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Market Update

Sales activity in the Whistler marketplace continued to be brisk throughout the third quarter of 2017, albeit at a slower pace than the first half of the year. Overall, the total number of sales was 16% lower this quarter than the previous quarter, and 13% below the same period one year ago. This still represents a historically above average pace of business. The slowing pace of sales can largely be attributed to the low number of properties being offered for sale.
Interest in investment in Whistler continues to be high and this, combined with the restricted supply, has led to a continued upward movement in values. Going into winter we expect the existing framework of supply and demand to be the determining factor impacting activity and sale values. 
Are You Ready for Ski Season?
Now that ski/board season is within reach, we are making our lists and checking them twice to make sure that nothing will be holding us back when the lifts start to crank. Here are a few tips to help you get mountain ready:
Number One - Get Conditioned
There is nothing worse than having to quit early on your first day on the slopes because your legs feel like jelly. So, it is a good idea to start getting those lunges and squats in now. You can head out to a local gym for some dry land fitness, or try the Whistler Physio app SKIRAD to help you stay injury free.
Number Two - Tune In
Now is the time to dust off your gear and get them ready for the season ahead. Word to the wise: use an older pair of rock skis on opening day. Stick to the open runs towards the start of the season to prevent unfortunate run-ins with gravel and rocks. Your gear will thank you for it.
Number Three - Hit the Slopes
Opening day is officially slatted for November 23 - but don't book the day off just yet as opening day is a moving target. Focus on your snow dancing, and it could very well be a little earlier than scheduled.
The countdown is on - we'll see you on the slopes!
Featured Events
October 20 - 22
'All About Me' Women's Weekend - Let an inspiring group of workshop facilitators guide you through a dynamic range of interactive workshops, paradigm-shifting presentations, and expanding experiences.
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November 9 - 19
Cornucopia - Celebrate the best of food and drink with winemaker dinners, themed events, interactive seminars, health and wellness events, and electric after-parties.
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November 29 - December 3
Whistler Film Festival - This will be 5 action-packed days of fresh films, special guests, epic events, talent programs, fine dining, and an innovative industry summit.
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For more, up-to-date information about local events visit our events page.
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