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CEO Update
New York State ePCR Upgrade
On Wednesday, I participated in a conference call with leadership from the Western New York EMS program agencies and Peter Brodie, the NYS DOH EMS Data Coordinator. This was the first of several planned calls to discuss the process of upgrading the New York State ePCR system. When the system is fully upgraded, ePCRs will automatically be integrated into one of three Super Regions across the state. Data from agencies in our area will integrate into the Western New York Super Region. Data from the Super Regions will then automatically integrate into an updated statewide system. Integrating and upgrading statewide data collection will mean that we can more effectively use EMS data to improve patient care. I look forward to working with the team to ensure the success of the project, which is made possible by the NYS Coverdell Grant.
OD Map App
Our Southern Tier Overdose Prevention Program (STOPP) and STEMS program have been working with the NY/NJ High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program to explore the possibility of using the ODMap app. ODMap was designed by the Washington/Baltimore HIDTA to gather real-time data about opioid overdoses. Law enforcement or EMS providers can enter data into the system through a simple process that only takes a few seconds. Basic information about the overdose is automatically uploaded and mapped. This data can help EMS and law enforcement identify and monitor trends in overdoses. The app will also send a warning when a spike of overdoses occurs in the area, allowing providers, law enforcement and public health officials to respond rapidly. Ultimately, the data collected through the ODMap app will help justify the need for resources like continued access to Narcan and additional substance abuse treatment facilities in the region. We also hope this app will reduce the amount of paperwork our providers need to complete after an overdose, while still providing us with valuable data. Currently, in addition to completing a PCR, EMS providers also complete a Narcan Use Form that collects information on the overdose. Switching to this free app will mean that providers won’t have to complete the Narcan Use Form anymore. 
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