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  April 2018
Spring Greetings!
How lovely to have a new season.  It doesn't matter how slowly it unfolds. Spring is here. 
Nature speaks to me.  I am enjoying a deep connection to the natural world. The trees have had such happy and mischievous energy. They obviously needed this delayed spring in order to have more time to rest and renew. Perhaps this is wisdom for us all.
Nature offers a calm in the storm of life. I can feel my roots connecting to the Ancestors of my DNA, the Earth and Nature.  When we connect to the Earth, we are empowered to ground our energy in the fertile soil of our past, present and future. 
As Beings of Spirit, our souls have shared in the journey of this Earth through the complexity of our DNA. Shamanic practice, and many Energy Practices, guide us to own this connection for our health, wellness and the ability to manifest. 
The separation from Earth is harmful to our health. It is hard to comprehend that humanity considers it appropriate to poison the Earth when our future depends upon clean water, fertile soil, breathable air and pure energy. 
The human Soul bears the consequence of our Earth relationship. We are meant to use this life to expand our conscious awareness and consideration of the sacred interconnection of all life and its many forms.
May this spring increase your connection to nature.  May it awaken an innate wisdom within. May it bring health, wellness and many bountiful blessings....  ~Robin
Personal Consultations
Message Circle
It is my intention to inspire and empower the actualization of your greatest good by utilizing spiritual insight, intuitive perception, energy medicine, guided meditation, shamanic practice and modern mysticism
By appointment only.  
Telephone or Text
Message Circle
Date & Time:  Saturday, April 21st from 1pm to 3pm
Location:  Sanctuary Yoga in Kalamazoo
It is my honor to share spiritual insights and transformational energy from your sacred soul, the Ancestors of your Spirit, your Soul, the Earth and your DNA and the Luminous Ones supporting our journey at this time
This is an invitation for you to awaken and expand into the energetic vibration of your Soul; to the wisdom and healing of your Spiritual Supporters; and to open to the expansive potential that the Infinite holds for you.

It is an opportunity to move beyond the old paradigms of fate and prophecy and to explore the positive possibilities that will empower you to more consciously choose what is of your deepest truth and highest good.

Space is limited. Please let me know if you are going to attend. 

Investment: $30

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Rev. Robin Whitaker  |  3217 Greenleaf Blvd.  |  Kalamazoo, MI 49008  |

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