SFR is proud to welcome back our friend & teacher Nita Renfrew, LMT AADP 
in a Native American Way
with Nita M. Renfrew, LMT AADP
July 14 & 15th - 10am-5pm
Enhance your Energy Healing practice by learning basic Integrative CranioSacral methods in a Native American Way.  
CranioSacral therapy, which originated in Native American bodywork, works to balance, release, and activate the body’s core CranioSacral system (the brain and cerebro-spinal fluid). It combines touch and manipulation with deep energy work to restore function and flow to the musculo-skeletal tissue, reset the nervous system, and bring about healing, including of recent as well as longtime trauma and physical injuries.
CranioSacral in a Native American Way combines beautifully with Energy Healing, especially Reiki.   In this two-day class you will learn how to look “with an Indian eye,” combining/integrating smudging, calling in the directions and spirits, and praying with song, drums, rattles, and feathers:   -
Basic theory and anatomy of the CranioSacral system
- How CranioSacral development in the embryo relates to healing
- How to listen to the CranioSacral rhythm
-What a stillpoint is and how to induce one
- How to balance the cerebrospinal fluid  Unwinding
- Energy cysts
- Releasing the cranial bones
- Fluid and long tide
- Sutherland’s fulcrum / Heart’s SA Node
- Release the diaphragm
- Release the vertebral muscles (if there is time)
Early Bird Special: $225  before June 15th thereafter $288
To Register email:
Location will be given to registrants

About Nita M. Renfrew, LMT AADP

Nita M. Renfrew LMT AADP, is a Reiki Master in five lineages, including Komyo Reiki, and Grail Reiki/Great Bear Reiki, which she founded.
She is, as well, an integrative body worker (including Cherokee bodywork) and shamanic healer, with many years experience working in medical settings.
She completed her studies in Advanced Integrative CranioSacral Unwinding with the Life Energy Institute.   As a follower of the Red Road (American Indian spirituality), she has danced in Sun Dance and is a pipe carrier. She is also an artist, writer, and editor of The Journal of Shamanic Practice. Nita lives in New York City, where she has a private practice as  well as working as a massage therapist and energy healer of humans and wild birds.
To Reach Nita contact her at
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Shamanicfirereiki  •  P.O. Box 701354  •  East Elmhurst, NY 11370

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