Kotara Studio | Abstract Art - Modern Art – Mixed Media Art
October 7, 2017
Painting / Drawing / Sculpture / Installation
Tonight (10/7) at London District Studios, AVL. Believe me
Believe me
2016-ongoing, punched Braille on gold foil paper mounted on paper, felt, book, table, 120" x 276."
Please join Kenn Kotara and London District Studios for an evening of relevant and worthy conversation. Words are powerful. Information is powerful. Art is powerful. Come and "...focus on the moment when materials become willful actors and agents within artistic processes, entangling their audience in a web of connections." (unknown author). See yourself soon. Believe me.
Kotara Studio | Abstract Art - Modern Art – Mixed Media Art
Abstract Art, Modern Art
Kenn Kotara
Asheville, NC
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Kotara Studio, LLC  •  road  •  asheville, NC 28801


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