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Southeast Wise Women
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Getting real ~ our roadmap home
Corinna WoodCorinna's Corner
Corinna Wood, Director,
Southeast Wise Women
This winter, like many of you, I’ve been moved to tears at the growing movement of women speaking out in outrage around sexual abuse, no longer willing to tolerate in silence.
As a survivor myself of childhood sexual abuse by a grown man, my young girl inside cheers every time I hear these stories of women rising up collectively to speak our truth in these courageous ways. Me too!
I am ever aware of the countless girls today who continue to face all-too-common sexual traumas and abuses. My heart longs that they may glimpse a glimmer of hope and shared sense of reality when they hear these women’s voices of truth and sanity.  
Hearing about the intense emotions that seem to be coursing through our nation of women, I am relieved that we are getting real. Some say that we are “too emotional.” Seriously?
On the contrary, our authentic feelings point us to underlying needs that are met and unmet. Our most basic human needs include safety and respect. Nothing is more important. And as we know in the women’s herbal conference community, suppressing our feelings and denying our needs impacts our health: emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I know from my own story, that my needs for safety and respect were so unmet for so long that it was not until many years later as an adult, that it dawned on me what a healthy relationship looks like. Based in mutuality, meeting needs of both people for safety, respect, valuing, and clarity.  Sadly this confusion about relationships is true for all too many women and girls today, one of the common and lasting psychological impacts of trauma.

Often taught to put the needs of others before our own, women have been taught to push emotions down and are often criticized for being so emotional. We are told that our feelings are “too much”.  

The patriarchy depends on squelching women's voices. If we are empowered to express our feelings, which unmet needs may surface to our attention? What aspects of internalized oppression might we choose to unlearn in ourselves?

In truth, all of our feelings, from discomfort and aggravation, to grief, anger, and yes even outrage, are absolutely valid. 

In fact, paying attention to our own feelings and our underlying needs, is actually the roadmap home to ourselves. To a place where we make choices that meet our needs, for respect and safety, as well as love, connection, integrity, authenticity, community, meaning, purpose, and contribution.

Is that what patriarchy wants? No. Is that what we want? Yes. Is that what the world needs, for the benefit for all beings?  Yes, indeed!
As women find our voices today, we remember that we are standing on the shoulders of generations of courageous and brilliant women, women of my mother's generation devoted  to civil rights and to feminism, and women like Tarana Burke (see sidebar).
Knowing Ourselves & the Earth

We're excited to be offering a new program this year!
If you're interested, you may want to apply now while the the early registration discount is still in effect until February 15th. 
Saturday Studies with Corinna Wood takes place one Saturday a month March through August (for dates and details, see curriculum schedule)
Saturday Studies is a powerful six month journey embodying the Wise Woman Tradition through cultivating self love & relationships with wild plants.
Come explore a groundbreaking system with Corinna Wood, a healing methodology rooted in compassionate communication (NVC), feminist spiritual psychology, and both lunar and seasonal cycles. 
We will also spend time outdoors hands-on with wild plants and herbs. As we get to know wild plants, we recognize the cycles of the Earth, which are reflected in our own psyches, especially as women. 
Early registration discount until February 15th
For more details and to apply, visit
October 12-14 ~ Save the date!
Southeast Wise Women

Mark your calendar for the renowned
Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference,
this fall on October 12-14, 2018.
Stay tuned for more details coming in early spring!
Need herbs? We love Red Moon!
Like you, we're stocking up on herbal meds to nourish us through the rest of the winter.
Our favorite medicines still come from our beloved local herb company, Red Moon Herbs, founded by Corinna Wood and Jessica Godino almost 25 years ago. 
Made the wise woman way, potent handcrafted medicines from fresh, local plants . . .  
Red Moon Herbs
Imbolc Full Moon
Tonight's full moon is a supermoon, meaning it's among the closest to the Earth this year. As well as a blue moon (second full moon within the same month) and a blood moon (partial lunar eclipse just before dawn)!
And, as seasoned herbalists following the cycle of the year, we also realize that this full moon falls at Imbolc, the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Even as some early signs of spring may be stirring around us, let's allow our roots to continue to be nourished by winter's magic and beauty. And gaze at the moon tonight!
Tarana Burke
Tarana BurkeTarana Burke founded the "Me Too Movement" and the Girls for Gender Equality organization in 2006, inspired by an encounter with a young teenage girl who shared her story with Tarana of being sexual abused.  
“I could not find the strength to say out loud the words that were ringing in my head over and over again as she tried to tell me what she had endured," Tarana recalls. 
"I watched her walk away from me as she tried to recapture her secrets and tuck them back into their hiding place. I watched her put her mask back on and go back into the world like she was all alone and I couldn’t even bring myself to whisper…me too.
Out of this experience, Tarana shares, "my work started in support of Black and brown girls in the community in Alabama. And it grew to be about supporting Black and brown women and girls across the country. And beyond that it grew to be about supporting marginalized people in marginalized communities. And it was very specifically about supporting survivors."
Saturday Studies
Q&A with Corinna

Q: What inspired you to create the new Saturdays program?
Corinna: I’ve been teaching the Wise Woman Tradition of herbal medicine for women for twenty-five years. More and more, I’ve been hearing from students, ‘I had no idea how deep the Wise Woman Tradition goes, how it would nourish my heart and soul as a woman—as well as my body—or how much the connection with sisters would mean to me!’ 
Indeed, the Wise Woman Tradition  encompasses nourishment on every level. Loving ourselves is at the core just as much as herbal medicine and nourishing foods.
Q: What's new about how you're teaching this program?
Corinna: This year, I’ve decided to offer the new Saturdays program in which understanding our minds and hearts, and learning to love ourselves, are our primary focus. In addition, of course, we will also go outside to connect with and learn from the plants themselves!
I’m very excited to explore this Wise Woman Tradition body of work, with this circle of sisters.
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Southeast Wise Women  •  17 Benchmark Rd  •  Black Mountain, NC 28711

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