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A Calling of the Winter Solstice
Dec. 19th * 7pm - 9:30pm
As we approach the Winter solstice the stillness of the longest night, we realize we enter a dream state of awareness inner caves of power, we welcome the light of our hearts and energetically shift your consciousness into the fire of our divine spirit.
We also call in the animal totem within this time to reach out to them to explore our self-transformation and open a gateway to allow them to assist us for the long winter days and nights ahead.
In the stillness of the longest night we welcome our inner light and open our heart for the energetic shift of super-consciousness into the fire of our divine spirit.
Please bring your drum & rattle and special candle inside a glass holder, to continue to burn at home and a special crystal for your power animal to reside in.
To Register email Irma at
Cost: $25
Location: Given to those whom Register
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