Great teachers never give up on disruptive students.
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Never before have teachers encountered more disruptive and unmotivated students. Over twenty years ago, research was suggesting that many classroom educators were spending as much as 60% of each class period dealing with behavioral issues rather than teaching curriculum. By many accounts the time spent dealing with problems has dramatically increased since that time.
Burn-out among educators has reached epic proportions.
If you had a year where you spent most of your time herding cats… and trying to avoid being eaten by a few lions… join us June 25-27 for a conference dedicated to helping classroom teachers get back to teaching and enjoying their students.
One of the techniques we'll discuss involves preserving a calm learning environment when nothing appears to be working with a disruptive student or students.
Sometimes some students need to be someplace else… temporarily… so the teacher can teach and the students who are ready to learn can learn.
While the Love and Logic approach is mostly about building positive relationships and preventing disruptions, classroom educators also need a strategy for maintaining a calm learning environment when preventative strategies don't work. We call this strategy Short-Term Recovery. Here are some high points:
   Disruptive students have an opportunity to calm down where they won’t create problems for anyone else.
   Teachers are not burdened with providing consequences or counseling to the student.
   The student is allowed to return to class as soon as they can do so without creating any problems.
   The students who are ready to learn can do so.
   All of this is done with great empathy and with the goal of preserving everyone’s dignity.
Great teachers never give up on disruptive students. Nevertheless, they understand that they cannot allow such students to interfere with the rights of the group.
Last year nearly 700 people experienced this conference. Don't miss out this year!
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