(and Veteran Educators too)
New teachers leave the classroom after the first year at a rate of 8 percent every year and 17 percent leave their job within five years.

Why are so many new teachers leaving to work in a different profession?

For a variety of reason from low income, poor workplace conditions, no voice on policy, to lack of preparation.

Did you catch that last one, lack of preparation?
Did you know that teachers who are well prepared in classroom management have a two times LOWER rate of leaving the classroom in the first five years than those who are not fully prepared?
Wow, that’s HUGE! A two times lower rate!
We can do something about that.
And so we have.

A 3 Day Intensive Training for
New Teachers
(Veteran Educators can also attend to brush up on their verbal skills and classroom management.)
Begin the school year with new verbal skills that will give you a vital edge in your classroom.

Learn communication strategies that will reduce power struggles and incidents of learned helplessness.

Develop the skills necessary to help your students assume increasing amounts of personal responsibility for their school lives.

Use verbal skills necessary to respond effectively to the everyday stresses and challenges of being a professional educator.

Come away with a plethora of strategies to enable you to walk confidently into your classroom knowing you have the Teacher Talk Advantage.
Only Skill Saves
The Truth is only skill saves. If you are boating on a lake and your craft springs a leak and begins to sink, you better be able to swim. Knowing the theory behind being able to swim or the history of swimming will not save you. Being able to recite a ton of research regarding swimming will not save you. Knowing memorable motivational quotes from famous swimmers will not save you. You either know how to swim or you don't. If you are skilled at swimming, you have a chance to make it to the shore. If you don’t know how to swim, you're going under. If you do not have the skill that this situation, this moment calls for, you are eventually going to sink.

Many educators, new and veteran, have not been taught the verbal skills necessary to deal with the everyday challenges and stresses of being a professional educator. They weren't taught verbal skills in college. Their mentor doesn't always possess them. As a result we lose a lot of these could-be-great young people in the first two years. Not being able to swim (verbally respond effectively) they go under. They simply sink out of site and out of the profession they were not equipped to master.

We feel for the young teachers and the veteran ones who are being subjected to situations that challenge them to come up with effective verbal responses. These are caring educators who simple lack the verbal skills necessary to make a leap from average to outstanding, nurturing, effective professionals. They have not received the proper training to prepare them for the incredibly important task of being an educator in these challenging times. They are uninformed, unskilled and unconscious about the most important and sacred job they will ever have in their lives. We believe if they knew better they would do better. You might share our belief.
Know Better to do Better
I want more teachers to know better so they can do better. My business partner and co-presenter, Katrina Jackson, wants more teachers to know better so they can do better. We expect you want to know better so you can do better.

We are prepared to help you learn the verbal skills that will enable you to do better. To learn verbal empowerment skills that will transform your teaching style dramatically. Yes, we want you to join us this summer.

We invite you to join us this summer in Bay City, MI for a life-changing training in the Teacher Talk Advantage.
The Benefit
From Taking the Teacher Talk Advantage Training you will learn:
  • Words that empower, uplift, and affirm.
  • Phrases that motivate and inspire.
  • Sentences that reduce power struggles and learned helplessness.
  • Ways of speaking that build relationship through the use of empathy, understanding, and mutual respect.
  • Verbal skills that teach personal responsibility.
  • Strategies to help students create purpose, mission, and direction in their lives.
  • Words that encourage students to become proficient at self-examination and self-evaluation.
  • Verbal skills necessary to help students make decisions and find their own solutions.
  • A style of communication that deals with teaching concepts that help students learn how to become successful human beings.
The Facts
The Teacher Talk Advantage Training

General Information:

June 20 - 22, 2018

Bay City Central High School
1624 Columbus Ave.
Bay City, MI 48708

$350 includes Workbook, The Teacher Talk Advantage hard cover book, The Only Three Discipline Strategies soft cover book, Training Sessions, and educational videos for later review.
The Materials
Included with Training:
$ 350.00 -- 3-day Seminar and Participant Packet
$ 150.00 -- Teacher Workbook
$ 40.00 -- Videos used during the training for download
$ 25.00 -- Teacher Talk Advantage book 
$ 15.00 – Only Three Discipline Strategies book
Priceless -- Graduation Certificate
$580.00 -- Total Value

$350.00 -- Price to Participants

Early Bird Special of $295.00 when you register by midnight on June 10th.
Reserve Your Spot
Space is limited. Register today.

Make a difference in the lives of students in your school classroom.
Strengthen your teaching effectiveness and be better prepared to deal with the everyday challenges and stresses of being a professional educator.
Gain the verbal skill necessary to motivate, inspire, uplift and affirm their students.

If you're a new teacher who has entered the educational profession within the last five years then our dynamic three-day training seminar in The Teacher Talk Advantage is definitely for you!
If you're a veteran teacher who's ready for more strategies in managing classroom behavior then The Teacher Talk Advantage training seminar is where you want to be this summer!

Thank You.

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