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Little Pearls
How the Light Gets In ~ October 2017
Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. ~ Leonard Cohen 
With our world in near-constant uncertainty, turmoil and natural disaster, what can help us remain in or return to balance, health and compassion? How can we even hear each other anymore over our own strong, self-reinforcing worldviews and opinions? 
There is much research indicating that closed minds tend to stay closed. One of the few ways to open the mind is through touching the heart first, bringing us to tears, laughter, surprise or wonder.
Little Pearls are one way to elicit these heart-opening emotions ~ creating a crack that can let the light in. More light, please!
New Pearls for the New Year
We are eager and ready to make new Pearls in 2018 when we raise enough money to finish them. We already have most of the footage but will need to pay for music, voice-overs and editing. Here's what's coming:
The Wonder of Little Boys: This one is about the natural state of wonder in young boys, which we would like to see more adults encourage as they grow. Ben, who we filmed 2 years ago at 20 months and who has not yet appeared in a Pearl, will be the primary child in this one. We'll also include some unreleased footage of Zi, who already has his own Pearl. 
For the Love of Julian: This is the working title for a Pearl with Julian alone. He was so much younger than Ben and Zi that his footage does not fit with the Little Boy Wonder Pearl. We were only able to capture him on his first birthday, when he was surrounded by his loving family, yet there's still enough for a touching Pearl. Julian's maternal great-great grandmother was the subject of the very first Little Pearl. His grandmother is a gifted performance poet, so we're anticipating a rich, meaningful message for this one. 

Kida and Her Whales: Two professional cameramen filmed my Oregon whale dog friend Kida for us in the summers of 2015 and 2016. We're still waiting for promised footage from the marine biologist to fill the gaps with Kida and the California gray whales who gave her life so much meaning. Kida died in November 2016 at age 15 1/2, a few months after having her lower jaw removed for cancer.
Our second set of footage came after her surgery, and though I was concerned about feeling emotionally distraught to see her that way, this last footage shows a dog whose passion for her work was unabated. Seeing Kida so enthusiastic, even with all her age and disability struggles, filled my heart with even more love and admiration for this dear old dog.

There should be enough footage for a short inspirational piece on staying engaged even through life's challenges, as well as a longer piece on Kida's remarkable story. Here is the link to Carrie Newell's Whale Research Eco Excursions

A Pearl I've wanted to do forever would be based on Wendell Berry's poem The Peace of Wild Things. We have Mr. Berry's permission and are waiting to hear from the publisher. I can envision the footage, the voice-over and the music. This Pearl could be a soothing balm in troubled times. 

Please help us create these new Pearls.

Zi's Pearl from April 2016 ~ in case you missed it
Here it is on YouTube: Love Creates a Family, Connected Across the World
The background story and Vimeo link are here. Zi's Pearl was a happy extra from the filming for The Wonder of Little Boys. With documentary filming, we can't always capture what we want, yet it's also possible for new Pearl ideas to appear. 
An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. ~ Chinese proverb
Behind the Scenes
Long-term challenges seem to be untangling and resolving ~ what a relief!
Our ancient computer, which has been limping along for several years on patches and repairs, finally gave out last week, immediately after the new one arrived. My intuition told me it was going to fail soon, and now that long-term worry is gone. It has taken our financial reserves down to the point that we can't edit our new Pearls. Can you help?
A simple, meaningful way you can help us now is to post a short, 4 or 5 star review on Great NonProfits.  A high rating helps people find us, increasing the chance of support. We only need 8 more new reviews by October 31. 
In our whole history, Little Pearls has never had paid help with administrative tasks, as we are volunteer-based. One consequence was that our database had become unusable and overwhelming. Through serendipity and a good friend, a young woman named Agnes has appeared. She has unrelated professional experience, yet she is working wonders with our big mess, even on a part-time basis. Please send your best contact information to
Hand surgery a year ago had distressing outcomes that seriously affected my overall health and energy, as well as the functioning of my dominant hand. Though it's taken significant healing work to move beyond these challenges, I'm grateful to be able to fully engage with life and Little Pearls again, on an even higher level than before.  
WATCH.  LOVE.  GIVE. ~ We need your support!

It feels good to have new Pearls in the works again.
 We need your help to cover the cost of finishing them. Except for technical professionals, the work of Little Pearls is completely volunteer-based, and our resources are slim. 

WATCH: what we've already created on greatlittlepearls ~ and share
LOVE: No link here ~ you've got this!
GIVE: We have always pointed to situations that would benefit from our viewers' awareness and support, not to ourselves. At this point, we depend on individual and small business donors. Please help us fund these new Pearls.
For a gift of $100 or more, you can be listed as a Sponsor. We will be updating this page by the end of the year.

We still have our beautiful DVDs available, too, for $10 each ~ they make great gifts.

We are grateful for all investments of time, money and new ideas. If you or someone you know can volunteer, donate, be a Sponsor, serve on our small board or suggest a connection, please let me know.


Warmly, with gratitude,
Linda McLean
Executive & Creative Director
Little Pearls
GreatLittlePearls on YouTube
(Blissful eclipse photo by Janine Baumgartner, Big Butte Mountain 8-21-17)
Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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