Power Signs & Power Animal Healings
with LiZhen Yoloxochitl Atl Wang
& Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Sunday, May 20th * 11:00 - 5:00 pm
Last Date to Register is May 14th
Come join us for a experimental workshop working with Astrologic Power signs and Power Animals.
Astrology is a guide. It is a roadmap nudging us toward our own wisdom and helping us evolve into our life purpose.
Just like an animal totem, or a beloved ancestor, the planets speak to us. They can help us work with what’s difficult and teach us how to evolve. They can also help us see our own greatness and show us how to develop our gifts and share them.
In this workshop, you will learn about your Sun and Moon and how the zodiac can guide you in living out your life purpose.
To cultivate a relationship with the Sun and the Moon is to develop a relationship with two of your strongest advocates on the medicine path. After exploring our sun and moon signs, we will then journey to meet our power animals for further support and guidance.
Astrology is a truth medicine, and it can give us a dose of inspiration and direction whenever we lose our way. Just remember to listen.
We will also be channeling a power animal to co-join our power sign.  Irma will guide you on a shamanic journey to tune into opening that portal.  She will also be journeying and channeling for each individual to "see" what power animal surrounds their aura and Spirit.  Afterwards working on the empowerment of shapeshifting into that animal/animals to do inner healing work for each individual.
Early Bird Special register before April 30th $88 thereafter $111
To Register email shamanicfirereiki@gmail.com
Last Date to Register is May 14th
About LiZhen Yoloxochitl Atl Wang:
LiZhen is a stargazer and ocean lover. Knowing that Spirit speaks in many voices, LiZhen listens through many traditions: astrology, shamanic medicine, Buddhism, and more.
As an astrologer, LiZhen has been studying planetary charts for 10 years. She initiated into the Medicine Path under the guidance of Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman. LiZhen also serves as the Network Director of Buddhist Peace Fellowship.
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