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Reems Creek Nursery & Landscaping
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76 Monticello Road    Weaverville, NC    828-645-3937
SHRUB of the Week
Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’
30% Off Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’
$24.49 – 3 gal.
Regularly $34.99
Bright and dramatic! That’s Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’. The colorful variegated foliage features  a green leaf edged by bright yellow with reds as the seasons change. Tubular blush/white flowers in summer and fall. Low-mounding and semi-evergreen, ‘Kaleidescope’ adds a beautiful splash of color anywhere – in small gardens or mass plantings. Prune lightly each spring to keep a tidy look. Plant in full sun. 2-2 ½’ tall x 3-3 ½’ wide. Zone 6-9. Beautiful plants! Limit 3 per customer while supplies last thru Thursday, March 15.
PERENNIAL of the Week
Lamb’s Ears
Lamb's Ears ~ $6.99 – 1 gal.
Regularly $9.99
The velvet-like leaves of Lamb’s ears, Stachys byzantine, spread to form a soft, silver carpet. Pinkish flowers in early summer. Some gardeners keep the flowers trimmed to emphasize the ground cover effect of Lamb’s Ears. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. A very tough plant, Lambs Ear is rabbit & deer-resistant, drought resistant, and can be planted near black walnuts. The fuzzy texture is a favorite addition to children’s gardens. Limit 3 per customer while supplies last thru Thursday, March 15.
Beauty of Bulbs
Spring bulbs lift our spirits in late winter when crocus begin blooming sometimes as early as January. Early daffodils, dwarf iris, and snowdrops soon follow. Late daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths extend the season into late spring. Summer bulbs like dahlias, gladiolus, tuberous begonias, cannas, lilies, caladiums, and several  others  provide color throughout summer and early fall. I like to plant them among perennials and I especially enjoy dahlias and gladiolus in bouquets.
Bulbs (including rhizomes, tubers, and corms) are divided into two groups.
Spring-flowering bulbs bloom in the spring months but must be planted in the fall. Make a note on your October calendar to purchase and plant these bulbs then. 
Summer-flowering bulbs bloom in summer and should be planted after the weather warms in mid/late spring. Purchase now for best selection and store in a cool, dry place until planting time. These bulbs don’t like the cool, wet soil of early spring and could decay if planted too early.   
Seed Potatoes, Asparagus,
Onion Sets/Plants + More
Seed Potatoes are here – Certified Organic & Conventional.
We have Organic Kennebec, Yukon Gold, and All Blue @ $4.49 per pound, plus Organic French Fingerlings @ $7.99 per pound. The conventional potatoes - Kennebec, Yukon Gold & Red Pontiac – are $1.79 per pound. In addition, most varieties are available at bulk pricing in 50# bags/boxes.
Onion Sets – yellow, white, and red – are $2.99 per pound.
Onion Bunches - Vidalia-type Sweet Onions & Sweet Red Onions are $8.99 per bunch
(approx. 75 or more plants per bunch)
Red & Yellow Shallots - $6.99 pack
Asparagus Crowns, Bunches of 10 – Mary Washington $12.99 Bunch, Jersey Giant $19.99 bunch, Purple Passion $22.99 bunch
Bare Root Strawberries - Ozark Beauty and
Earliglow - $11.99 per bunch of 25
Bare Root Rhubarb 'Crimson Red' -$9.99 each
-ISELI Conifers have arrived!
-Camellia shipment in 1,3, & 7 gallon size, mostly SPRING bloomers, beautiful evergreen foliage with gorgeous flowers, and carefully chosen by Matt for our planting zone (6).
-Summer Bulbs Dahlias, Gladiolas, Anemone, Crocosmia, Lily-of-the-Valley, massive Elephant Ear Bulbs, Oxalis, Ranunculus and more. Love these!
-More Small Fruit Pawpaws, Elderberry, Fig, Lime, Meyer Lemon, Honeyberry, Kiwi, Goji, Passionflower,  & More.
15 Gallon Trees - Dogwood, Redbud, Cherry, Sweetgum...really nice trees!
Sustainably-Raised Veggies
It’s time to plant cool season veggies! Our veggie plants are sustainably-grown on our propagation farm up Reems Creek Valley. 
Veggies: $2.79 per 4-pack, $29.99 flat of 48 plants (twelve 4-packs)
When we run short, we occasionally bring in conventional veggies, but they are clearly marked.
We also have fiberglass rods and floating row cover for protecting your veggies during  the fluctuating spring weather. It is easy to set up. See quick tunnel set-up directions HERE.
Organic Growers School
March 9, 10, & 11
Reems Creek Nursery is proud to be a sponsor of the 25th Annual Organic Growers School Spring Conference. For farmers, gardeners, and folks who want to live more organically, this event is one of the most inspiring events in our area and beyond.
Choose from over 70 classes on a wide variety of subjects. Held on the UNCA campus. More info HERE. Visit us at our vendor booth and say hello! 
MON-SAT: 8-6
Starting March 18 we will be open on Sunday from 10-4 
Open All Year!
Join us on:
Reems Creek Nursery & Landscaping • 70 Monticello Rd. • Weaverville, NC 28787
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