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April 2018
 Hello All!
it is the time of year when many of us are planning our future travel and volunteering. 
A well researched volunteer trip can be a very fulfilling experience.  For me, the greatest satisfaction has been the friends I have made.  It is exciting and rewarding to share one's time and culture on a mutually beneficial project.  Working together we find that no matter where we live, what we do, what we wear or what are our religious beliefs, most of humanity shares the same desires:  to live in security with our families and friends, a decent place to live, an income to support our families,  and the ability to provide an education and better life for our children. To be able to share these thoughts and desires, and to help fulfill them, is the great reward of volunteering.
This newsletter has articles that provide some important information.  Included are ideas about how to research and find a rewarding volunteer trip, how to choose a program that best suits your interests and how to combine both ethical and sustainable travel in your experience.  There is also information about volunteer medical missions and volunteering on a rhinoceros reserve in Zimbabwe!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for content in future newsletters.
Happy Volunteering!
John Dwyer
Over 50 and Overseas
A Beginners Guide to Voluntourism

 Ken Budd, in National Geographic's Intelligent Travel, wrote an excellent guide on how to prepare for fulfilling voluntourism.  Written in 2015, the information is current and useful.
Beginners Guide
How to be an Ethical Traveller

 Ethical and sustainable travelling must be a part of international volunteering.  This article, from the New Zealand publication, Stuff, offers some excellent suggestions on how to combine the three concepts.
Ethical Traveller
How to Explore the World and Give Back at the Same Time

The mission of Discover Corps s "to inspire travelers to become advocates of our planet's natural wonders, cultural treasures, and local communities". The average age of their travelers is 50 of which 73% are female and 27% male.  Is this AARP article ,writer Kim Ferraro, discusses Discover Corps and volunteer vacations.
Give Back
 Discover Corps
Leisure Travel with an Eye On Giving Back

 This New York Times article, by Jhivani Bora,  describes the Vacation Project organization.  Vacation Project offers one week long, small group trips to Costa Rica, Morocco, and Nicaragua.  The trips include two to three days of "charity work" in collaboration with a local non-profit.
Giving Back.
NY Times - Charlotte Bergin
Where to Go - and make a difference

Writer Harriet Manley, in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle,  discusses how to choose voluntourism programs that are helpful and have a positive impact on the communities served. Included in her article is the contact information for organizations that offer trips that make a difference.
Make a Difference
The International Rhino Foundation

Author Ed Warner, on the environmental website Monga Bay, relates his experiences volunteering for the Zimbabwe Lowveld Rhino Program.  
How Nurses Can Get Involved with Medical Mission Trips

 I have had many requests from nurses who are interested in volunteering   Kathleen Colduvel, RN, BSN, BA, CPC, on, has written about medical missions and provides information about four organizations that are seeking medical missionaries.
Medical Mission Trips
Volunteering Organizations and Opportunities
Fathom Volunteer Cruises
All Hands
Biosphere Expeditions
Conservation Volunteers International Program
Doctors Without Borders
Global Volunteers
Go Eco
Projects Abroad
Volunteering Solutions
For more volunteer organization information visit Volunteer Opportunities
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