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March  2018
Peace, positivity and blessings!  I hope that this note finds you well.  March is an active month with Lent, the Spring Equinox and a Mercury Retrograde.  As the sunlight increases, we grow hopeful and optimistic.  All things are possible!
Whenever we are gifted with “new” energy such as a new moon or a new season, there is an opportunity to begin again.  We can re-design and re-align our lives with our best intentions.
On January 31st, I began a 40 day Sadhana (spiritual practice) with a 31-minute mantra meditation. Usually, I practice mantra at dawn silently vibrating the sounds within my Being.  For some reason, I am doing this practice as the sun is setting and singing it aloud.
I have practiced mantra meditation daily for over 15 years.  My life changed after I studied the teachings of Thomas Ashley-Farrand.  Sanskrit is the language of energy and Sanskrit mantra empowers an attunement with vibrational frequencies holding the energy of specific intentions.  There are times when I have a specific intention and adopt a mantra that activates that frequency.  There are other mantras that I practice as part of my daily spiritual discipline like the Tibetan mantra that empowers my intention to know and live my highest Truth. 
I was not sure why I was called to do this 40 day Sadhana.  However, now that I am 32 days in, I know that I will continue this practice throughout spring because I can feel a deep shift occurring.
For myself, and many others, a deep shift is needed.  I wrote earlier this year that 2018 promises to be an intense year.  We will find, personally and globally, that many of the issues that need to be addressed will intensify this year. It is important to create new ways to transform and/or transcend that challenges that are emerging in our lives and in the world.
In direct response to this, and at your request, I am offering a new gathering.  It is intended to create a spiritual community for us to revision our lives and our world.  It is an opportunity to be witnessed and to connect.  The details are posted below.
To you, I offer my sincere belief that all things are possible when we are willing to bring forth our highest and best.  In a world facing so many challenges, we need to bring forth the Wisdom Within.  We need to shine our light and transform ignorance, greed and fear.  Our hope brings hope. Our peace brings peace to the world.  Our Wisdom brings Wisdom.
Praying Hope, Peace & Wisdom now and always…  ~Robin
Personal Consultations
Sacred Wisdom Circle
It is my intention to inspire and empower the actualization of your greatest good by utilizing spiritual insight, intuitive perception, energy medicine, guided meditation, shamanic practice and modern mysticism
By appointment only.  
Telephone or Text
Sacred Wisdom Circle
Date & Time ~ Saturday, March 7th from 2pm to 4pm
Location ~ Sanctuary Yoga in Kalamazoo
This is an invitation to join with those who are choosing to live more conscious, meaningful and spiritual lives.
The purpose...
 We will gather for the purpose of blessing ourselves, our individual intentions, our communal intentions and our world.
 The Benefits...
A space where your most authentic self is welcomed.
A spiritually conscious and supportive community.
An opportunity to practice spiritual disciplines to include guided meditation, affirmative prayer, sacred ceremony, and energy medicine that support your sacred self.
Be the change that you want to see in the world.
The Dedication...
A commitment to creating space in your life for spiritual work and community. 
Love Offering Welcomed with Gratitude
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Rev. Robin Whitaker  |  3217 Greenleaf Blvd.  |  Kalamazoo, MI 49008  |

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