible for your own disease. I looked at her to say, "You didn't just ask me that."
She said, "Do you itch?"  I said, "That's a question I will answer, if something itches, a person will scratch it."  She said, "We are going to give you an antibiotic and an anti-itch cream."  I said, "I didn't ask for an anti-itch cream. I've taken the antibiotic before and it helped but it didn't cure it. I'll take the antibiotic but I want this treated with something that will cure it. Let me show you the nature of the sores."  I got out my computer and was showing her the picture of the sore as it opened up, showing tendrils of something that looked like fungus.  She said, "That's just blood vessels."  I said, "Blood vessels don't float around in liquid on top off the skin."  She was done. No further questions. Then she went and got the dermatology clinic director doctor.
He walked in and said, "See what I have on my little finger?" as he scratched his little finger.  He said, "I inadvertently scratch it.  You have what I have.  Have you ever taken Xanax?"  This was said without any examination or testing or discussion with the patient as to the first sore, the nature of the sores, nothing. I said I'll take Xanax but that doesn't cure this.
I said "I have proof of parasites, bacteria and fungus." I had my computer open with pictures and videos and he told me to put that away.  He did not want to see any proof that was different than his pre-appointment rehearsed diagnosis. He didn't like that and started to attack me. You are not supposed to support your knowledge of your own disease or what research you have done.  He was prepared when he arrived and had been briefed to accuse me of delusional parasitosis.  I said I wanted scientific testing. I told him I wasn't going to argue with him and he left. He was done.
They did a biopsy and the nurse told me secretly to email her my pictures and videos.  This could be because the doctor really wanted them for himself.  He may have had to act the way he did because he was told to by someone claiming to be "law enforcement" or "homeland security."  Doctors have to do what they are told, but they are not authorized to discuss my medical information with anyone, in theory.  
I went home and I was told that I declined an antibiotic so I wasn't given one.  I never did say that. Denials, lies and misunderstandings right off the bat. This is the New World Order healthcare for TI's. Everything seems to be a struggle and miscommunication on purpose to cause more trauma.  They gave me an antibiotic about 5 days later while I suffered with the pain of the swelling. The nurse called me when the biopsy came back.  She said, "We have good news, there are no parasites."  They took a half-inch punch out of my leg and it was swollen and infected with stitches and anyone with a brain would have known by looking at my legs that something was wrong. This is the end result of any testing on Morgellon's patients. They don't do the right tests and the tests they do are always magically negative.
No further testing was suggested.  Morgellons patients are supposed to be ignorant, silent and obedient. The business, the doctor, the nurse practitioner, the nurse's assistants, etc. are involved in abusing the patient per the instructions of the government contractors who interfere by listening to your phone call when you make your doctor's appointment. They get the doctor's number and call and instruct them to misdiagnose and abuse the patient. I was given a referral by the dermatologist to an infectious disease doctor, which is another story and more abuse and more of the same, "the tests show nothing" pathology by a hospital lab, where I got stalked by by two doctors with phones, one man with a backpack and a man sitting beside me with a phone.  This was just more trauma drama and no progress on medical problems.
ACTIVISM:  Andy Ostrowski taken for 72 hour exam-then disappeared

What to do if someone is taken for a mental health exam. FIND THEIR NEXT OF KIN. Ask them to help.

How to Disappear an Activist -Where IS Andy Ostrowski?

September 22, 2017
By Janet Phelan
As reported here, activist attorney Andy Ostrowski was taken into custody by the Wilkes-Barre, PA police department on September 19, for a forced mental health evaluation.  Ostrowski was reached later that afternoon at General Hospital in Wilkes-Barre, where he asserted he was being held as a political prisoner.
Ostrowski, a radio talk show host and civil rights advocate, also made a run for Congress in 2014.
Per hospital protocol, Ostrowski was subsequently transferred to another facility. And now, no one can say where he is.
HIPAA—Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—disallows hospitals from confirming if a person is at their facility, if he is on a psych unit. In the conversation on Tuesday, Ostrowski asserted he was most likely to be transferred to First Hospital, in Kingston.
First Hospital, however, will not confirm or deny his presence. As Ostrowski had expressed not only appreciation to this reporter for reaching him at General Hospital, but also asserted the necessity to follow up on his forced incarceration, the failure to reveal his whereabouts  becomes a central issue vis-à-vis his right to freedom of association.
However, the hospitals in question do not seem to honor this historical right. The behaviors by staff at both General and First Hospitals couldn’t be more alarming. Yesterday, in an effort to ascertain where he was transferred, I called General Hospital and spoke with a woman who initially identified herself at “Joanne.” Joanne refused to give information as to where Ostrowski was transferred and when asked her full name, she replied “Julia.” According to Joanne/Julia, to disclose where Ostrowski is would violate HIPAA.
When it was suggested that Ostrowski’s right to association trumped HIPAA, Joanne/Julia turned nasty, demanding my data, which I supplied her. She then trounced further on any perception that Ostrowski still has rights, telling me I was “so wrong” about his right to association overriding the hospital’s right to privacy—which is really what HIPAA is protecting here.
Well, it didn’t get much better at First Hospital. This reporter spoke with the media relations director,  who not only declined any information as to Ostrowski’s presence, but shot back, “You’ll never know if he is here or not!”
And that may be true and how scary is it….
In an effort to get assistance in determining his whereabouts, contact was made with the Luzerne County District Attorney’s office. The call was transferred to a “Marilyn,” who, after hearing that a request was being made to locate Andy Ostrowski, promised to look into this. When no call back was received, the DA’s office was repeatedly called, at which point they repeatedly hung up the phone on me. An initial request for an email contact was also refused. “We don’t give out our email addresses,” the receptionist stated.
These are public servants, folks….
Recently, yet another radio show host was psychiatrically detained. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, she told me that she was picked up this July in front of a library in a Colorado county, where she had just emerged after speaking with the librarian and others about connections between the local government and a for-profit foster care facility, which may be  self enriching through unnecessarily removing children from homes. This radio host was assaulted by a person on leaving the library and when she called 911, the deputy came, slammed her into the wall, cuffed her and brought her to a psych hospital. She was let go four and a half hours later, and subsequently received a bill for $7300 for her unwanted detention.
Andy Ostrowski, however, may not be so fortunate. He is now “desaparecido”—missing in the gulag.
Several years back, this reporter covered the plight of a man who was under a mental health conservatorship in California. The guardian kept moving Charlie Castle from place to place, as those who were trying to help him assert his rights in fixed proceedings kept discovering his new location. When Castle died under suspicious circumstances, a request for a coroner’s inquiry was made. All that we ever discovered was that the toxicology report—which would have contained the  information concerning the suspected cause of his death—had been somehow removed from the file.
The mental health laws tilt against the rights of those under “evaluation” or “care.” They protect the privacy of the institutions which may, in fact, be abusing the individual and the matter of Andy Ostrowski well exemplifies this. When we spoke on Tuesday, he was overpouring with gratitude that I had reached him. He wanted to make sure his story was told. Until those who have a vise grip on his life and his rights decide to honor the latter, he is just one more who is missing in the system and nowhere to be found.
VIDEO:  Hurricane Harvey-Blowing Dams to Drown People, after blocking off their neighborhoods

My Time At Hurricane Harvey

1. Dam was being released and neighborhoods shut down without notifying residents that they were going to be flooded AGAIN from the lake water. They were flushing the toilet on Port Arthur and Beaumont.
2. Private militia had to go in and save people, the government were blocking off neighborhoods and trying to keep the people from being saved.
2. Dead bodies were tagged instead of being collected, they were left in the water to be washed out to sea by the flood from the dam water.
3. There were people, gov agents, hunting people, using any excuse to kill people, if people looked like looters they were shot, even if they were just trying to survive. These were not being counted as flood victims.
4. They were bringing in prison ships, you might not come back. The two barges are floating prisons. They offer 3 meals a day and laundry service.
5. Private contractor people were demanding that private responders give up their guns that they needed to protect themselves and victims.
6. People at shelters refused to get on FEMA planes because they found out they weren't arriving at their destinations.  DONT'T GO TO THE FEMA CENTERS. It was a war zone. Agencies are killing people.
7. They are spraying neurotoxins on the populace to poison them.

Where was FEMA? Rescue Crew from Houston Speaks “It was like the walking Dead & Armageddon”

More Information Re: Houston, & What Americans Have To Deal With When Disaster Strikes

ENIRONMENT:  Land-Based Aerosol Machines-Stealing Land, Using Loudspeakers to sound like Rocket Engines, Creating Weather-Floods

100% Proof Hurricane Harvey & Others Are Created by NASA @ Stennis MUST WATCH 1

100% Proof Hurricane Harvey & Others Are Created by NASA @ Stennis MUST WATCH 2

Germany and Texas Floods: Proof Both are Entirely Manmade

O D D Watching Geongineering Worldwide Ground Based WSAC Weather Makers

Notice that the Black Dot in Region I lines up with the location of the origin of the Energy Waves in the picture at the top of this newsletter.  The Nexrad Installation was destroyed by the winds of Maria.


Hurricane Maria: 4th Man-made storm in 3 weeks

Where did all that water come from?  Watch these WASC towers creating water vapor in Puerto Rico.  Why did Hurricane Maria devastate Puerto Rico?  There were aerosol making machines pumping out water vapor prior to the Hurricane hitting land. This water was then deposited on unsuspecting citizens who were then flooded again by a dam being released. Thousands of people are evacuating their homes because of the dam "breaking." This disaster was planned by the governmentS.


Take your Birth Certificate back avoid FEMA camps
FEMA is trying to get people on floating barges voluntarily. They each hold 300 people an they look exactly like prisons with individual cells. They offer 3 meals a day and free laundry service.
HOWEVER, THEY ARE ALSO REQUIRING YOU HAVE A PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION.  We've heard this before haven't we?  Why would you need a mental health evaluation to get help because you've been displaced from your home by flood waters of a hurricane?

Cancel Millions of All Debt with your Birth Certificate
Visit our site at and email our staff here Thats why i created for those who cannot afford my training. You can find FREE info there and a group of like-minded people who can probably help you.
List of Videos with Prof Michio Kaku on HARRP
Here is a Doc you can use to possibly help you!
Alex Jones New FEMA Camps Development! United States/Great Britain
ALERT: Thousands Just Microchipped—Has The “Mark Of The Beast” Been Sparked..
WIRELESS BODY AREA NETWORKS:  For Medical Torture Applications
Wearable Implantable Electronics:  Communications, Computing, Sensory Augmentation, Health Monitoring, Brain Stimulation:  Page 18:


TESTIMONY:  Psychotronic Weapons Forced Suicide

Psychotronic weapons in the Caribbean can force victims to commit suicide

by matrixbob
An ex employee with the Dominican directed energy directorate (INFOTEP) in charge of creating the country’s psychotronic weapons has disclosed that she was a victim of the technology which she helped devise.
A psychotronic weapon is a mind control device, which enables the user to torture another person, keep tabs on their movements and control the substrate of their thoughts.
As Abreu Report explained: “Today, thousands of INFOTEP-trained agents are deployed throughout the Caribbean, primarily working in tourist resorts, where much like an intelligence agency hacking cell phones, the brain of foreign targets is treated as nothing more than a technical objective to be completed.”

Victim of her own weapons

A former INFOTEP employee told Abreu Report anonymously that she was a victim of the same weapons she helped create. “We often experimented on ourselves, there really were no ethical boundaries,” the ex government employee noted. “The President was afraid of us, we literally wrote our own checks,” she added.
“I wasn’t the only one in the office who felt like her brain was cooking. Before the PHaSr was the size of a rifle, we could place a device with similar capabilities in the trunk of a car, with the tail-lights emitting a laser that led the victim to commit suicide, ” she explained.  “I know of at least 10 people who committed suicide after our van got parked outside of their house, but we don’t need a vehicle that big today. The government has heavily invested in drones, and a psychotronic device can be mounted thereon."

“But the main thing the government developed was microwave weapons; the entire country was blanketed with a microwave system,” she addded.
Adding that “the country’s goal of getting more tourists than citizens will be met, people don’t know how they’re being targeted with these microwave weapons, they activate the addiction parts of the brain .”
One of our readers' Smart Meter Cartoon
BLUETOOTH:  Ultrasound Platform for Mapping and Localization

ALPS: A Bluetooth and Ultrasound Platform for Mapping and Localization

The proliferation of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) chipsets on mobile devices has lead to a wide variety of user-installable tags and beacons designed for location-aware applications. In this paper, we present the Acoustic Location Processing System (ALPS), a platform that augments BLE transmitters with ultrasound in a manner that improves ranging accuracy and can help users configure indoor localization systems with minimal effort. A user places three or more beacons in an environment and then walks through a calibration sequence with their mobile device where they touch key points in the environment like the floor and the corners of the room. This process automatically computes the room geometry as well as the precise beacon locations without needing auxiliary measurements. Once configured, the system can track a user's location referenced to a map.
The platform consists of time-synchronized ultrasonic transmitters that utilize the bandwidth just above the human hearing limit, where mobile devices are still sensitive and can detect ranging signals. To aid in the mapping process, the beacons perform inter-beacon ranging during setup. Each beacon includes a BLE radio that can identify and trigger the ultrasonic signals. By using differences in propagation characteristics between ultrasound and radio, the system can classify if beacons are within Line-Of-Sight (LOS) to the mobile phone. In cases where beacons are blocked, we show how the phone's inertial measurement sensors can be used to supplement localization data. We experimentally evaluate that our system can estimate three-dimensional beacon location with a Euclidean distance error of 16.1cm, and can generate maps with room measurements with a two-dimensional Euclidean distance error of 19.8cm. When tested in six different environments, we saw that the system can identify Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) signals with over 80% accuracy and track a user's location to within less than 100cm.
TI HEALTH:  Manuka Honey
Manuka honey kills more bacteria than all available antibiotics
Australian researchers have found one type of honey, called Manuka honey, to be better than all known antibiotics.
Manuka honey is produced by bees that forage on the nectar of Leptospermum Scoparium, or New Zealand’s Manuka bush, as well as tea trees, native to Australia and New Zealand only.
This remarkable type of honey not only effectively kills bacteria, but none of the bugs killed by it have been able to build up immunity. Manuka honey may hold the key to fighting resistance issues, saving thousands of lives worldwide.
Compounds, like methylglyoxal, in the Manuka honey cause multi-system failure in the bacteria, killing them before they are able to adapt and build up immunity.
What Manuka honey can do for you
Manuka’s biological properties range from antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antibiotic and wound healing, to  immune-stimulatory. However, what separates Manuka honey from the rest is that its antibacterial powers challenge even the toughest superbugs, such as the life-threatening methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
Manuka honey is marketed for cancer treatment and prevention, high cholesterol, chronic inflammation, diabetes, the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, and eye, ear and sinus infections. However, it might be most useful in treating skin wounds and leg ulcers.
Honey might prevent bacterial biofilms and eliminate established biofilms. Furthermore, they reported that Manuka honey could successfully be used to kill all MSSA and MRSA biofilms in a chronic wound, supporting the use of this type of honey as an effective topical treatment for chronic wound infections.
2 Timothy 4:16-18 (GW)
At my first hearing no one stood up in my defense. Everyone abandoned me. I pray that it won't be held against them. However, the Lord stood by me and gave me strength so that I could finish spreading the Good News for all the nations to hear. I was snatched out of a lion's mouth. The Lord will rescue me from all harm and will take me safely to His heavenly kingdom. Glory belongs to Him forever! Amen.
COMMENT: Who would have thought that there would be a time when Paul would be all alone, abandoned by everybody. Yet, he was not alone. He says that the Lord stood by him. Maybe it is just me, but I like to think that the Lord was physically standing there by Paul, even though only Paul could see and feel His presence. The Lord cares about our struggles just like He cared about Paul's. He has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us.
ACTIVIST:  Mike Mason
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We want every targeted individual to participate in the Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe Global TI Survey.
To get involved, please view the short video link below.

To get a better understanding who these noble men are and more details on the survey, please listen to the link below. 

You can also email
with your name, address. country and phone number in order to get the process going
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

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The Chicago area Support Group – Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
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For more information, you may contact
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Portland, Oregon
Saturday, October 14, 2017

3:30-5:30 PM
Hollywood District Public Library
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Contact person;  Amy – 971-207-3401

South Carolina
  For more information, you may contact
  Gail -

An Announcement To The Whole World By Chinese Victims
Of Electronic And Psychotronic Weapons

SHIELDING:  Linqstat
A Linqstat order is here. If you are interested, please email Neal to order.
If you have a tent, you can just tape some pieces of Linqstat together and drape them over the tent. You could make it the exact shape as the rain cover. You can ground it to an outlet, to a ground with a banana clip or attach a TENS electrode to it to create an energy field through the material. Using a tent structure that's already got places to attach the Linqstat make it a lot easier. You can even get a simple one and put it on your bed to drape the Linqstat over. Completely covering an already-made tent like this one with Linqstat is pretty easy and you can just put the TENS pad on the outside of it and "light it up", keeping the frequencies on the outside.
                      LINK TO GROUNDING CLIPS
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