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 Greetings from your LMEA PresidentFran Hebert, PresidentLouisiana Music Educators Association
 GratitudeChangesElection InformationPast PresidentSharon McNamara Horne
 Regional/State AssessmentPat Deaville, Editor
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Important Dates
Red Stick Orff
Training Workshop
LSU School of Music
February 3, 2018
Southeast Regional/State
Large Ensemble
Assessment Entry
March 10, 2018
Southwest and North Regional/State
Large Ensemble
Assessment Entry
April 1, 2018
For Regional/State
Large Ensemble Assessments
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Outstanding Administrator Nomination Form
May 1, 2018
Hall of Fame
Nomination Process
May 1, 2018
LBA All-Star Bands
June 3-5, 2018
Outstanding Young
Music Educator
September 1, 2018
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LMEA Board of Directors
Executive Officers
Fran Hebert, President
Carol Lupton, President Elect
Sharon McNamara-Horne,
Bruce W. Lambert, 
Executive Director
District Directors
Greg Oden, District I
Jessica Fain, District II
Brett Babineaux, District III
Katie Codina District IV
Sharon Stephenson, District V
Guy Wood, District VI
Jim Trant, District VII
Mark Minton, District VIII
Jessica Lizana, District IX
Division Chairmen
Joseph Nassar, Band
Katrice LaCour, Orchestra
Michael Townsend, Vocal
Lee Hicks, Jazz
Michele White, Elementary
Greg Handel,
Edward McClellan,
Collegiate NAfME
Carolyn Herrington,
Public Relations
Ex-Officio Board Members
Pat Deaville, State Editor
Tom Wafer, Hall of Fame
Angele S. Bienvenu, LBA
Kevin Caparotta, LA ACDA
Jarrod Richey, LAKE
Kelly Stomps,
AOSA Red Stick Chapter
B.J. McGibney, LAJE
Michelle Wilkinson-Nelson,
Brett Dietz, LA PAS
Conference Chairmen
Bruce W. Lambert,
Executive Director
Carol Lupton, All-State
James W. Hearne, Conference
Carolyn Herrington, Exhibits
Sharon McNamara-Horne, Registration
Tom Wafer, Hall of Fame
LMEA Website Links
We encourage all LMEA members to utilize the LMEA website.  LMEA will be moving towards more on-line registration for various events.  Pertinent information will also be available and updated periodically.
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The Louisiana Musician (LMEA Journal
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Marching Band Assessments
Solo and Small Ensemble Assessments
Large Ensemble Assessments (District)
Large Ensemble Assessments (Regional/State)

Greetings from your LMEA President
Fran Hebert, President
Louisiana Music Educators Association
The turn of a new year always brings hope and excitement for a fresh start, a different approach, or a desire to pursue new goals or even unfulfilled aspirations. 
As LMEA strives to listen, respond, and develop solutions to meet the needs of membership in 2018, your communication to your board member is paramount toward realizing improved or new developments in our activities.  The efforts that the board has made these past three years to schedule assessments that will meet the needs of school music programs while juggling state testing demands has been no small matter and at no small expense.  
In this third spring of regional assessments we are taking stock to evaluate and regroup our efforts to maintain the best and improve the rest.  But we need to hear from you through your district director.
Core curriculum teachers are questioning arts SLT’s and the subjective factor of teacher-made and teacher-graded assessment in the arts.  Some school systems are looking to utilize sources of more objective measurement for music programs.  LMEA assessments, similar to others nation-wide, have been in place for over 50 years.  Our performance and sight reading rubrics are substantial documents for determining the effectiveness of music instruction.  A panel of adjudicators in the field of music education provides the objectivity needed to complete the task of quality assessment.  It would be a positive step for school systems to look toward this proven assessment model to validate SLT attainment.
As a member of the executive board, I have had the privilege of seeing the development of all aspects of the fall conference.  It astounds me to see the coordinated effort displayed by the entire LMEA board in staging the foundation for this event.  Then to see each division chairman coordinate rehearsals, performances, clinics, exhibits, meetings, award ceremonies, and a host of other activities in effortless fashion is just amazing. 
We all benefit from the sacrifice of time and attention to detail by James Hearne, Conference Chairman, as he leads, and oversees the event.  It is with great appreciation that I acknowledge our district directors, ex-officio members and associate organization members for your support, involvement, and countless contributions to the fall professional development conference. 
LMEA is an organization of genuine leaders and supportive members who together develop a positive platform to promote quality music education.  It is a pleasure to serve with you.

Election Information
Past President
Sharon McNamara Horne
With sincere gratitude.  As I write my last article for The Louisiana Musician, it is with heart-felt gratitude that I pause and reflect on my time in office. I have had a chance to meet and work with so many wonderful people from around the state. What a blessing! Thank you for your trust, your support, and your confidence!
Change.  I recently heard a clinician at Midwest quote John Dewey: “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our students of tomorrow.” Whether it’s a noun or a verb, change can be scary, exciting, frustrating, confusing, promising, hopeful…. At the very least, it will be different! Change is, perhaps, one of the most all-encompassing words I know!
It’s jumping into the unknown with an idea as your parachute.
Six years ago, Pat Deaville spoke of the many changes in education he expected to see in the “near future.” He’s always been a voice of wisdom! Ten years ago, I changed teaching assignments, opting to take a jr. high position. I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I did, but it also brought days of “change on steroids [junior high hormones]!” Likewise, as I settle into retirement, change is again knocking on my door.
LMEA has also embraced many changes in the last few years, something I’m very proud of. To name just a few, we’ve jumped into the digital age adding online registrations; made sweeping changes to the All-State Jazz audition process including digital auditions; added an All-State Women’s Choir; begun an emailed newsletter; changed from a single location for State Large Ensemble Assessments to three regional locations…. We continue to grapple with and adjust events to accommodate the new evaluation process and testing schedule. Many other changes have been “behind the scenes” or procedural in nature, all in an effort to better serve you, Louisiana’s music educators.
Get involved – with the new, younger people that are volunteering, come more ideas and more potential change, and it’s good! I look forward to an ever-evolving organization designed to serve you the best we can in an ever-changing era.
Annual Conference 2017.  Thank you to all who helped with conference registration. I really appreciate you! We had approximately 445 teachers and collegiate members in attendance, representing over 234 K-12 schools and colleges. And a special thank you to all who worked so hard to prepare excellent sessions. If you have an idea, please consider submitting a proposal for next year. You can find information online.
President and Divisional Elections.  We only received one nomination for each office. Therefore, the new slate of officers was accepted by acclamation at the January board meeting. Their new terms will begin at the end of the May board meeting and continue for two years. Thank you and congratulation to all!
President: Scotty Walker
Band: Joseph Nassar
Choir: Angela Jones
Orchestra: Katrice LaCour
Jazz: Lee Hicks
Elementary: Michelle White
Public Relations: Carolyn Herrington
CNAfME: Ed McClellan
University/Research: Victor Drescher
District IV District Director: Katie Codina
I hope you all have a successful and rewarding spring semester! I also realize that, regardless of how experienced a teacher is, it will conclude at least a little differently than expected or hoped for. Noun or verb, it is change! Take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to embrace it and move forward! If you have any suggestions or questions or if I can help you in any way, please email me at

Regional/State Assessment
Pat Deaville, Editor
2018 Regional (State) Band/Orchestra Assessments – Tentative Sites and Dates
North Region (Airline High, April 25)  
Southwest Region High School (Lake Charles Civic Center, April 24-26)
Southwest Region Middle School (UL Lafayette, May 8-9)
Southeast Region (Nicholls State, March 19-21)   
Orchestras (Band Assessment Sites on Band Assessment Dates)
2018 Regional (State) Choir Assessments – Tentative Sites and Dates
North Region (Airline High, April 24)
Southwest Region High Schools (East Bayou Baptist Lafayette, April 17)
Southwest Region Middle/Elementary (UL Lafayette, May 7)
Southeast Region (Nicholls State, March 22-23)
North Region Chairman – Mark Minton
Southeast Region Chairman – Jim Trant
Southwest Region Chairman – Brett Babineaux
Additional information, schedules, deadlines, and entry forms will be available at:
Quick Links to LMEA District Websites
Quick Link to NAfME
NAfME Website (Membership and Services)

Louisiana Music Educators Association  •  P. O. Box 6294  •  Lake Charles, LA 70606

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