January 2018

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1. January 2018 Article
The article this month will be on intentional and mindful teaching.  When students ask questions, we as educators are mindful of what type of question is being asked and then intentionally respond (instead of reaction) to those questions. There is power in pausing before we speak and then redirecting behaviors when that happens in the classroom. We want to very mindful of the type questions and the influence we have on others. Building those verbal skills to be your best self. Teaching is a journey and over the years developing this skills it paramount to your professional growth as a educator. Let's take a moment and note the two types of questions that students ask us in the classroom.  
2. Video - Verbal Skills and Strategies
3. Questions
There are questions that seek knowledge: Example, "What page are we on?"
There are questions that send us the hidden message: "I am frustrated," "I am confused," "I am overwhelmed."
Before responding to that behavior. Three things can be done so the situation does not escalate.
1.  Pause and exhale                  Check yourself responding and reacting sound
2.  Validate the feeling              Examples sound like. That's hard.  
3.  Restate the directions         Give directions in smaller steps or use a
controlled choice. 
The challenge of teaching is that each student is different and we vary our verbal skills to meet the needs of those students in our classroom
Katrina Jackson
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