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Anti-Fur Society
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The AFS Conference new date & Location
Our 2018 AFS/Vegan conference scheduled to be held at the New York City Fire Museum on April 7th is being postponed. As it turned out, the venue does not fulfill our requirements with issues ranging from catering to their inability to accommodate our extensive programs which include speakers, documentaries, exhibitors, etc.  Therefore, we decided to find another location, and so we did.
We found the Scandinavia House of New York City to be the perfect, central location because it has a fantastic area for exhibitors and a very modern auditorium that sits 165 people where we can hold the speaking sessions, and show documentaries throughout the day. Additionally, they have an in house
restaurant that is very accommodating and will hold our Saturday dinner party!
However, the Scandinavia House is booked at the dates we needed in April, and due to other commitments throughout the Summer, we had no option but to move the conference to the Fall when we will be better equipped to hold a fabulous event as we've done in the past. We would like to hear from you!  How does a Saturday in September looks like to you? Send us a note with your preference and we will do our best
to accommodate the majority's choices. Updates will be available soon on our website:
To better view the newsletter, please click here:
Our second billboard is up.  
Our second billboard in NJ, next to a tunnel to Manhattan, NY is up.  Last year we had our first up for 90 days. This time we were able to  place an order for 60 days, we hope to raise funds to keep it for another month as well as repeat the second billboard we had for 30 days in downtown Washington DC. Photos of the billboards, etc can be found our webpage:
Moving forward with a few projects
It's been a number of years since we started collecting signatures for our two petitions regarding the egregious cruelty to fur bearing animals in the wild.  We intend to start addressing the issues of penning and trapping which is legal throughout the US. Since we do not have the resources for both, we'll be focusing on penning which uses coyotes, foxes, raccoons, etc. who suffer two major attacks: 1) They are trapped  2) They are thrown alive in a pen so as trained dogs will cut them up to pieces while alive. It's legal all the over the US (except Florida). This sadistic crimes are fully described on our website below. We are gathering information on how to start lobbying, so we can start with our Maryland Senators. If anyone is interested in joining this effort, especially if you have experience in lobbying to give us us a hand, we'll be delighted and grateful to hear from you. For information regarding this issue, please reply to this newsletter. Petitions and relevant info on this web page:
Delivered: Petition at the Vatican and a Letter to the Finnish Ambassador in DC
We carried out our goal to deliver our petition addressed to the Pope directly at the Vatican. It was done last December at the Pope's post office inside the Vatican (one we cannot enter his quarters. Despite some less than appreciative comments about the petition in which we asked the Pope to talk to Christians to stop wearing fur, we feel happy that we are exploring all options. If he ever does speak against fur, we may see the end of if since billions of his followers do wears fur. See
About the Finland production of "monster" fox 5 times larger than normal. We delivered a letter to the Finnish Ambassador to the US in Washington DC and held a protest at their door as well. Finland fox, in addition to their miserable lives on fur farms until anally electrocuted and even skinned alive, are so heavy they cannot even stand up and spend their lives lying down. The ones used for breeding will live for years under those shameful circumstances. See all info & video on page:
Thank you for reading our newsletter
We continue making progress reaching out to millions of people worldwide on our social media as we now have over one million followers.  We also see groups being formed around the world speaking up against the fur trade. This is quite marvelous and we hope that the outcry against the use of animals for greed and vanity may bring it down sooner rather than late. Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at our event in New York! 
Best wishes,
Rosa Close
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