SFR with Open Arms Welcomes Back Our Beloved
Mama Susana G. Tapia León
As Healing Medicine
Sat. March 24 * 11 am - 5pm
The calling of the drum invites the voice to respond, listen
and move the body according to the rhythms long imprinted in the memory of life. An opportunity so needed in our busy lives, as a way to remember how the voice works as a constant expression of our hearts.
. A TIME TO CONTEMPLATE: Great medicine for self-care and wellbeing. 
. BREATH AS THE SOURCE FOR SOUND: Opening the avenues of
. OUR EMOTIONAL CENTER: Magnetic Fields of the Heart.
. BENEFITS OF SOUND AND CONTACT: Use of hands and voice in healing.
. A TIME FOR GRATITUDE. Drum journey
To Register email Irma at
Cost: $90
Location will be given to registrants 
About Susana Guadalupe Tapia León:
Susana Guadalupe Tapia León is a Grand Mama (Achic Mama) from the Ecuadorian Highlands. She is a Holistic facilitator, artist and musician who specializes in Sound Healing and Voice Expression Therapy.
She has studied and practiced with traditional and contemporary medicine for over three decades and carries these teachings throughout the Americas. Her "Voyage to the Self" CD is available to be purchased. Susana has been a teacher, mentor, sister, friend to both Judith and Irma and continues to teach in NYC and holds many special sound medicine events.
Susana can be reached for private sessions at:
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Shamanicfirereiki  •  P.O. Box 701354  •  East Elmhurst, NY 11370

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