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The Sikeston City Council will meet at 11:30 A.M., Monday, February 26 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 105 E. Center Street.  This meeting is open to the public.  To view this meetings agenda and Council packet, go online to Council Agendas & Packets.               
Council Agenda Items
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February Meetings
Compost Site Schedule 
Recycling Program Schedule 
Council Agenda Items
Amendment to Sonny's Solid Waste Contract
In 2017, the City entered into a contract with Sonny’s Solid Waste for residential solid waste pickup. As part of that contract, Sonny’s implemented automated pickup with standardized containers (known as toters). The implementation of standardized toters required a substantial investment by Sonny’s, in both new toters and new trucks to pick up and empty the toters. Implementation of the toters, which are each coded to a specific water meter number, has also made it more apparent to Sonny’s which residences have active accounts, are occupied, and are paying or behind in payments on their BMU accounts (residential solid waste charges are billed through the BMU, remitted to the City, then remitted to Sonny’s).
Although allowing Sonny’s to pull the toters of overdue customers would help compel some to pay, and would limit the amount of exposure Sonny’s has to non-payment, there would also be negative consequences. BMU would have to submit monthly non-payment reports to Sonny’s and would have to stop and restart solid waste billing frequently. Assuming that some toters will be pulled where a residence is still occupied, trash will still be produced and disposed of – whether that’s in a neighbor’s toter, a ditch or alley, or a commercial dumpster in a park or at a business. Code Enforcement can attempt to identify the owners of illegally dumped trash from the contents thereof and charge them. However, many times this may not be possible.
To accommodate the suggested change (to allow Sonny’s to pull the toter after a certain period of non-payment), this is the actual contract language that would need to be changed:
During the term of this agreement the Contractor shall, no less frequently than twice weekly, remove from each occupied dwelling unit, excepting those defined as "Commercial Units" herein, within the City all garbage and solid waste, with the following limitations and restrictions… [emphasis added]
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets 

Resolution 18-02-01, Establishing a Public Hearing on Annexation of City Owned Property
The City of Sikeston has two (2) tracts of property that they would like to have annexed into  the City of Sikeston.  A public hearing must be conducted concerning the proposed annexation and a notice of this hearing must be published in one newspaper at least seven (7) days before the hearing date.  A tentative date for the hearing has been set for March 26th, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. 
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Authorization for City Manager to Execute Lease with Bucheit Logistics, Inc.
The City-owned Essex Building is currently vacant. Bucheit Logistics, Inc. would like to lease the north building (approximately 5,000 square feet formerly occupied by Taskmaster) with the following terms:
  • 5 year lease from March 1, 2018-February 28, 2023
  • $3,000/month
  • Utilities will be paid by tenant
  • Bucheit will maintain first right of refusal on lease of the south building
  • City will perform some minor repairs to the roof and dock doors
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets 

Authorization to Purchase Fire Fighting Foam
In September of 2017, the Sikeston Department of Public Safety responded to a tanker truck overturned on I-55, spilling Ethanol onto the ground. The tanker truck’s insurance company was billed for the cost of the foam used to clean up the spill.  The City of Sikeston received reimbursement from the insurance company in the amount of $27,647, which covered the cost of foam, fuel and personnel.
To replace the foam that was used, staff is seeking Council’s approval to purchase 62 five gallon buckets of AR-AFFF foam from Sentinel Emergency Solutions out of Arnold, MO. Including shipping, the total cost is $14,055.90.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Authorization to Purchase Digital Voice Pagers
The City of Sikeston received an AFG Grant for 24 digital voce pagers for $14,261 with a local match of $751. 
Sealed bids were solicited with only one company submitting a bid, Bigham Wireless Consulting, LLC of Macon, MO in the amount of $15,012.  The local match required from the City of Sikeston is $751.  Staff seeks approval to purchase the digital voice pagers.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Award Bid #18-09, CY-18 Street Improvement Program
On February 6, 2018 the city received two (2) bids for the milling and resurfacing of Salcedo Road between North Main Street and Columbine; milling and resurfacing of Airport Boulevard; and street replacement of the 200 block of Daniel Street. We requested that each vendor provide an Alternate bid (#1) for North West Street and (#2) Taylor Street.
This work is part of the routine CY-18 Street improvement Program and will be completed before the start of the next school year, with funding appropriated through the Transportation Sales Tax Fund.
Apex Paving of Cape Girardeau, Missouri submitted a low bid with a price of $206, 318.60 for the base bid; Alternate #1 bid price of $255,183.40; and Alternate #2 bid price of $273, 168.30. Our internal estimate for construction for the project was $175,727.00. A drainage improvement on Pine Street was included with the base bid pricing; however, we are no longer pursuing that as part of this project which should remove a cost of approximately $30,000.00.  At this time we ask that Council award the bid to Apex Paving Company.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Scott County Flood Plain Project
The City has been working with Allgeier Martin Engineers to finalize new proposed floodplain maps for the Scott County portion of Sikeston. We would like to propose moving the 11:30 a.m. March 26 City Council meeting to 5:30 p.m. at the Clinton Building, and holding an open house for the public to review the new proposed maps from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., immediately before the Council meeting.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Executive Session
Personnel (RSMo 610.021(3))
Security (RSMo 610 021(19)) - Disclosure would impair the public governmental body's ability to protect the security and safety of persons or real property, and that he public interest in nondisclosure outweighs the public interest in disclosure of the records.
Upcoming Events & Festivals
Events & Festivals 
February 1-27:  Annual Bootheel Regional Judged Photography Show held at the Sikeston Depot Museum, 116 W. Malone.  Open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 AM - 4 PM.
February 6-27:  Black History Month Display by Daughters of Sunset at the Sikeston Depot Museum, 116 W. Malone.  Open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 AM - 4 PM.
For additional events throughout the year, click here.
Upcoming Meetings & Announcements
February Meetings
Meeting dates & times are subject to change.  Changes will be posted on Sikeston Facebook. 
Special City Council meeting will be held February 26 at 11:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 105 E. Center St.
Council agendas, packets and minutes can be viewed by clicking here.
Optional Curbside Recycling Now Available:

Sonny's Solid Waste is now offering optional curb-side recycling in Sikeston!  For $8/month, Sonny's will provide you with a green recycling toter and will pick up one per month.  Drop off recycling will still be available as well.  Please call Sonny's at 573-471-2869 with questions or to sign up for this service.
Daylight Savings Time Begins
Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 11.  Set your clocks forward one hour Saturday night before going to bed.  Also, don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.
Liberty Utilities Gas Rate Public Hearing
The Missouri Public Service Commission will hold a public hearing on the gas rate case filed by Liberty Utilities on Monday, March 26 at noon at Sikeston City Hall, 105 E. Center St.  in the Council Chambers.  According to Liberty Utilities, the proposed rate increase for residential customers in the Southeast District is $14.09 a month.
Good Friday - City Offices Open
Good Friday is Friday, March 30.  All City offices will be open.
Compost Site & Recycling Program
Compost Site Schedule 
The City Compost is a public service for Sikeston residents to provide a place to discard garden and yard waste.  Residents enter the front gate and check in with a Public Works employee.  Proof of residency (drivers license) must be provided at this time.  The resident will then be directed to a designated area for the items to be discarded.  Unloading is the responsibility of the resident.  If plastic bags are used, the bags must be emptied then discarded in the available dumpsters as they exit the Compost Site.
In conjunction with the Compost Site, Sonny's Solid Waste will furnish a 20-yard recycling box where recycling materials can be dropped off.  Recycling materials can be dropped off during normal Compost hours.  Recycling materials that will accepted are listed below.
Compress Road (1 block west of Northwest Street)
Compost Materials Accepted: 
1.  Tree branches & limbs (no more than 6" in diameter)
2.  Bushes
3.  Leaves
4.  Grass Clippings
5.  Tires are also being taken during regular compost dates.  We have set a limit of 8 tires per compost day and should be no longer than 18" and off the rim
Recycling Materials Accepted:
1.  Corrugated cardboard, gray board/chipboard, including soda, cereal and frozen pizza boxes
2.  Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail and paper
3.  Household plastic containers (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
4.  Plastic shopping bags (#2) and newspaper sleeves (#4)
Upcoming Schedule:
March 3
March 17
April 4
April 28
For the complete Compost Site schedule, click here.
Recycling Program Schedule 
Sonny's Solid Waste Recycling Center, located at 451 Smith St., has expanded their days and hours for recycling drop offs.  In addition to their normal Wednesday hours of noon-5:00 p.m., they will adding two Saturdays per month, open from 8 a.m. to noon.  While every effort will be made to follow this schedule, dates and times may be changed without notice due to bad weather.
Saturday Recycling Dates at Sonny's Solid Waste Recycling Center (451 Smith St.)
March 10
March 24
April 7
April 21
For a complete list of acceptable items and their additional recycling dates, click here.
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