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Happy New Year 2018!
   our very best wishes to all our customers..
Valentines Day
not far away...
Valentine's Day is only weeks away.
In the Floral Design Studio our Floral Designers are gearing up for this, one of  the  busiest days of the year. Start planning now to make this the most special  Valentine's Day ever for your sweetheart.
Pre-Order Special!
Get your orders in between now and February 4th
and get a  15% discount
on floral arrangements and bouquets.
Not valid for delivery fees or non floral items
Our designers create original, one-of-a-kind bouquets and floral arrangements to  your specifications. For a photo gallery of our designs visit  
 Send the classic dozen (or two dozen) red roses, a small sweetheart  arrangement or make a statement with one of our large spectacular creations.
 Call 310-379-3634 and pre-order your arrangement. We deliver!
In the Language of Flowers red roses symbolize true love, and pink roses  symbolize perfect happiness. Red and white roses together symbolize unity.    Roses in general signify beauty and love. 
Liven Up Your Winter Garden
For most of us, thoughts of winter conjure visions of landscapes void of color, filled with the bare limbs of deciduous trees and semi-dormant shrubs. We also think winter is the time to relax about landscaping. While this may be true in the east, winter is actually a very important time for most Southern California landscapes and is the perfect time to add unique combinations and varieties to your garden. In the west there is no excuse for a drab winter landscape. In fact, many plant varieties are at their best this time of year, and they can enhance winter landscapes with beautiful textures and color. Our favorite plants for Winter here at Deep Roots are Australian, South African and New Zealand natives. They are perfectly adapted to our climate and soil, are drought tolerant once established and and are easy to grow. As they are from the Southern Hemisphere they are blooming now and are looking their best.
Fremontodendron: Fremontodendron californicum, or California Flannelbush is one of the most spectacular of the native California shrubs. It is a fast growing evergreen shrub with fuzzy, flannel-like leaves and abundant, large yellow blossoms that bloom in the spring. Under ideal conditions, it can reach 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide in five years. Planting in a sunny spot, in well-draining sandy soil. Needs little watering once established.
Leucadendrons – Also called Cone Bush or Cone Flower. Native to South Africa and part of the Proteaceae group of plants, Leucadendrons are a large group of evergreen trees and shrubs that have beautiful winter foliage ranging from silver-gray to dark red with brightly colored bracts that are used as cut flowers by florists. Some bracts when fully open look like flowers.
Each year more and more varieites become available. Many have beautifully colored stems with different colored leaves. They are large plants - some grow to a height of 6 or 7 feet and 5ft wide and so are suitable for growing at the back of the flower bed. Smaller varieties are also available. Grow them in full sun to part shade. They make a dramatic and beautiful year round addition to any drought tolerant garden.
Grevillea  The ultimate Hummingdird plant! Ranging from small shrubs to large trees, grevilleas are evergreen plants with needle-like narrow leaves or ferny pinnate foliage, usually in whorls around the stems. The flowers, which are fragrant in some species, are arranged in three basic forms: spider-like, toothbrush-like, and large brushes. Their flower heads, which open at varying times, are composed of many small flowers, usually in shades of yellow, orange, or red. Some varieties flower all winter long. Plant grevilleas in a sunny position with light, gritty, free-draining soil that is low in phosphates. Although drought tolerant once established, they flower more freely and the foliage is healthier for occasional deep watering. Needs no fertilizers. These plants are guaranteed to attract Hummingbirds into your garden with an abundant non-stop supply of nectar rich flowers.
Protea:  We have a large selection of premium pin cushion Proteas in stock right now. Native to South Africa and Australia, Proteas thrive in full sun and extremely well-drained soil.  Protea flowers come in large clusters surrounded by bright, spiky bracts that make for a very unusual and striking appearance. The flowers can be easily dried for flower arrangements. 
Ceanothus: California Lilacs, or Ceanothus, are some of our most fragrant and colorful shrubs here in California. They are evergreen and very drought tolerant once established. There are many different varieties and many different shapes and sizes so make sure you buy the correct variety for your garden. Flower color varies from white through pale blue, to deep blue. They make excellent hedges.
Manzanita: This is a large group of handsome, drought tolerant plants for those areas in the garden where nothing seems to grow. The ground cover varieties are useful to help prevent soil erosion. In stock we have the ground cover varieties Emerald Carpet and Point Reyes, and the large shrub Louis Edmonds in 1 gallon and 5 gallon.
We also have many fruiting plants including Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, citrus, stone fruits, blueberries and more. Now is the ideal time to plant these varieties.
Our Landscape Services
Our landscape department is at your service... We  can design your garden
from scratch or re-plant part of an existing garden as desired... We provide
on-site consulting, design and installation. We provide a diagnostic service with recommendations for problem areas, we prune small trees and shrubs, and do back yard clear out of overgrown areas and garden rejuvenation. We will modify existing sprinklers or design the entire sprinkler system.
Your satisfaction guaranteed
For more information or to schedule a consultation call 310-376-0567
or e-mail our landscape designers at
In the Garden Center
We have a huge selection of new pottery with older pottery being put on clearance. 
We have expanded our lines of nutrients, soils and tools. Coming soon,
indoor growing equipment including hydroponic systems, lights and more.
Deep Roots Garden Center & Floral Design Studio
Winter Hours:
9am - 5pm daily
Florist Hours:
9am - 4pm Mon thru Sat
201-207 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Beach,
CA 90266
Garden Center: 310-376-0567
Flower Shop: 310-379-3634
Discount Coupon!
In store purchase only, cannot be combined with other offers
Planning for The Future..
Now is the time to plant a succulent heart for Valentines Day.
 Build your own heart form with a wire frame and moss. Soak the heart, then poke a hole with a pen at each place you want to plant a succulent cutting.
Lay the wreath flat for the first week (to encourage rooting), then hang where it will receive filtered light. Water the wreath at least once week... more if it is bright sunlight.
Give your beloved a unique floral arrangement for Valentines Day

Whether it be dramatic roses and orchids...

or jewel colored lilies and hydrangeas.

Romantic and delicate...

pastels....  ...whimsical.... ....or traditional call us at 310-379-3634 and let us create your custom arrangement or hand-tied bouquet. 

Order on or before 4th February and get a 15% early order discount.
CSA Vegetable Boxes
After a hiatus during a change of management , CSA boxes are back up and running.
    Community Supported Agriculture organic vegetable boxes are provided by the South Central Farmers Cooperative and are delivered to Deep Roots Garden Center every Wednesday around 2pm. We store them in our large flower cooler until closing time the following day. Customers may order a box every week, every two weeks, every month or simply when you feel like one. The boxes come in two sizes, regular and small. The regular boxes contain enough seasonal vegetables to feed a family of four for a week or a single/couple for two weeks. Payment is in advance - please place your order by noon on Mondays. Why not come in and order a box? Or you can phone 310-376-0567.  At $22 for a regular box or $17 for a small one it is great value for the money.
Did you know?
The South Coast Botanic Garden is a 35 hectare garden in the Palos Verdes Hills, in Palos Verdes, about 16 km south of LAX.
   Did you know: Unique from the start, South Coast Botanic Garden is one of the world’s first botanical gardens to be developed over a sanitary landfill. The Garden is a masterpiece of creative land reclamation and environment improvement for all to share. It is a living testimonial to the fact that land reclamation not only offers a practical solution to refuse disposal problems, but also beautifies and improves land values at the same time.
   The Garden has become a beautiful and restorative urban oasis among the hustle and bustle of a major mega-metropolitan area. It is bursting with color and varied plant and wildlife, the grounds are a spectacular sight. The Garden has much to offer: members have access to 14 Clubs and Societies to become informed about specific plant varieties, i.e. roses, cactus, geraniums, etc. At least twelve flower shows are hosted for the members and public annually. Lectures, classes, concerts and weddings fill the calendar seven days a week. All of this make South Coast Botanic Garden a year-round attraction and an “Inspiration Site” for garden ideas. It is a fabulous place to take children on a hike and to see if they can spot the many varieties of wildlife that live there. 
Address: 26300 Crenshaw Blvd, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274 Phone: (310) 544-1948

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