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Sunreed Instruments
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Sunreed Instruments - Your Source for Sound Healing!
~ Sunreed Instruments ~
 Your Source for Sound Healing!  

Early Christmas Sale!  October Promotion!
Sound Healing Workshops!
Bear Beaters!
Black Buffalo Drums!
New Binaural Chimes!
Check them out!
October Sunreed Promotion!
For the month of October spend over $1000 in a single order and get free shipping. The coupon code for this order is FreeOctober and can be used at check out. This offer is only good for orders within the Continental United States and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Black Buffalo Drums
These Buffalo drums we just got in are nearly black in color, much darker then any Buffalo skin we have ever seen. It is nearly black in tone. We have 5 in stock, and won't be getting anymore. They are 18 inches around 3-4 pounds each. The drums have clear bass notes, and plenty of resonance. We suggest purchasing this with a Bear Fur Beater or Sunreed Soft Beater for the best tone.
New Shangs
We just got a new shipment of shangs in, and they are the best quality shangs we have ever offered, with beautiful cloth handles, and clear bright tones. We have a very limited supply of these, so please take advantage of this temporary offer.
Just Intonation,
Tuned Crystal Bowl Set
New Offer! 8 Bowl set in Just Intonation Tuning. Read on to learn about this highly harmonic offering.
Just Intonation is the natural harmonic sequence of the Western musical scale. It is a natural harmonic progression that follows geometric ratios of nature that correspondingly create beautiful harmonies. Many musicians believe the neurology of the body responds better to these natural harmonics, creating deeper states of harmony and relaxation, thus creating a template for deeper healing and wellness. We are happy to offer this and please click the link below to learn more about this special offering.

 Here is our entire selection of Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Sets
February, 2018
The Nature of Healing and Self-Realization
This is a 2 day program,
Feb 10-11th, 2017 in Chester, VT.
Zacciah will be offering 'direct healing' potentials within this practice; opportunities to encounter and transform our deepest patterns of suffering and discontent, as well as to embrace our highest potential as realized beings. He will be accompanied by many guides and teachers of the subtle realms. This program is open to all participants.
Level 1 (First Year,)
School Of Sound Healing
Ottawa, Canada, 2017-2018
We are offering our Level 1 School of Sound Healing program this year in Ottawa, Canada, beginning in October. This is part one, in up to a three year program in the therapeutic application of sound. The program is good for beginners who would like to gain an excellent foundation in the use of sound, as well as for experienced sound practitioners who would like to deepen their practice, or incorporate sound into their existing therapeutic modality.  We have assisted those in many Holistic and Complementary fields, as well as MD's, nurses, licensed psycotherapists and others, incorporate sound into their work.   Come join the community! Please see here for more information, including dates and costs.

Bear Beaters Are Here!
We now have a new round of Bear drum beaters in. We are offering three varieties of these bear beaters, one hard, one soft, and one soft with a harmonic rattle attached. Each beater gives a slightly different effect.
Inexpensive but Effective Binaurals
Want to be using binaurals but don't want to pay the $400 for a binaural pairing of crystal bowls? Check out this binaural pairing of Meinl chimes. The sound is crisp, clear and the sustain allows you to sink into the sound a good deal before needing to strike them again. Use them personally or in a therapeutic setting.
Early Christmas Special
 Prepare for the holidays. Give the gift of sound!
For this long 3 day weekend we are offering 10% off store wide. Please use the coupon code FreeOctober at check out to utilize this offer. This offer may not be combined with any other offer. If you were spending over $1000 and free shipping is a better deal, the offer will automatically switch from 10% off to free shipping. This offer lasts until 10/7/17.
April 10-15, 2018
Sound, Healing, Consciousness
Our September Practice is ALL FULL,
But, we are offering this practice again in April, 2018!
Sound, Healing and Consciousness
A special 6 day retreat, in Leyden, MA

April 10-15, 2018
This is an in depth study into the nature of sound, healing, Consciousness.  We will richly explore the nature of sound healing, and the use of sound instruments and voice, and what is called sacred sound and intuitive sound healing practices, as well as the nature of healing and its inter-relationship with human consciousness.  This is currently the only sound healing training scheduled in 2017.

   All Information Here

Sunreed Instruments

Sunreed Instruments, LLC
World Musical Instruments andSound Healing Tools
~ Your Source For Sound Healing~
Phone:  (802) 674-9585
Fax:  (802) 674-9586
Best Hours to reach us:  10 AM - 5 PM ET

24 Hrs Answer service, and we will pick up other times we are in the office.

Sunreed Instruments  •  po box 389  •  ascutney, VT 05150

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