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Closing the year- Super Full Moon, Winter Solstice
DEC 2 - Lunation, Super Full Moon Circle
LUNATION- Full and New Moon Circles
with Olivia Olkowski

Super Full Moon:  Dec 2        
New Moon: Dec 17

7-10pm • $25 

Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28th St. 3 fl.
Please arrive 6:45-6:50pm PLEASE, NO LATE ARRIVALS. 

Join me again to connect and work deeply with Mama Killa, Mother Moon. Empower your life-force energy with Lunar energies from the Cosmos.  Each Month we will focus on alignments and work within the energies of the season and the Elementals of Nature.
Tonight, we have a special Super Full Moon– with the moon at it's closest pass to the earth we will connect to her energy, and harness new beginnings for each of us. The power of the Super Full moon can create great potential within ourselves to dream big ideas and have the energy behind it. 
Open to all, men and woman welcome! Limited space available.
Pre-Register here
[Plan ahead] Dec 21 - Shamanic Winter Solstice Social
Shamanic Winter Solstice Social
Thursday, December 21, 2017
$33/$27 Early Reg'n by Dec 10

Balance Arts Center,
34 West 28th Street, 3 floor (walk-up)

Join me again this year to celebrate the WINTER SOLSTICE, and work deeply with Mama Killa, Grandmother Moon. In a sacred space, with community, practice an age-old ritual for cleansing the dense energies from your being with fire, flowers and a spray of rum.

Empower your life-force with Lunar energies from the Cosmos. Share ending your year in community. Open to all- men, and woman, and children (free 13-18) welcome!
We will have a nice time to socialize, snack, and have a glass of wine to toast the year!
Your tasty pot-luck dishes/snacks/wine are welcome!

Please bring a rattle or drum, water bottle, notepad/pen. Plan to wear WHITE or ceremonial clothes.

Limited to 50 people.
Please PREPAY online here to save your space, and so I can plan our supplies.

For more information about Olivia:

SUBWAYS (check for repairs):
December Events
  2 - LUNATION Full Moon Circle
10 - SPIRITWALK Holiday Fair

17 - LUNATION New Moon Circle
21 - Shamanic Winter Solstice Social

Dec 10: SpiritWalkNY© Holiday Fair
SpiritWalkNY© Holiday Fair
New York's best alternative, esoteric, and spiritually minded healers, readers and artisans– together in one space.
Enjoy Holiday Shopping, Reading/Healing Sessions
FREE Admission, FREE Mini-Lectures
Sun, Dec 10th • 10am-8pm 
Balance Arts Center 34 West 28th St, 3rd fl. Between Broadway & 6th Avenue, R, W train. 
Note, please walk two flight up (no elevator 



Experience Healing/Reading Sessions 
from well-known gifted practitioners in the alternative healing arts.

Arrive early in the morning to sign-up for your Private Sessions and spend the day with us – learning, healing, and of course, special holiday shopping.
Mini-Sessions $29/20 minutes; $56/40 minutes.

Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas - We have Gift Certificates available for Practitioners Full Length Sessions, to share in the healing/guiding for your family and friends.

Shown Left to Right:
Nesha Fantasy/Oracle and Psychic, Gypsy Tarot Card 
Marise Hamm/Classical Feng Shui, Space Clearing Expert, Reiki Master, Intuitive Reader
Luz Milagros/Medicine Carrier, Shamanic Healing, Bodyworker, Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist
Olivia Olkowski/Shaman and Curandera, Multi-Dimensional Healer, Founder
Constantina Rhodes, PhD./Intuitive Reader, Meditation Teacher/Recording Artist, Sanskrit scholar, author
Jodi Serota/Channel, Metaphysical Educator, Vibrational Healer, Artist, 
Marta Stemberger/Soulful Wizardess
Julie Urlich/Intuitive Animal Communicator, Reiki Master
This year, Jodi Serota will be offering mini-group healing sessions—
Presenting:  Special Small Group - Channeled, Sound and Light language Healing Sessions
 Transmitted specifically for the group present.
$29/40 minutes each session; 1:00pm; or 3:00pm 
(and possibly 5:00pm, if first two sessions sell out). 
Read more about all the offerings at the Holiday Fair
To Register for a Reading/Healing Sessions, you can arrive early at 9:45am and sign-up for specific sessions and schedule your day around our Free Lectures. Please plan ahead of time to review our scheduled offerings of lectures throughout the day. Lectures are subject to change, please check schedule online the day before.
You get a specific time with a particular Reader/Healer, please pre-register directly with or

if you would like to VOLUNTEER for this event, please contact Olivia
Holiday Shopping at the SpiritWalk Holiday Fair, Dec 10
Holiday Shopping 
Unique Spiritually-minded Hand-crafted Gift-Giving items.
Giving the Gift that Heals to your family and friends.

Oh Olivia - Healing Crystals and Handcrafted Jewelry 

- Hand-crafted healing jewelry creations.
- Crystals, special stones from around the world. 
- Crystal Grid Kits 
- Love, Protection, Intuition and Success.

BioGeometry© - BioSignatures© 

Purchase gift items for harmonizing your energetic bodies.​

- BioSignatures© for harmonization of organs, body functions
- Items for reducing and protecting electro-pollution and geopathic stress- Mandala Book BioSignatures©
- A coloring book to activate and harmonize healing, great for any age!

Patchouli Potion -
Bath Product to bring in Love

Spice mixes for cooking 

Spirit Rock Shamanic Healing -
Shamanic Supplies and Home Clearing Kits

Oh Olivia – Unique Gift-giving items, exclusively online
For your gift-giving ideas
Please view my new postings on, selected for their powerful energy.
Limited quantity items available, many unique, one-of-a-kinds.

I will have different items at the SpiritWalk Holiday Fair, so if you are interested in any of these online, please purchase or contact me to put them aside for you to view and pick up at the show.

New Online–
Mini Healing Altars, Shell Jasper, Labradorite, Tanzanite, Citrine, Mangano Calcite, Ruby, Garnet Dodecahedron, Tiger/Hawk Eye, Rare Large Clear Quartz Channeling Points
XXL Palo Santo Incense 
Online, I also have a supply of PROTECTION and SPIRITUAL items to aid you on your path. 
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Spirit Rock Shamanic Healing  •  66 Madison Ave  •  New York, NY 10016

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