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A Muse's Daydream 2024
Art Desk Calendar:
A little personal blurb about the calendar
Dear Creative Friend.
Last year burnt me out on the labor and time it takes to do my calendars as they are all personalized, each card made separately including aligning all numbers (including June 6).
The amount of time it took designing and going to the PO and waiting in line, did not make the money I made even close to the time I spent. Prior to last year I was using a company that not only tripled their costs, but had hidden costs that I got tired of putting up with. There are better ways... I need to figure it out... but I do have a plan B.
This year, I'm using a calendar printing service - If you buy a calendar it will come in this format right from the company.

BUT I still want to get the old format out to calendar customers who have been buying them for years and still have the jewel case stands.... because it has personal touches and I put a lot of love in each monthly card, so here's what I'm doing. 
If you buy the new format at its reasonable cost (includes those who already have and THANK YOU), you will be put on the email list for the old format and each month receive a PDF in the email as the year goes on. You can print it on card stock or send it to your favorite printer as a PDF. 
As you can see below, I printed out January on cardstock from my computer and it's pretty much the same as the old version and fits in the stand.  It contains love and enchantment.
December 7, 2024 is the last day to order unless there are special circumstances. :)
This year I'll again be sending a percentage of the proceeds from these calendars to Friends of Animals 
Thank you for reading this far, and thank you EVEN more if you buy one (great holiday gift!) and if you buy more than one -- consider yourself kissed. 

Spread peace,
Jill Badonsky

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