Empowered Woman Newsletter
March 2018
Thomas Haller, Alisa Divine and Katrina Jackson
By Alisa Divine
In celebration of women's history month this March, I propose that we each choose a way to honor what the women who've gone before us worked so diligently to achieve. You may be wondering what that could be, what can you offer as an individual to further the contributions, leadership and achievements of women. What if you can contribute through a choice in your daily life? What if it is that simple, what would you do?
My husband asked me, "Did you have a nice day?" I was deep in thought contemplating what to write for Women’s History Month.  Without giving his question much thought I quickly responded, "It was busy but there were several significant moments." As I heard my own words I realized what to write about. The contributions many women have made were not necessarily through huge movements. What started as a choice in a single moment became a significant moment later.
Hellen Keller's mother, Katherine Adams Keller was told her daughter should be institutionalized. Katherine chose to believe otherwise. She searched and looked for inspiration on who could help her daughter and she found it. Sally Ride, saw an ad in the student newspaper inviting women to apply for the astronaut program. She chose to apply and became the first American woman to fly in space. Susan B. Anthony felt a need to campaign against the production and sale of alcohol and was refused speaking rights at a convention. A significant moment, seemingly negative, that inspired her to make a change. She decided to give speeches around the country in support for women's right to vote. There was a moment, when Rosa Parks chose not to give up her seat because a white man was standing up on the bus. Our history has been forever altered through these small but significant moments.
Each of us has the power today and tomorrow and in everyday moving forward to choose or decide. Choose persistence, choose to stand up for something you believe in, decide to be in the moment, decide to create a vision of what the world can be and take one step in that direction - in one moment of one day and feel the significance.
Here is a list of ways you can create your own celebration of Women's History Month:
  • Invite a woman or a few to lunch and honor each other's achievements
  • Find a younger woman or girl and mentor her
  • Spend time on yourself, choose something that will level you up
  • Make a list of traits you admire about women who’ve gone before you
  • Choose a family tradition and pass it down to your daughter/granddaughter(s)
  • Stand up for something you feel strongly about, in a moment
  • Create a playlist of songs with "women power" and listen to it
  • Lift another woman up - tell her you admire who she is and what she is doing
  • Notice a need somewhere, choose one action that assists that need
  • Reach out to your local women's shelter and ask how you can be most helpful today
Thomas Haller
Alisa Divine
Katrina Jackson
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"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any."
~ Alice Walker
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