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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
Actively Participate In Educating the Public
January 28, 2018
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Title Picture:California hit with Particle Beam Weapon - Not just a Laser
There are two broad types of particle-beam weapons: the charged-particle beam weapon and the neutral-particle beam weapon. The charged-particle variety would be developed for use within the atmosphere (endoatmospheric) and has a set of technological characteristics that are entirely different from the neutral particle beam weapon that would be used in space (exoatmospheric). A Neutral Particle Beam (NPB) weapon produces a beam of near-light-speed-neutral atomic particles by subjecting hydrogen or deuterium gas to an enormous electrical charge. The electrical charge produces negatively charged ions that are accelerated through a long vacuum tunnel by an electrical potential in the hundreds-of-megavolt range. At the end of the tunnel, electrons are stripped from the negative ions, forming the high-speed-neutral atomic particles that are the neutral particle beam. The NPB delivers its kinetic energy directly into the atomic and subatomic structure of the target, literally heating the target from deep within. Charged particle beams (CPB) can be produced in a similar fashion, but they are easily deflected by the earth's magnetic field and their strong electrical charge causes the CPB to diffuse and break apart uncontrollably. Particle beams are not a steady stream of energy but rather are a series of pulses. Like a bolt of lightning, each pulse is only a few millionths of a second long and discharges great quantities of energy which can have a variety of effects on a target, depending on the level of energy. Additionally a selected target could be totally disintegrated, by making its molecular structure unstable through the enormous energy transfer. Similarly, a target could become super heated and vaporize.

A particle-beam weapon uses a high-energy beam of atomic or subatomic particles to damage the target by disrupting its atomic and/or molecular structure. A particle-beam weapon is a type of directed-energy weapon, which directs energy in a particular and focused direction using particles with miniscule mass. The concept of particle-beam weapons comes from sound scientific principles and experiments currently underway around the world. One effective process to cause damage to or destroy a target is to simply overheat it until it is no longer operational.
Particle accelerators are a well-developed technology used in scientific research for decades. They use electromagnetic fields to accelerate and direct charged particles along a predetermined path, and electrostatic “lenses” to focus these streams for collisions. The cathode ray tube in many twentieth-century televisions and computer monitors is a very simple type of particle accelerator. More powerful versions include synchrotrons and cyclotrons used in nuclear research.
A particle-beam weapon is a weaponized version of this technology. It accelerates charged particles (in most cases electrons, positrons, protons, or ionized atoms, but very advanced versions can use other particles such as mercury nuclei) to near-light speed and then shoots them at a target. These particles have tremendous kinetic energy which they impart to matter in the target’s surface, inducing near-instantaneous and catastrophic superheating. - Wiki
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FREQUENCY GENERATOR:  Try this and see the difference in targeting - Change your frequency!
Therapeutic Frequency Generator - $170
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A New World Order scheme is underway to electronically enslave every human on the planet by connecting everyone’s brain to a computer with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) to make each person part of the Internet of Things. Targeted Individuals are being covertly implanted for surveillance while they are sleeping or during medical procedures with an electronic Wireless Medical Body Area Network made up of (1) an Artificial Intelligence system which connects the brain to a 3G/4G cell phone Internet/computer interface using Bluetooth or Zigbee, (2) an EEG monitor, RFID chips and stimulators in the brain which can be injected up through the sinuses or through the top of the mouth, (3) heart, lung, pH and blood monitors, (4) sensory implants in the neck, face, eyes, nose and throat which monitor the eyes, ears and voice, (5) GPS tracking devices, (6) pressure and motion sensors in arms, legs and feet, (7) accelerometers, (8) liquid crystal and nano particles in the blood, (9) neurostimulators injected next to the nerves in joints and muscles throughout the body to create pain and others to relay physiological data.
TI’s are slaves to the electronic implants, V2K and mind control. They are tortured mercilessly with shocking, vibrating, burning and microwaving. Cell tower and phone antennas direct energy at them to activate the implants, to keep the victim from sleeping, erase their memory, degrade their health and evoke emotions to produce an event during which the victim reacts to their torture and is subsequently accused by authorities of being mentally ill. Then they are given a free 72 hr. mental health exam, implanted, and often put into a mental or criminal institution and forcibly drugged. Whistleblowers often disappear this way. The state then confiscates their property! This program violates every civil right Americans thought they had. The Wireless Body Sensor Network is a tool meant to remotely monitor, control and punish every citizen!
TI TESTIMONY ONE:  VIDEO:  "Is this Gangstalking?"
Orthomolecular doses of flush-free Niacin, about 2,000 mg a night, has completely stopped voice to skull and also closed-eye hallucinations and projection of images to my mind. It's GONE now. - Anonymous TI
Innocent Man Records Cops Stalking His House, Disabling His Cameras
January 19, 2018

An Indian River County man is finding out how tough it can be to get justice as a victim of stalking — because his stalkers are cops. This innocent man, who we will refer to as Smokey, had committed no crime, had harmed no one, yet he still became the victim of police stalking.
In August of last year, multiple officers showed up at Smokey’s home while he was at work. Having been burglarized the week prior, Smokey had just installed video cameras on his home which captured the most unscrupulous actions of Vero Beach Police Officers.
When police showed up, Smokey was at work. He then got a call from his neighbors to alert him to the fact that police were at his house, so he hurried home. When Smokey arrived home 45 minutes later, he noticed that his video camera on his front porch had been disabled.
When he went back to the video to see what had happened, Smokey realized that it was the cops who took out his camera. Police left no note to say they had been there, no notice that they had tampered with his property, and made no mention of it to their superiors.
Smokey subsequently posted the images and video he took to Facebook and it was then shared with the Free Thought Project. What it shows is nothing short of stalking and is disturbing indeed.
What’s more, once the police department was made aware of the video on Facebook, they condoned the actions of the stalking cops and claimed they destroyed private property at an innocent person’s home—for officer safety.
“We went there for a felony warrant. We were also advised there may be firearms in the house,” Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey said.
The only problem with police showing up at Smokey’s home, however, is that no one in the home had committed a crime, no one had outstanding warrants, and the only people at his home to violate the law were the cops who showed up and messed with his private property.
As the video shows, the officers are seen knocking at the door before one of them notices he’s on camera. He then reaches up toward the camera and the video goes black.
VIDEO:  Learn to use the SDR for spectrum analysis.
Sign up for a SKYPE class on using the SDR.  An equipment list will be sent to you via email to  The software is free.  We will schedule this class within the next couple of months but everyone will have had to purchase the equipment ($20) and have the software loaded before class.
The SDR helps you see and hear the frequencies being perpetrated on you. You can record anomalies that should not be occurring in your environment.
Trapped in a Black Box'; Growing Terrorism Watchlisting Everyday Policing
The Known or Suspected Terrorist (KST) File, which is maintained by the FBI and is accessible to federal, state, and local law enforcement entities nationwide through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). The KST File is a successor to what was known until 2009 as the Violent Gangs and Terrorist Organizations File (VGTOF). Whereas VGTOF contained fewer than 10,000 terrorism-related entries in 2003, KST contains hundreds of thousands of entries today. To be sure, law enforcement agencies have a legitimate interest in coordinating efforts to locate people for whom arrest warrants are outstanding.
Today, though, KST is part of a vast system of domestic surveillance of people whom law enforcement labels suspect based on vague and loose criteria, with serious constitutional and privacy implications for those who are included in the File. Such individuals may be stigmatized as potential terrorists and are vulnerable to increased law enforcement scrutiny, often without knowing that they are on a secret watchlist, and without a meaningful way to confirm or contest their inclusion.
The ACLU obtained information from the FBI about its VGTOF/KST File through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and subsequent lawsuit. Although much about the current size and operation of KST remains secret from the public, the more than 13,000 pages we now have, covering a five-year period from December 2003 to December 2008, offer key insights into the workings of this sprawling government database.
Further information we analyze in this report came from another FOIA suit brought by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, inspector general reports, and the government’s Watchlisting Guidance leaked to the media in August 2014. This report presents an analysis of the most important findings from these documents and other resources, which raise serious concerns about the fairness, accuracy, and effectiveness of the KST File.
VIDEO:  Radiation free Bedroom

Your EMF Guide : Creating a Radiation Free Bedroom Video : Leonard Stafford
SURVEILLANCE:  Easy Hack Software

Do You Need to Hack/Track a Cell Phone?

January 19, 2018, 10:06 am
Easy, there is really just one solution for you – a Cell Phone Spy Software. Cell phone spy software is a tiny piece of software which allows you to monitor any or specified activity on a particular smart phone. Usually, all the activity logs are delivered to your personal online account, where you check them remotely any time you want, even if the phone itself is half a world away from you. Sounds easy, right? Well, read ahead to check how easy and accessible spy phone solutions really are.

Targeting the Brain with Sound Waves

Ultrasound might provide a new, noninvasive way to control brain activity.

Ultrasound waves, currently used in medicine for prenatal scans and other diagnostic purposes, could one day be used as a noninvasive way to control brain activity. Over the past two years, scientists have begun experimenting with low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound that can penetrate the skull and activate or silence brain cells. Researchers hope that the technology could provide an alternative to more-invasive techniques, such as deep-brain stimulation (DBS) and vagus nerve stimulation, which are used to treat a growing number of neurological disorders. 
“With ultrasound, we have a much better spatial focus than [with] DBS,” says Tyler. “And unlike TMS, we can get anywhere in the brain.” Ultrasound–consisting of sound waves with a frequency above 20 kilohertz–has been used for decades in medicine to image muscle, organs, and fetuses. In the past five years, better tools for focusing ultrasound energy have enabled its use as an ablation tool: surgeons can now use high-intensity, high-frequency ultrasound (HIFU) to essentially burn away uterine fibroids. HIFU is also in clinical testing for treating brain tumors, breast tumors, and prostate cancer.
One of the challenges in using ultrasound to target the brain is figuring out how to get the sound waves through the skull in a controlled manner. Typically, ultrasound operates in the megahertz to gigahertz range–frequencies that are fine for passing through soft tissue but would liquefy bone. (As bone absorbs the energy of the acoustic wave, it heats up.) Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, have found that an ultrasound frequency of less than one megahertz can do the trick, but with a trade-off: the lower the frequency, the more difficult it is to focus the energy on a particular point in the brain.
In the past year, however, scientists have had some success in solving this trade-off. Detailed images of the skull generated via CT scan and MRI can help scientists calculate the best way to focus the sound waves, says Seung-Schik Yoo, a neuroscientist at Brigham and Women’s and Harvard Medical School. In as yet unpublished work, Yoo and his colleagues have demonstrated that low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound can successfully suppress visual activity in rabbits’ brains, as well as selectively trigger activity in the motor cortex. “We are also looking at the ability to modulate hormones or neurotransmitters, which may have application for psychiatric disorders, obesity, and addiction,” says Yoo.
In a paper published last year in the journal PLoS ONE, Tyler demonstrated that low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound can activate channels that sit in the membrane of nerve cells in a slice of brain tissue, triggering the cells to send an electrical message through the neural circuit. He has since been able to use ultrasound to stimulate the motor cortex and trigger movement in live mice. This work has not yet been published.
It’s not yet clear how ultrasound triggers electrical activity in neurons, but some believe that it is through thermal energy generated by sound waves. Tyler, however, says he has evidence that the neurons are activated through mechanical energy. Previous research has indeed shown that the neuron channels that control electrical activity in the brain can be activated with mechanical pressure. “What we think is happening is some kind of microcavitational effect, such as radiation or sheer strain, which affect the channels that control neural activity,” he says.
One targeted individual reported that during the first 3 months of harrasment it is particularly difficult, because they try to “soften you up.” This means using high levels of voltage and painful torture.
Other helpful technical data noted from persons: pillows made with 70% polyurethane foam and 30% gel seem to be effective as dampeners – available at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Gel packs have also been reported to be helpful. This does not block the signal but seems to spread out the beam, and dampen the reflected signal, making it more difficult to track the target.
Another target reported - Maximum power from the satellite cannot penetrate a building more than about 30 floors. Try going to an underground parking garage under a skyscraper, and note the difference.
Some frequencies target the heart for accelerating the rhythm and blood pressure, which might lead to heart failure. Heart rate can be increased by 20 to 30 bpm, and blood pressure can be increased 20 to 30 points. One individual reported that the microwaves were used to increase heart rate and blood pressure about 30 to 50% on a continuous basis, 24 hours per day. The apparent goal is to cause heart failure.

One individual reported the hacking of his vehicle, including start interrupts, music system scrambling, electric window failure, etc. Note that famous journalist, Michael Hastings, was murdered by electronic hacking of his car and making it accelerate to high speed. Many newer cars can be easily hacked, as they are not well protected. If this happens to you – simply put the transmission into neutral and use the brakes or the emergency brake.
The vehicle start interruption seems to be accomplished by sending a repetitive signal to the starter circuit that disables the starting system.
When the target turns the key, nothing happens. No clicks, no lights, no electrical circuit available. However, testing the battery shows more than 12 volts available, and yet no headlights and no clicks from the starter.
Also this person reported digital cameras that stopped working. (These criminals don't like their picture taken.) This seems to be accomplished by sending a continuous serious of shutdown commands through a wifi router, or through the person's mobile phone, so that starting the camera's power button, immediately results in a shutdown of the camera. The shutdown command is sent continuously. This was reported on 3 different digital cameras simultaneously, all using new batteries. It is highly unlikely that this is the result of 3 simultaneous malfunctions of nearly-new digital cameras.
Genocide on US Citizens

Genocide Treaty - Deborah Tavares

The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948 as General Assembly Resolution 260. The Convention entered into force on 12 January 1951.[1] It defines genocide in legal terms, and is the culmination of years of campaigning by lawyer Raphael Lemkin.[2] All participating countries are advised to prevent and punish actions of genocide in war and in peacetime. As of December 2017, 149 states have ratified or acceded to the treaty, most recently Benin on 2 November 2017.[3] One state, the Dominican Republic, has signed but not ratified the treaty.

Definition of genocide

Article 2 of the Convention defines genocide as
...any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2[4]
Article 3 defines the crimes that can be punished under the convention:
(a) Genocide;
(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
(d) Attempt to commit genocide;
(e) Complicity in genocide.
— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 3[4]
The convention was passed to outlaw actions similar to the Holocaust by Nazi Germany during World War II. The first draft of the Convention included political killings, but the USSR[5] along with some other nations would not accept that actions against groups identified as holding similar political opinions or social status would constitute genocide,[6] so these stipulations were subsequently removed in a political and diplomatic compromise.
Burned Out Northern California Fire Victim Questions Directed Energy Weapons
Humans are Economic Collateral. We aggrevate poverty and imbalances in developed countries so we have to go. Poverty is not sustainable.
WEBSITE:Targeted Individuals United Association
[EXCLUSIVE] Mind Control Exposed - Tim Rifat
Targeted Individuals are people whom are illegally and covertly stalked, tracked and tortured, often harassed with the use of  hi-tech - Modern-day Military type Technologies (created by Government Funded organisations such as; Raytheon, DAARPA, NASA, UCL, CIA etc.). Targets/Victims are often covertly and illegally implanted with RFID (Radio-Remote Frequency Identification Device) type transmitter chips i.e. PositiveID or VERi Chips. Some are occasionally implanted with miniature Nano-Biochips, Stimulators and Transmitters mostly for GPS tracking purposes and/or for the constant nervous and neurological stimulation of a chosen target. Targets can then be remotely connected to via radio type frequency signals transmitted to the chip/s or Nanites thus the mind and body being in theory "wirelessly" connected to and unnaturally stimulated.

Google has created an Artificial Intelligence that has created a child of its own
Google unveiled its AutoML project in May, with the aim of making it easier to design machine learning models by automating the process.
“In our approach..., a controller neural net can propose a ‘child’ model architecture, which can then be trained and evaluated for quality on a particular task,” the company said at the time. 
“That feedback is then used to inform the controller how to improve its proposals for the next round. We repeat this process thousands of times — generating new architectures, testing them, and giving that feedback to the controller to learn from.”
In November, the AutoML plans were used to create NASNet, a “child” AI designed for object detection, which outperformed state-of-the-art machine-learning architectures built for academic competitions by humans. 

Inside the First Church of Artificial Intelligence
The new religion of artificial intelligence is called Way of the Future. It represents an unlikely next act for the Silicon Valley robotics wunderkind at the center of a high-stakes legal battle between Uber and Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous-vehicle company. Papers filed with the Internal Revenue Service in May name Levandowski as the leader (or “Dean”) of the new religion, as well as CEO of the nonprofit corporation formed to run it.
HOLOGRAPHS:  Airborne Projector 9-11 planes!
Webmaster's note: I found the following on the Air Force's official web site at:

5.6 Airborne Holographic Projector
Brief Description
The holographic projector displays a three-dimensional visual image in a desired location, removed from the display generator. The projector can be used for psychological operations and strategic perception management. It is also useful for optical deception and cloaking, providing a momentary distraction when engaging an unsophisticated adversary.
  • Precision projection of 3-D visual images into a selected area
  • Supports PSYOP and strategic deception management
  • Provides deception and cloaking against optical sensors
Enabling Technologies (MCTL)
  • 4.1.4, Image Processing (holographic displays)
  • 10.1, Lasers
  • 10.2, Optics
  • 10.3, Power Systems
White Papers
  • Q, Special & Humanitarian Operations
  • N, Strategic Attack
TECHNOLOGY:  Worm-like robots to deliver drugs.

Tiny worm-like robots that can crawl and swim could one day be used to deliver medicine INSIDE the body

  • Robot is smaller than a penny, but can walk, swim, crawl and even carry cargo 
  • Scientists hope the bot can be used to deliver drugs inside the human body
  • The robot is made of a soft rubber material that's controlled by a magnetic field
January 2018 By Annie Palmer
A team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany have developed a rubbery, worm-like robot that they hope will be used for medicinal purposes in the future. 
The robot can crawl, walk and roll on land, swim in water and navigate obstacle courses. It can even 'do the worm.' 
The robot is small enough to be inserted into our digestive and urinary systems, or eventually, our vascular system to deliver drugs to hard to reach places in the human body. 
The robot's flexible, soft coating enables it to crawl across organs, muscles and swim through bloodstreams with ease. 
For many, the idea of having a robot deliver drugs inside your abdomen might make people queasy. 
But the study notes that the robot can be located using medical imaging devices.
'We also show that the robot can be visualized by an ultrasound medical imaging device as it rolls within the concealed areas of an ex vivo chicken muscle tissue,' according to the study. 
The robot can also grip an object, transport it to a location and 'eject a cargo that is strapped onto the robot,' the scientists noted. 
Scientists modeled it after creatures like jellyfish, caterpillars and larva.
Without any legs, the robot is made of a soft, pliable rubber that's embedded with magnets.
5G From Blankets to Bullets


by Arthur Firstenberg
The single most important fact about 5G that nobody is talking about is called “phased array.” It will totally change the way cell towers and cell phones are constructed and will transform the blanket of radiation which has enveloped our world for two decades into a million powerful beams whizzing by us at all times. Blake Levitt, author of Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves (Harcourt Brace, 1995), brought this to my attention. A mutual friend, with whom I was speaking during the campaign to defeat S.B. 649 in California, passed on a message from Blake: “5G antennas will be phased arrays; Arthur will know what that means.” And I did.
Phased arrays were one of the first things I learned about in the very beginning of my long, involuntary journey from medical student to campaigner against wireless technology. After I was injured by X-rays in 1980, I began to read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with electromagnetic radiation and its effects on life. And one of the first books I read was Paul Brodeur’s The Zapping of America (W.W. Norton, 1977).
Early warnings
Brodeur was a staff writer for the New Yorker who had purchased property on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, only to discover that 30 miles inland, across the bay from his future home, the Air Force was planning to construct the world’s most powerful radar station. It was going to scan the Atlantic Ocean as a key early warning element protecting us against the threat of sea-launched ballistic missiles from the Soviet Union. Although it emitted an average power of only 145,000 watts, similar to some FM radio stations, it did not broadcast that energy from only a single antenna and it did not spread that energy out uniformly in all directions. Instead, it had 3,600 antennas arranged in two “phased arrays” of 1,800 antennas each. The antennas in each array worked together as a unit to focus all their energy into a narrow, steerable beam. Each beam had an effective power of four billion watts, and the peak radiation level exceeded 0.3 milliwatt per square centimeter—the FCC’s safety limit today—at a distance of ten miles in front of the radar station. The facility was called PAVE PAWS (Precision Acquisition of Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System).
The Defense Department acknowledged in a 1975 report, quoted by Brodeur, that such systems “energize thousands of operational elements, are electronically steered at high search rates, and operate at a frequency range having a maximum whole body energy transfer to man and for which little bioeffects data exists.”
Shortly after I read this, I discovered firsthand what some of the bioeffects were. Attempting to finish my M.D. almost cost me my life. I collapsed one day with all the symptoms of a heart attack, whereupon I resigned from school and moved up to Mendocino to recover. There I was in the path of the other PAVE PAWS, the one that scanned the Pacific Ocean. This PAVE PAWS was due east of Mendocino, in California’s Central Valley at Beale Air Force Base. And for nine months, every evening at precisely 7:00 p.m., no matter where I was or what I was doing, my chest would tighten and I would be unable to catch my breath for the next two hours. At precisely 9:00 p.m., my body would relax and I could breathe. I lived in Mendocino from 1982 through 1984, and although I eventually recovered my health, I was always aware of an uncomfortable pressure in my chest whenever I was on the coast. I also lived in Mendocino from 1999 to 2004, and felt that same discomfort whenever I was there, and always felt it suddenly vanish when I drove out of range of PAVE PAWS, and suddenly return at the same point on my journey home.
Directed beams
5G is going to be at a much higher frequency range, which means the antennas are going to be much smaller—small enough to fit inside a smartphone—but like in PAVE PAWS they are going to work together in a phased array, and like in PAVE PAWS they are going to concentrate their energy in narrow, steerable high power beams. The arrays are going to track each other, so that wherever you are, a beam from your smartphone is going to be aimed directly at the base station (cell tower), and a beam from the base station is going to be aimed directly at you. If you walk between someone’s phone and the base station, both beams will go right through your body. The beam from the tower will hit you even if you are standing near someone who is on a smartphone. And if you are in a crowd, multiple beams will overlap and be unavoidable.
At present, smartphones emit a maximum of about two watts, and usually operate at a power of less than a watt. That will still be true of 5G phones, however inside a 5G phone there may be 8 tiny arrays of 8 tiny antennas each, all working together to track the nearest cell tower and aim a narrowly focused beam at it. The FCC has recently adopted rules allowing the effective power of those beams to be as much as 20 watts. Now if a handheld smartphone sent a 20-watt beam through your body, it would far exceed the exposure limit set by the FCC. What the FCC is counting on is that there is going to be a metal shield between the display side of a 5G phone and the side with all the circuitry and antennas. That shield will be there to protect the circuitry from electronic interference that would otherwise be caused by the display and make the phone useless. But it will also function to keep most of the radiation from traveling directly into your head or body, and therefore the FCC is allowing 5G phones to come to market that will have an effective radiated power that is ten times as high as for 4G phones. What this will do to the user’s hands, the FCC does not say. And who is going to make sure that when you stick a phone in your pocket, the correct side is facing your body? And who is going to protect all the bystanders from radiation that is coming in their direction that is ten times as strong as it used to be?
And what about all the other 5G equipment that is going to be installed in all your computers, appliances, and automobiles? The FCC calls handheld phones “mobile stations.” Transmitters in cars are also “mobile stations.” But the FCC has also issued rules for what it calls ”transportable stations,” which it defines as transmitting equipment that is used in stationary locations and not in motion, such as local hubs for wireless broadband in your home or business. The FCC’s new rules allow an effective radiated power of 300 watts for such equipment.
Enormous power
The situation with cell towers is, if anything, worse. So far the FCC has approved bands of frequencies around 24 GHz, 28 GHz, 38 GHz, 39 GHz, and 48 GHz for use in 5G stations, and is proposing to add 32 GHz, 42 GHz, 50 GHz, 71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz, and above 95 GHz to the soup. These have tiny wavelengths and require tiny antennas. At 48 GHz, an array of 1,024 antennas will measure only 4 inches square. And the maximum radiated power from a base station will probably not be that large—tens or hundreds of watts. But just as with PAVE PAWS, arrays containing such large numbers of antennas will be able to channel the energy into highly focused beams, and the effective radiated power will be enormous. The rules adopted by the FCC allow a 5G base station operating in the millimeter range to emit an effective radiated power of up to 30,000 watts per 100 MHz of spectrum. And when you consider that some of the frequency bands the FCC has made available will allow telecom companies to buy up to
3 GHz of contiguous spectrum at auction, they will legally be allowed to emit an effective radiated power of up to 900,000 watts if they own that much spectrum. The base stations emitting power like that will be located on the sidewalk. They will be small rectangular structures mounted on top of utility poles.
The reason the companies want so much power is because millimeter waves are easily blocked by objects and walls and require tremendous power to penetrate inside buildings and communicate with all the devices that we own that are going to part of the Internet of Things. The reason such tiny wavelengths are required is because of the need for an enormous amount of bandwidth—a hundred times as much bandwidth as we formerly used—in order to have smart homes, smart businesses, smart cars, and smart cities, i.e. in order to connect so many of our possessions, big and small, to the internet, and make them do everything we want them to do as fast as we want them to do it. The higher the frequency, the greater the bandwidth—but the smaller the waves. Base stations have to be very close together—100 meters apart in cities—and they have to blast out their signals in order to get them inside homes and buildings. And the only way to do this economically is with phased arrays and focused beams that are aimed directly at their targets. What happens to birds that fly through the beams, the FCC does not say. And what happens to utility workers who climb utility poles and work next to these structures everyday? A 30,000-watt beam will cook an egg, or an eye, at a distance of a few feet.
The power from a base station will be distributed among as many devices as are connected at the same time. When a lot of people are using their phones simultaneously, everyone’s phone will slow down but the amount of radiation in each beam will be less. When you are the only person using your phone—for example, late at night—your data speed will be blisteringly fast but most of the radiation from the cell tower will be aimed at you.
Deep penetration into the body
Another important fact about radiation from phased array antennas is this: it penetrates much deeper into the human body and the assumptions that the FCC’s exposure limits are based on do not apply. This was brought to everyone’s attention by Dr. Richard Albanese of Brooks Air Force Base in connection with PAVE PAWS and was reported on in Microwave News in 2002. When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow. But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body, something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body. These re-radiated waves are called Brillouin precursors. They become significant when either the power or the phase of the waves changes rapidly enough. 5G will probably satisfy both requirements. This means that the reassurance we are being given—that these millimeter waves are too short to penetrate far into the body—is not true.
In the United States, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all competing to have 5G towers, phones, and other devices commercially available as early as the end of 2018. AT&T already has experimental licenses and has been testing 5G-type base stations and user equipment at millimeter wave frequencies in Middletown, New Jersey; Waco, Austin, Dallas, Plano, and Grapevine, Texas; Kalamazoo, Michigan; and South Bend, Indiana. Verizon has experimental licenses and has been conducting trials in Houston, Euless, and Cypress, Texas; South Plainfield and Bernardsville, New Jersey; Arlington, Chantilly, Falls Church, and Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia; Washington, DC; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Brockton and Natick, Massachusetts; Atlanta; and Sacramento. Sprint has experimental licenses in Bridgewater, New Brunswick, and South Plainfield, New Jersey; and San Diego. T-Mobile has experimental licenses in Bellevue and Bothell, Washington; and San Francisco.
– January 22, 2018
Cannabis May Protect from Liver Disease

Cannabis May Protect Alcohol Users from Liver Disease, Research Shows

January 22, 2018
A group of researchers set out to “determine the effects of cannabis use on the incidence of liver disease in individuals who abuse alcohol.” They wanted to see if the observed anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis also affect the development of liver disease. The research was headed up by Adeyinka Charles Adejumo of North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Massachusetts. Adejumo also works at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Research into Alcohol and Liver Disease

During their research, the team analyzed the discharge records from the 2014 Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project – Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS). They focused on patients 18-years and older, who had a past or current history of abusive alcohol use. This amounted to a sample size of over 319,000 patients who abused alcohol.
Initially, the researchers divided the sample group into “cannabis exposure groups: non-cannabis-users (90.39%), non-dependent-cannabis-users (8.26%) and dependent cannabis users (1.36%).” Then, they studied four distinct phases of liver disease. These included: alcoholic steatosis (AS) or alcoholic fatty liver; steatohepatitis (AH) or non-alcoholic fatty liver; cirrhosis (AC); and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or essentially liver cancer.
The researchers concluded:
Our study revealed that among alcohol users, individuals who additionally use cannabis (dependent and non-dependent cannabis use) showed significantly lower odds of developing AS, AH, AC and HCC. Further, dependent users had significantly lower odds than non-dependent users for developing liver disease.
VIDEO:  Fungal Infection


Let no corrupting talk come out of your 
mouths, but only such as is good for 
building up, as fits the occasion, that it
may give grace to those who hear.  And
do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by 
whom you were sealed for the day of
redemption.  Let all bitterness and wrath 
and anger and clamor and slander be 
put away from you, along with all malice.  
Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, 
forgiving one another, as God in Christ 
forgave you.  
A soft answer turns away wrath, but a 
harsh word stirs up anger.  
COMMENT:  Choosing to give our 
kindness to others in words and deeds 
does not cost us anything financially but 
is a great gift to the person receiving.
Stopgangstalkingcrimes newsletter
Volunteers are not professionals they are just people willing to help others out.
Terry Oregon  -  (503)-388-2902   9am-12pm Pacific Time
Linda California  -  (209)-728-8803   10am-9pm Pacific Time
Amy Oregon  -  (971)-207-3401   11am-11pm Pacific Time
Looking for others to join our Volunteers
Remember the fallen ones
May GOD BLESS all Targeted Individuals with the end to these crimes. Amen

The Florida Group now has their own page at Please see this page for resources that TI's might need.
Talkshoe Call just for the State of Florida.  It will be on Thursday's at 6:00 pm.  #145495.  I am planning to get the community together to work towards educating the public as well as future meet-ups. - Sue, Sarasota, FL
TI's:  Class Action Lawsuit
Christi Duncan (a TI victim) is looking to organize a class action for victims of electronic harassment and organized gang stalking. If anyone is interested in working with her on this or being involved she is asking that you email her directly at She has almost 100 people involved with her on this, but looking for more. The idea and hope is to combine efforts of those like Spencer Carter and others who are taking on similar initiatives.  Please help spread the word.  We have lots of great motivated people working on this!
ACTIVIST:  Mike Mason
Freedom for Targeted Individuals International Call:
Every Saturday we invite you to join us for
Freedom for Targeted Individuals International Podcast
* To call in Internationally, use  your country's international call in number first (link), after the automated prompt, you enter 541.275.1131#
Starting at 3 pm EST/ 12 pm PST
(no pins required)
International Dial -in Numbers
To join online
Ella Free's Podcast
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Beginning at 9 pm EST/ 6 pm PST, you can join us live by calling into 724.444,7444, enter ID 141476#, then 1#
This interview, of a Lockheed Martin Whistleblower, is definitely worth listening to.  I highly suggest it for educational purposes, especially if you suspect government contractor involvement in targeting.  He also delves into other areas of concern, not specifically related to our topics, but important nonetheless.
Link to podcast schedule:
Don't forget to check our current action and events tab to get involved with activism events.

Ella Free
Coordinator, Media Outreach & Podcast Host
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

Moderator:  Neal
Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Time:  8:30 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444,  Pin #134999
Moderator:  Renata
Time:  3 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, Pin #114616

Moderator:  Sue
Time:  6:00 pm Eastern
Starting January 11 2018
ID:  #145495
Moderator:  Mike Mason
Time:  6:00 pm Eastern

ID 116202#
Moderator:  Ella
Time:  9:00 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, Pin# 141476
After Ella's Podcast:
Vulcan Wolverine
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, 142394#
Moderator:  Kyle
Time:  After Ella’s call
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, Pin #142394
Moderator:  Derrick
Time:  9:00 p.m. Eastern
Free Conference:
319-527-2701, Code 248671
Moderator:  Mike Mason
Time:  6:00 p.m. Eastern
Free Conference:  641-715-0632,
Code 116202
Moderator:  Frank Allen
Time:  6:00 pm. Eastern
Moderator:  Loren W.
Time:  9:00 p.m.
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, 798056#
712-432 3900
Moderator:  Terry
Time:  3:00 pm PST/6 pm EST to
6:00 pm PST/9:00 EST
Bring Awareness about Gangstalking
Talkshoe:  (724)-444-7444    Call ID: 143944
Moderator:  Ella
Time:  9:00 Eastern
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, 141476
Moderator:  Kyle (Vulcan Wolverine)
Time:  After Ella’s call
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, 142394
Moderator: Frank Allen

Targeted Individual Massachusetts
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 646-749-3112
Access Code: 450-414-301
Join by Computer:
Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

International Dial-in Numbers:                   

Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
Moderator:  Terry
Time:  12:00 am Eastern
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, 143944
Moderator:  Dr. Millicent Black
Church Conference Call
Time:  6:00 pm Eastern
Talkshoe:  140567
Moderator:  Frank Allen
Phone:  646-749-3112
450-414 3112#
Moderator:  Ella
Freedom for Targeted Individuals
International Activism
Time:  7:00 pm Eastern
Free Conference:  541-275-1131
Moderator:  Lauron
8:00 pm. Eastern
Talkshoe:  142124
Moderator:  Scott Snitzer
Time:  5:00 pm Eastern
Snitzer's TI Contact Call
Talkshoe:  724-444-7444, 138602
Moderator:  Derrick
Time:  9:00 pm Eastern
Phone:  319-527-2701
ID:  248671#
Activism/Support Groups
Denver, Colorado
Area Support Group
Contact:  Xontu Garcia
Atlanta, Georgia
Support Group Meeting

Contact:  Carol Dimas
Phone:  470-312-6578
Chicago, Illinois
The Chicago area Support Group – Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
Location: Hammond Public Library
564 State Street
Hammond, Indiana
  Contact Shavon at

or Candace at
New York City Support Group
Contact:  Angel Acevedo
Phone: 646-806-8654
Houston, Texas
  For more information, you may contact
  Tereza Dutta -

Seattle, Washington
Location: Broadview Branch Library at:

12755 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, Washington 98133-7901

For more information, you may contact
Laura Solway - 206-365-6139
Curtis Kimble – 817-901-8720


Hollywood District Public Library
Saturday, February 10, 2018 3:30-5.30 PM
4040 Northeast Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
Contact person;  Amy – 971-207-3401

Greetings and a happy new year friends, The January meeting served to be promising. There were over ten who attended. Some brought family and friends to reap the benefits of the collective group. There was a plethora of information offered and well received. I suspect there is now more viability in the guests/allies believing us. Our plight is challenging but manageable. I really appreciated the meeting because I got to meet new people, who like myself, are victimized by egregious human rights violations. That's huge in breaking isolation and attenuating fear. I believe that the victimization makes me a survivor instead of a victim. Let's do activism and fun social things between monthly meetings. There is strength/change in exposure and public education. Let's do it!
South Carolina
  For more information, you may contact
  Gail -

An Announcement To The Whole World By Chinese Victims
Of Electronic And Psychotronic Weapons

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