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Decembre bianco
Winter is here
Winter arrived early this year, and the scarf I made for Anna's birthday came in handy right away.
We had the first snow at Harbourfront on December 12th. It covered our beautiful roof garden, and everything got gorgeously bianco :-)
The reason I am using some Italian words here is that the yarn for this scarf was bought in Italy during our trip to Venice with Anna.
Click on image to go to Venice Scarf Newsletter
Ivory Yarn
The yarn I used for this scarf has a beautiful off-white, ivory colour.
It is amazingly soft.
This yarn is Soft Cashmere made exclusively for the Venice yarn shop Lellabella.
This yarn is  exquisite.
It's 100% Cashmere.
I used one skein - 50g - 700m
Click on image to go to Lellabella.
Lace Stitch
The pattern for the scarf is one of the the most simple lace patterns  - the Horseshoe knitting stitch.
Clock on image to see a cable stitch in the December 2011 hat and
cowl set.
Bella Scarf
The scarf is beautiful, very warm and cozy.
Click on image to see more scarves
Have a beautiful winter!
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