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Dreaming of a White Christmas
Knitting on the Road
My new project - a small neck scarf -  was done during a get-away-to-a-warm- place trip. Literally... 
We headed to Florida two days before Christmas by car. I started knitting the scarf somewhere near Cincinnati and finished half of it when we were near Atlanta. The next day, I continued, and it was done when we got to Palm Beach.
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Colourful Christmas
Florida, as usual, was
orange and yellow, pink and purple, green and
...beautiful like a rainbow ... at Christmas!?
I really wanted something white -
it's winter!!
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The yarn my neck scarf was made of is one of my favourite: made in Japan SHIBUI Knits Silk Cloud
60% Kid Mohair
40% Silk
25g - 300m
This is how they describe this yarn:
Floating in the sky a moon - together, we give the sun a sister.
Click on image to go to Shibui Knits website
White Knitting
I was happy I made something white for Christmas and the New Year.
I didn't wear it for Christmas though -
it was too warm.
On the New Year day, the temperature started going down...
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More White
I actually started my new project in Florida - with this white yarn, and a lot was done on the way home. Let's see if I can make it by the end of winter!
Last January, red  was my colour choice for knitting.
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Back to Beauty ...
I am back in Toronto. Hello, cold lake :-)
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... and White
Hello, skating rink!
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Dream came true
At least Russian Christmas was white!
Dear Santa,
Let all Christmases be  ... white ...
and colourful !!
Happy knitting in 2018!
Happy New Year!!!
Colourfully yours,
Tanya Preobrazhenski
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