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The Sikeston City Council will meet at 11:30 A.M., Monday, January 29 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 105 E. Center Street.  This meeting is open to the public.  To view this meetings agenda and Council packet, go online to Council Agendas & Packets.               
Council Agenda Items
Events & Festivals - January
January Meetings
Compost Site Schedule - January
Recycling Program Schedule - January
Council Agenda Items
Appointment to Scott County Extension Council
The City has been contacted by David Reinbott of the Scott County Extension Office regarding the appointment of a City representative to the Scott County University of Missouri Extension Council. The term of the City’s current appointee, Alice Jackson, expires on February 28, 2018.  She has served two consecutive terms and is not eligible for reappointment.
The Extension Council is comprised of elected and appointed citizens, and partners with Missouri’s land-grant universities to deliver education and research-based information to area residents.  It meets at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the Scott County Extension Center in Benton.
Term:  March 1, 2018 through February 29, 2020
Applicants:  (Must be a resident of Sikeston)
            Andrea Baker, 111 Greenbriar Dr.           
            Susan Howle Werner, 938 North West St.

2nd Reading, Bill #6083, Replat Lot B-1 of Belz*Burrow's, 2nd Addition 
Staff received a request from Lambert Engineering and Surveying to replat Lot B-1, of Belz*Burrow’s, 2nd Addition to the City of Sikeston, New Madrid County, Missouri.  This is the lot with the former Simply Swirled building.
Council read this the first time on January 8, 2018 and unless there are further questions from the Council or the public, staff recommends that Council approve the request.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets  

1st Reading, Bill #6086, Taxicab Services Amended
Bill #6086 will amend city code pertaining to signage on city approved taxicabs, which is currently inconsistent in the manner of display and application methods. Some taxi information has been hand applied to vehicles by means of paint in a non-aesthetically appealing manner, while other taxis have professionally applied signage.
The purpose of this update to existing policy is to clarify the method, placement, and type of signage required by the city on city approved taxicabs.  
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

1st Reading, Bill #6087, Battery Backup Units at Traffic Signals
This ordinance pertains to an agreement with MoDOT to install battery backup units at 6 traffic signal locations. These are the remaining 6 traffic signals.  These include the following intersections: 
  • US 61 (Main Street) and Lake Street
  • US 61 (Main Street) and Plantation Blvd.
  • US 61 (Main Street) and Larcel Drive
  • US 62 (Malone Avenue) and US 61 (Kingshighway)
  • US 62 (Malone Avenue) and New Madrid Street
  • US 62 (Malone Avenue) and N. West Street 
The arrangement of the agreement is that the City will provide the materials, and MoDOT will install and maintain them. Any future battery costs will be divided 50/50.
The anticipated cost of these six units is $23,100 and is included in this year’s budget.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Briefing:  Digital Sign for Recreation Complex
The Parks and Recreation Department budgeted $25,000.00 from the Capital Improvement Fund for a new digital sign at the Recreation Complex. The digital sign for the Recreation Complex was budgeted in an effort to promote recreational opportunities offered by either the Parks and Recreation Department and the various sports leagues who utilize the Recreation Complex for league play.  The entities that use the Complex for sports include the YMCA, Sikeston Area Youth Baseball, Sikeston Youth Soccer League, and the Jaycee Football League. The sign can also be used by tournament organizers who want to host tournaments at the Recreation Complex.
The type of digital sign that staff recommends is a 3 x 8 twin full color 20 mm display with a Pixel Matrix Size of 48 x 112. It would come with a 2 x 8 non-illuminated aluminum ID sign as the topper.  The placement of the digital sign would be close to the north side entrance of the Recreation Complex off of Ingram Road.  The cost projection of the sign is $32,000.00 which is $7,000 over budget. 
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Briefing:  Drop-Off Recycling Locations
The City entered into a new contract with Sonny’s Solid Waste for residential solid waste pickup and recycling, effective August 1, 2017. The contract calls for Sonny’s to located three drop off recycling containers in the city: at Fire Stations 1 and 3, and at Sonny’s headquarters on Smith Street. The containers are roughly 21’ long by 9’ deep by 6’ tall; a photo of one of the containers is attached. The rationale for locating the containers at fire stations was so that they would be in areas that are either on camera or have staff on site 24/7, thus offering some deterrence to the dumping of non-recyclable material.
Staff is seeking Council direction and ideas as to where to place the new containers.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets  

Receive Annual Financial Audit
Every year, the city undergoes an independent audit of its financial statements by a certified public accountant. The audit of the Fiscal Year 2017 financials has been completed by Bucher, Essner and Miles, L.L.C. and is available for review by the City Council and the public. Hard copies of the audit will be available to the Council at the January 29 meeting, and it is also posted at for free 24/7 access by the public.
The auditor’s report expresses the opinion that the city’s financial statements “present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position” of the city’s funds (see p.2). The audit “did not identify any deficiencies in internal controls that we consider to be material weaknesses” (p.113). The audit also notes “no transactions entered into by the City of Sikeston during the year for which there is a lack of authoritative guidance or consensus,” (cover letter) and that the combined fund balances increased $278,000 from the prior year (p.5).
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets   

     Property (RSMo 610.021(2))
     Personnel (RSMo 610.021(3))
Upcoming Events & Festivals
Events & Festivals - January
 For additional events throughout the year, click here.
Upcoming Meetings & Announcements
January Meetings
Meeting dates & times are subject to change.  Changes will be posted on Sikeston Facebook. 
Special City Council meeting will be held January 29 at 11:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 105 E. Center St.
Council agendas, packets and minutes can be viewed by clicking here.
No announcements at this time.
Compost Site & Recycling Program
Compost Site Schedule - January
The City Compost is a public service for Sikeston residents to provide a place to discard garden and yard waste.  Residents enter the front gate and check in with a Public Works employee.  Proof of residency (drivers license) must be provided at this time.  The resident will then be directed to a designated area for the items to be discarded.  Unloading is the responsibility of the resident.  If plastic bags are used, the bags must be emptied then discarded in the available dumpsters as they exit the Compost Site.
In conjunction with the Compost Site, Sonny's Solid Waste will furnish a 20-yard recycling box where recycling materials can be dropped off.  Recycling materials can be dropped off during normal Compost hours.  Recycling materials that will accepted are listed below.
Compress Road (1 block west of Northwest Street)
Compost Materials Accepted: 
1.  Tree branches & limbs (no more than 6" in diameter)
2.  Bushes
3.  Leaves
4.  Grass Clippings
5.  Tires are also being taken during regular compost dates.  We have set a limit of 8 tires per compost day and should be no longer than 18" and off the rim
Recycling Materials Accepted:
1.  Corrugated cardboard, gray board/chipboard, including soda, cereal and frozen pizza boxes
2.  Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail and paper
3.  Household plastic containers (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
4.  Plastic shopping bags (#2) and newspaper sleeves (#4)
January Schedule:
Saturday, January 27:  8:00 AM - Noon
For the complete Compost Site schedule, click here.
Recycling Program Schedule - January
Sonny's Solid Waste Recycling Center, located at 451 Smith St., has expanded their days and hours for recycling drop offs.  In addition to their normal Wednesday hours of noon-5:00 p.m., they will adding two Saturdays per month, open from 8 a.m. to noon.  While every effort will be made to follow this schedule, dates and times may be changed without notice due to bad weather.
Saturday Recycling Dates at Sonny's Solid Waste Recycling Center (451 Smith St.)
Next date will be February 3
For a complete list of acceptable items and their additional recycling dates, click here.
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