This  newsletter is a compilation of topics specifically relative to homeschooling teenagers, & their transition to adulthood.
Book: The Teenagers Guide to School Outside the Box
By Rebecca Greene
Excerpt: "For some teens, the traditional four-year high school curriculum is just what they need. Others would benefit more from nontraditional learning experiences—if they knew how to find them and what to do next.

This practical, inspiring book explores the world of alternative learning, giving teens the knowledge and tools they need to make good choices. It's not a directory of programs; there are many of those available already.

Instead, Rebecca Greene introduces and describes a world of possibilities, from study abroad to internships, apprenticeships, networking, job shadowing, service learning, university coursework, and independent study. Then she tells teens where to look for opportunities, how to decide which ones are right for them, how to overcome potential barriers (cost, distance, time), how to prepare, and what kinds of benefits they can expect to take away from their experiences.

Comprehensive and realistic, complete with first-person stories from high school students who have gone “outside the box,” this guide is for any teen who wonders “What's out there for me?” Also recommended for school guidance and career centers."
Homeschool Teens & Their First Job - Working Papers
The *first* time a teen starts a job, and they have a "promise of employment letter" that they've been hired for a job, they need to obtain what is called "working papers". It's super easy and takes about five minutes. They are obtained at the local school district - yes - even if your child was always homeschooled. You need to bring their birth certificate to the local superintendent of schools at your local public school district. You don't need to see the superintendent; see the secretary, who is very familiar with this procedure. 
All the information that you need is on this checklist

Job Interview Tips for Teenagers
Link here
Homeschool Teens & Summer Jobs in CT
Part Time Jobs for Teens
Link here
Jobs For Teens in CT
Link here
Teens & Mental Health
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Link here

CT Mobile Crisis
Link here

CT Children's Medical Center
Link here

Yale-New Haven Hospital
Link here
Teenagers: Coping With Social Stress
Teenagers go through big changes as they transition into adulthood. Here are some insightful and supportive articles to help parents understand and support their teens.

Article: Six Reasons Your Teens Life is More Stressful Than Your Own
Link here

13 Causes and 7 Management Tips for Teens
Link here
Award Your Teen Homeschool Graduate With a Diploma
Why does your homeschooled teen need a high school diploma? There are several articles for you to consider here, on this important topic.
Read more here

Viewpoints on the GED versus a high school diploma
Link here
More differing viewpoints on the GED-diploma debate for your consideration.
Link here

Homeschool parent teachers in CT decide when their teen has earned their high school diploma. You can award them with any one of these free, printable diplomas. 
Link here
Homeschool to College
If you are looking for general information on homeschool to college, this website has it!

There's a list of helpful books, SAT-ACT preparation, transcripts and record-keeping, articles on college admission requirements, and much more. This website is quite comprehensive, so be sure to check it out.
"Although some homeschoolers are opting out of college altogether, preferring entrepreneurship or apprenticeship instead, many others are following the traditional path to college. For those that go on to a college or university, the process can seem intimidating because most of the resources available are geared toward public school students."
Much more information linked here.
Colleges in Connecticut
In order to get information on attending any specific college or university, it is best to contact the college's Admissions  Department and ask them what their criteria is for homeschooled student admission. Typically, the 2 year colleges will require a math and english placement test, so the student knows what level of course they are ready for. 

Best Colleges in CT

Link here
Lists of Colleges & Universities in CT
Link here
A 2018 List of Colleges & Universities in CT
Link here
How to Get Your Driver's License in CT
Here is all the info your teen needs to set the process in motion for obtaining their driver's license in CT.
Link here
Job Interview Tips for Teens
These websites offer experience and tips for teenagers entering the job market and making job applications and attending job interviews.

Read more here  to learn about how to have an interview is a formal meeting between a job seeker and an employer. The employer will ask questions to determine whether the job seeker is an appropriate fit for the job and for the company. The job seeker will ask the employer questions to obtain enough information about the job to decide if the job and the company is the right fit.
Learn about the employment laws for CT youth. Before you take on your first job, remember that, there are some restrictions set on the types of jobs you can do and the hours you can work depending upon your age. Your employer will require some forms from you too! Read more here

CT Job Listings for young adults and teens are listed here.

**CT College Campus Info Panel and Tour**
Save the date for Saturday, June 16, 2018.  CHN and Middlesex Community College are once again co-sponsoring a homeschool conference.  In the afternoon, there will be a discussion panel for parents, and homeschooled teens looking at attending community college. Instructors from various discipline ares will be available to explain programs, the admissions process, and go on a tour of the campus. This has been well attended by homeschoolers in the past and very well received. 
Don't miss it!  Details are unfolding and you can check on the conference calendar of events, workshop developments here. Admission is free!
Taking Time Off Before Attending College
Not all teens head straight from high school graduation into college. Taking a "gap year" off to do other things and gain life experience, has become popular among many teens and homeschoolers are a part of that trend.  Here are some articles to ponder when considering what path is the best for your teen.

Why a Gap Year is Important
Read article here
11 Gap Year Ideas to Inspire Your Teen
Read article here
Should You Consider a Gap Year Before College?
Read article here
Lee Binz: The Home High School Scholar
Lee Binz specializes in homeschooling high school. Anything you want to know is available. She's a great resource with years of experience and guidance to share.
Her website is here.
Teenagers Transitioning Into Adulthood - for Parents!
The years from approximately 18-23 years old (some would say as old as 26), can be a time fraught with confusion for teens who are unsure of what they want in life. Not yet emotionally adults, but also both excited and scared about making it on their own, there are some words of wisdom from those who have walked the path already. Let them help you.  Here are three articles that might sound like your teen could be the poster child, and you could have been the author!  Put on a sense of humor and gain from the insight these authors have to share.

Next Stop: Adulthood - Tips for Parents
Read the article here

Grown and Flown - Your 18 Year Old
Read the article here

Afraid Your Child Won’t Make It in the Real World? How to Help Your Child Transition to Adulthood

Read the article here

Homeschool High School for Free
Here are two free high school curriculum links for you. But, we won't stop there. There are too many high school homeschool curriculum options to list here. This list should give you a great start! Many, but not all of them, are online programs.

Christian based Easy Peasy Homeschool includes high school - link here
Free Full High School Curriculum (secular) - link here
Additional links:
12 dozen places to educate yourself online for free
Complete High School Curriculum
Crash Courses
College bound reading list
EdX - AP prep and high school courses
Forensic Science
Hippo Campus 
Art Lesson plans for Middle and High School
Creating a Homeschool High School Transcript (& Diploma)
There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Many families have already addressed this topic. Below are links to articles to guide you through transcript development as well as creating a high school diploma for your homeschooled teen!
How to Create a Homeschool Transcipt
Link here

HSLDA on Transcript Preparation: You Can Do This!
Link here

Homeschool Transcript for a Special Needs Highschooler: 7 Areas to Capture
Link here
Homeschool High School: What Kid #5 Had on His Transcript
Link  here
College Attractive Homeschool Transcripts: What to Include
Link here
Homeschool High School Diploma Templates
Link here
How to Evaluate Your Homeschooler's Progress
It's really not difficult to do. Here are resources to guide you.
Homeschool Evaluation Instead of Testing
Link here
7 Ways to Evaluate Student Progress
Link here
Homeschool Student Performance Assessment: Ideas and Examples
Link here 
5 Easy Ways to Evaluate Your Homeschooled Student Without Testing
Link here 
How to Evaluate Your Homeschool at the End of the Year
Link here
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