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WNCAP Saves Lives. But We Can't Do It Alone.
2017 has been a dynamic year for WNCAP. Healthy organizational transitions and fluctuations in funding have provided opportunities for growth as well as expected challenges. A core of dedicated long-term board of directors combined with visionary leadership has provided consistency in the midst of change. Through it all, we never wavered in our core mission of providing quality HIV and AIDS-related services to all 18 counties of Western North Carolina. The work we do at WNCAP saves lives and uplifts spirits. But we can’t do it alone. Will you give to the WNCAP Year End Campaign so we can continue improving the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS in Western North Carolina? 
We have a saying in the field of HIV treatment: “Housing is healthcare.” It is nearly impossible to treat a person living with HIV or AIDS when they lack a permanent place to call home. That’s why WNCAP works so hard to connect our homeless clients with housing. There is no greater joy than seeing a client’s expression when they realize they won’t be sleeping on the street or in a shelter that night. We are so grateful to report we have connected nearly a dozen clients to housing this year, including an incredible three clients in one week! It would be impossible to house homeless clients without significant staff time and resources. Will you chip in so all people living with HIV/AIDS in our community will have a place to sleep tonight?
The opioid epidemic is ravaging Western North Carolina. Among its many devastating effects are rising rates of HIV and hepatitis C due to injection drug use. Last year, due to the sustained advocacy of our elected officials, syringe exchange programs became legal in North Carolina.  The Centers for Disease Control are unequivocal: “[Needle Exchange Programs] are an effective component of a comprehensive, integrated approach to HIV prevention… these programs have also been associated with reduced risk for infection with hepatitis C virus.”The Needle Exchange Program of Asheville (NEPA), operated by WNCAP, safely disposed of thousands of un-sterile syringes in the past year and distributed hundreds of thousands of sterile injection supplies. The number of people kept alive and in good health as a result is countless. But NEPA receives no public funding from the federal, state, or local governments. That means this program is especially dependent on our community members who are willing to step up for public health. Please consider donating to WNCAP so we can continue to offer harm reduction services to those who are most vulnerable. Your gift will change – or save – a life.
At WNCAP, we take a holistic approach to improving the lives of our clients. That’s why in the past year, WNCAP staff and volunteers delivered 25 tons of nutritious food and personal care items across 18 counties and 1,700 miles in Western North Carolina. It’s also why we opened up access to the shower in our office. Food, transportation, and bathing supplies all cost money. Will you step up to help WNCAP improve the lives of our clients?
We are in the midst of a public health crisis. The South is home to the highest rate of new HIV diagnoses, the largest percentage of people living with HIV, and the most people dying from AIDS. Everyone is at risk. There are worrying trends affecting women and older Americans currently being reported. HIV/AIDS knows no boundaries. We have tools to combat the epidemic of HIV and other life-altering infections. Educational outreach, free testing, condom distribution, and nutritious food distribution are just some of the weapons WNCAP uses in our fight against HIV/AIDS. Will you stand with us on the front lines of this public health battle? Any amount will help improve and save lives in your community.
Although HIV /AIDS affects everyone, our low-income neighbors, persons of color, and members of the LGBTQ community are disproportionately affected by this epidemic. WNCAP works hard to communicate our message of health to those communities in need. Earlier this year, Hola Carolina Magazine, which caters to the Latino community in North Carolina, published a profile on WNCAP Prevention Educator, Michael Harney. Publicity like this gives WNCAP the opportunity to reach people who otherwise might not know about us or the work we do.
People who are HIV-positive are living longer than ever. That means in addition to WNCAP’s mission of eliminating all new HIV diagnoses in Western North Carolina through prevention and education, we also have a new mandate to improve and maintain quality of life for all those who are long term survivors of HIV. From connecting clients to housing, medical care, and pharmacy services, to empowering the community through advocacy, WNCAP is dedicated to making the lives of people with infectious diseases as long and full as possible. It is tremendous, inspiring work. But we can’t do it alone. Now, in the season of giving, will you donate to our Year End Campaign so that WNCAP can continue to fight for those who are most vulnerable?
Happy Holidays,

Brodderick Roary                                                        
Executive Director                                                       
P.S. WNCAP is a Section 501 (c)3 nonprofit and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. WNCAP advises each donor to consult with their tax advisers or the IRS to determine their deductibility.
Merry & Bright
2017 Holiday Gift Drive is WNCAP's Most Successful Ever
The 2017 Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Drive was the most successful in WNCAP's history, raising thousands of dollars in money and presents. The campaign, which collects gifts for the children of WNCAP's low-income clients, was successful in attaining every single item on every child's wish list.
Lego sets, stuffed animals, and bicycles were all donated by generous community members. One little girl, who dreams of one day being a fashion designer, even received her first sewing machine through Merry & Bright this year.
Thank you so much to everyone who shopped or donated. Here at WNCAP, we believe that every little boy or girl deserves a Merry & Bright holiday, regardless of income!
WNCAP Holiday Hours
The WNCAP Offices Will Be Closed From 12/21/17 through 1/1/18
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year from WNCAP! We hope that you will use this time to reflect, rest, and rejuvenate for an awesome 2018. And remember, the best present you can give yourself is your health. 
Wednesday, December 20th will be the last day of the year that the WNCAP offices are open. From Thursday, December 21st through Monday, January 1st, the WNCAP offices will be closed. Please call (828) 252-7489 with any questions. 
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