February 2018
It has been a privilege to serve on the Haw Creek Community Associations board for the past four years, three as your president. I have been involved with our community, not for any personal reason, because of my love of Haw Creek and our beautiful valley. As I step down, I have been reflecting back.
Two main points that stick out, our stand on density development and Airbnb stays in Haw Creek. We have opposed both per surveys that have been done in our community, which show that the majority of respondents do not want density development in Haw Creek and they do not want short-term rentals (Airbnb). It is my hope that the new board will preserve the beauty of our valley by opposing these.
Socially, we have had many community activities, which, over the years have increased in attendance with many residents commenting this is the best our Association has been in years. The entire board has worked hard to make this an inclusive neighborhood with a variety of activities.
We now have a new website, ilovehawcreek.com, thanks to the guidance of our secretary, Paula Marzella, who not only guided us to a wonderful web designer, but who has also been instrumental in keeping the site up-to-date.
Our Facebook page is more active than ever with more people following us on a weekly basis.   People are posting about missing pets, bear sightings, city sponsored activities, community activities and more. Yes, right now our posting are minimal, but it is winter and activities slow down.
Check out FACEBOOK
We have gone from a quarterly newsletter, one of which was print and three emailed, to a digital newsletter every two months. My Newsletter Builder has allowed us to see how many of our emails are opened and the links that are being clicked on, allowing us to better serve Haw Creek. It is the 21st century and the majority of people are doing everything electronically. We do have a mailing list with seven people on it and we also place copies of the newsletter at the library and Penny Cup Café. By not mailing a newsletter, this has saved the Association approximately $1500.00. With digital communication we keep our neighborhood more up-to-date on happenings.
So I say goodbye, I thank you for your many compliments and continued support.
Lisa Thomson
TREASURY REPORT FOR 1/1/17-12/31/17 by Kim Masnick
                  INCOME:                                           EXPENSES:
Dues 2,221.00   Supplies 208.00
Advertising 975.00   Coalition of AVL Neighborhoods 50.00
Bake Sale  69.00   Ice Cream Social 122.00
Sticker Sales 181.00   I Love Haw Creek Stickers 221.00
Yard Sale Proceeds 98.00   Yard Sale Proceeds 97.00
Picnic Proceeds 556.00   St. John's Church Donation 250.00
      National Night Out Event 267.00
      New Web Site 2,252.00
      Postmaster Box Rental 76.00
      Picnic BBQ Catering 596.00
TOTAL 4,100   TOTAL 4,139.00
Excess of Revenues over Expenses   (39.00)  BALANCE  12/31/17    $6,745.00
If you like planning and participating in activities consider joining the Haw Creek Community Association Board of Directors. Our goal is to connect neighbors through activities that build community and create a great place to live.

Email us HERE.
  • HCCA Board Members
  • HCCA Officers
  • Social Media Page Coordinator
  • Business Sponsor Coordinator
  • Welcome to the Community Coordinator
  • Article Content Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Newsletter Coordinator
  • National Night Out Coordinator 
  • Many Other Positions Available
If everyone pitches in a little, it will help the community a lot!
Haw Creek Community Association is a 501(c)3.  We are volunteers that help the community stay informed. If you would like to get involved please email us HERE.
Your current Haw Creek Community Association Board Members are:
Lisa Thomson, President
Kim Masnick, Vice President and Treasurer
Paula Marzella, Secretary
Nancy Baker, at-large
Kathryn Liss, at-large
Barber Melton, at-large

Instead of postal mailing the newsletters we will now be sending them via electronic to email addresses. If you know someone who does not have access to email and would like to receive a postal mailing of the newsletter please email us HERE or you can contact as us my standard mail HERE.
If you missed any of our past issues, you can catch up HERE.

Our ANNUAL COMMUNITY MEETING will take place on March 6, 2018.
This meeting we will be voting on a new officers. For more information click HERE.
Please go to our website and click on CALENDAR for a schedule of all the meetings, events and updates.
It has been an eventful year serving as Secretary of the HCCA.
This past year the Board and I accomplished a great deal. We created an entirely new website and logo that everyone seems to be enjoying along with a re-design of the FACEBOOK page which is constantly growing in followers, and switched the newsletter to a digital format. We created stickers for sale to raise money (Bears Love Haw Creek) along with setting up a business sponsor page on the website. So far these two projects have raised over $1300 for the association in a very short time. With some help from members we should easily be able to grow that number. Thank you to all the participating Business Sponsors. We are excited to be working with you. 
My goal has been to help improve the HCCA. I believe that I did that and now it is time for me to step aside and allow someone else to take over with their ideas and passion. I will stay involved on a very limited basis to help keep the website up to date and send out the digital newsletters (if the new board decides to keep it going).
Along with spending many hours working with the HCCA I have my own Real Estate business called REALTY 828. I have lived in Haw Creek since 2005 and I love this community and its rural feel. I want to see it prosper and not turn into an overdeveloped area like what is happening over many places in Asheville. If you would like to talk about your concerns for the community or have any questions about Real Estate I would love to talk with you. Call anytime.
Paula Marzella - REALTY 828
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Haw Creek Community Association  •  P.O. Box 9193  •  Asheville, NC 28815


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