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APRIL 2018

> Introducing our Newest Team Member, Veronica Woodlief-Krapf
> Two Opportunities to Heal from Wherever You Are, this Saturday 4/28
> From Chaos to Calm: How to Stay Stable in a World of Turmoil
> Dream Opportunity For You or Someone You Know
> Upcoming Events and Expos: Save these Dates & Register Now

Introducing Veronica, our Newest Team Member

VeronicaPlease join us in welcoming Veronica Woodlief-Krapf to the TWTB Team as Administrative & Media Coordinator.
Veronica’s many gifts and skills allow her to wear several hats at TWTB. She is focused on providing compassionate and well-organized client care, as well as social media outreach and other creative marketing endeavors for Team TWTB.
All of these skills and qualities make her a natural and welcome fit for our team! Veronica is also a Holistic Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Practitioner, and Intuitive Lifestyle Mentor. In her small business, Aquarian Intuitive, she guides others in learning to connect with their intuition and make positive, empowered changes in their lives.
When she’s not at TWTB, Veronica enjoys practicing yoga, stand-up paddleboarding, cooking delicious vegan food, making art, and spending time with her husband Matt and their dogs, Carter and Chase.
Register Now for THIS SATURDAY, 4/28
Two Opportunities to HEAL FROM HOME:

Don't miss these opportunities to HEAL from WHEREVER YOU ARE
on Saturday afternoon, April 28:
Medical Intuitive Remote Healing 1 | 2:00 - 2:30 p.m.
Release Headaches & Neck Pain/Tension, with Sue & Aaron Singleton
Headaches can come in many forms. This session will address those most commonly associated with the head and neck areas, including:

Tension Headaches - Feeling of tension in a tight band around the head; pain or tension in the neck; pain, pressure or throbbing anywhere in the head or neck.
Migraine, Common - Severe knife-like or throbbing pain, usually on just one side of the head; nausea, vomiting; sensitivity to light and sounds; dizziness, cold hands.
Migraine, Classic - Similar to the above, except it is preceded by warning signs, such as smelling strange odors, visual disturbances, numbness in the arms or legs, or hallucinations.
Sinus Headache - Nagging, constant forehead or nasal ache or pain; pain or pressure behind the eyes or in the cheeks; usually bi-lateral pain. Often accompanied by fever and discolored nasal mucous.
Medical Intuitive Remote Healing 2 | 2:30 - 3:00 p.m.
Anxiety & Post-Traumatic Stress - Healing Invisible Wounds

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is widely discussed regarding war, accident and violent crime victims, yet the effects in brain hard-wiring and body cellular memory can result from seemingly milder incidents, such as witnessing or hearing upsetting news, losing a pet or friend, and more.
Medical Intuitives and Healers Sue and Aaron Singleton work on Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) stemming from a wide range of factors, including: Shocking or traumatizing events, including war, violent crimes; Natural disasters; Repeated media coverage of events (such as 9/11, JFK Jr.'s plane crash, terrorism, etc.); Child abuse; Death of family/friends/pets; Bullying; Physical/emotional/sexual abuse; Past lives; In the womb; Birth; and throughout our lives which may not be considered in typical evaluation and treatment. We have all been exposed to events with the potential to produce PTS.
During this remote healing, we will transmit healing tools such as: BioMorphic Geometry, Rings of Oden, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and more, to help you heal.
Healing Opportunities on Sunday 5/6 in Cromwell, CT:
> Medical Intuitive Ultimate Group Healing Experiential
> From Chaos to Calm: How to Stay Stable in a World of Turmoil
> Experience an Energy Facelift with Sue and Aaron Singleton
**Register by 4/30 for discounted pricing and a special offer**
Medical Intuitive Ultimate Group Healing Experiential
with internationally renowned Medical Intuitives & Healers
Sue and Aaron Singleton
Sunday, May 6 | 9-11:30 a.m.
Aaron and Sue Singleton have the unique ability to adjust the spines and cranial bones of hundreds of people simultaneously, both in-person and remotely, as well as remove head traumas, detoxify the organs, calm the nerves, release trauma and pain, migraines, sinus issues, repair emotional hard-wiring in the brain, again for hundreds of people simultaneously.
This Group Healing provides an opportunity to ascertain and resolve the ROOT CAUSE(S) of imbalances in your musculo-skeletal system triggering headaches/migraines, back, neck, spinal and joint pain. Clear unhelpful emotional patterns that produce frustration, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, and much more! The Singletons will select some audience volunteers on whom they will provide medical intuitive insights. Experience the ease, joy and fun of healing...Everyone receives the group healing!
From Chaos to Calm: How to Stay Stable in a World of Turmoil
Sunday, May 6 |  1:00 - 3:30 p.m.
Many people are finding it difficult to stay centered and peaceful in these dramatic times of political and social unrest, as well as violent domestic and world events. Add to this, media saturation concerning illness and threats of pandemics, natural disasters, and more.
All of these can add to the stress of the constant juggling of work and home life for many. Even people well along their spiritual or consciousness journey now find themselves anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. Those who are sensitive to the ideas and emotions of other people are particularly vulnerable.
Join Medical Intuitives and Healers Aaron and Sue Singleton in this experiential workshop, which will help you find calm amidst the chaos. The tools and techniques in this workshop can help you navigate the rough terrain of our times; you may easily apply them in your daily life.
The tools and techniques you will learn include:
> Experience Thought-Field Clearing
Relax with Timeline Therapy
Practice Post-Traumatic Stress Relief with BioMorphic Geometry (BMG)
Receive Deep Limbic Region Brain Clearing
Learn to Embrace Your Emotions as Your Allies
Discover How Your Bio-Plasmic Field May Hold Unhelpful Information
Practice Releasing Judgment of Self and Others with BMG
Experience Brain Point Balancing
Receive Hologram Healing
Sense EOL Compression Techniques for Emotional Clearing
Learn Emotional Healing Algorithms
Relax with a NEW BMG Healing Vortex
Apply BMG to Attain Inner Peace
Acquire Techniques for Self-Protection in the Energy Realm
Understand How You Can Better "Arm" Yourself in a High Intensity Situation
Take Home Additional Techniques You Can Apply Anywhere

 Some of the Benefits of the "From Chaos to Calm" Workshop:
Overcome years of stress patterning
Clear your emotions and free your potential
Release symptoms caused by your stress or anxiety
Discover new tools for living in a chaotic world
Find out why you stress over things
Protect yourself from outside influences
Realize why emotions are not your enemies
You can learn to integrate your thoughts, feelings and emotions
Enhance your quality of life with new tools and techniques
Learn how to recover and maintain your sense of inner peace
Experience an Energy Facelift with Sue & Aaron Singleton
Sunday, May 6 |  3:30 - 4:00 p.m.

This opportunity is FREE for those attending BOTH the morning Medical Intuitive Group Healing Experiential, and the afternoon workshop, From Chaos to Calm.
Register/Pay by Monday, April 30 before 4:00 p.m. and SAVE up to $20!
(You'll get $10 off per event, or $20 off when you register for both events.)

Also, Register/Pay for BOTH the morning Medical Intuitive Group Healing and the afternoon workshop, and receive a FREE half-hour demonstration of an Energy Facelift with Sue and Aaron from 3:30 - 4:00 pm on Saturday, immediately following the From Chaos to Calm Workshop.
Dream Opportunity:  Support Position Working with the
Top Medical Intuitives & Healers in the U.S.

Are you, or is someone you know, interested in this unique opportunity?
The Way To Balance, LLC is currently seeking a part-time Client Care & Product
Fulfillment Assistant to work with co-founders Aaron and Sue Singleton. 

Our ideal candidate’s traits and skills include:
> Loves interacting with people in a compassionate and patient manner
> Embraces change and is flexible
> Enjoys learning and experiencing personal growth
> Appreciates working independently with minimal supervision and is self-motivated
> Is computer and technology knowledgeable and a fast learner
> Enjoys multi-tasking in an organized and efficient manner
> Is detail-oriented and focused on quality
> Expresses interest in, or knowledge of the holistic or alternative healing field
> Is inherently reliable and dependable
> Has a positive attitude and outlook
> Potential for full-time and/or other roles with demonstrated performance and growth

Summary of Responsibilities:
> Client Care: Answer telephone, check and respond to voicemail, greet clients, check out clients.
> Scheduling and File Management: Schedule appointments, make appointment reminder calls, pull client charts, update and file client charts.
> Product Inventory/Orders: Unpack and stock incoming inventory, pack and ship product orders.
> Receive and send postal mail and fulfill product orders.
> Hours: 15-20 hours weekly initially. Hours expected to expand within several months. Some schedule variation from time to time, depending on the Singletons’ conference and travel schedule.
> Occasional travel or weekend conferences (with compensation).

A Few of the Benefits:
> Being part of one of the region’s most respected holistic care centers with 25 years of success in helping many thousands regain their health and happiness.
> A supportive work environment that encourages personal growth.
> Free tuition/training for the Singletons’ various workshop and training topics, including intuitive enhancement and development, medical intuition, visionary acupressure, integrative energy and hands-on healing modality, spirituality and personal growth, BioMorphic Geometry, Ancient Egypt, and much more.
> Generous discounts on products and services at The Way To Balance Center.
If this sounds like you, or like someone you know, kindly email or fax your resume/cover letter, no phone calls please. FAX: 978-834-0343 EMAIL: Thank you!
Mark Your Calendar and Register Now:
NEW Expos & Upcoming Events

Please Visit our Training & Events Calendar for all Event Details and How to REGISTER for these exciting upcoming events. All times are Eastern Time Zone.
April 28 (Saturday)
Medical Intuitive Remote Healing - 2 Unique Sessions with Sue & Aaron Singleton
Location:  Everywhere!

2:00 – 2:30 p.m. EDT:
MI Remote Healing: Release Headaches and Neck Pain/Tension
2:30 – 3:00 p.m. EDT:
MI Remote Healing: Anxiety & Post-Traumatic Stress-Healing Invisible Wounds

May 6
(Sunday) | 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. EDT | **Special Offer Available**
Medical Intuitive Ultimate Group Healing Experiential
Presented by Aaron & Sue Singleton

Location:  Courtyard by Marriott Hartford-Cromwell, Cromwell CT

May 6 (Sunday) | 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. EDT | **Special Offer Available**
From Chaos to Calm: How to Stay Stable in a World of Turmoil
Presented by Aaron & Sue Singleton

Location:  Courtyard by Marriott Hartford-Cromwell, Cromwell CT

May 6 (Sunday) | 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. EDT| **Special Offer Available**
Experience an Energy Facelift
Presented by Aaron & Sue Singleton

Location:  Courtyard by Marriott Hartford-Cromwell, Cromwell CT
June 14-17 (Thurs-Sun) | Timing to Be Announced
American Society of Dowsers' National Convention

Location:  The Way To Balance Center, Amesbury MA

Location:  The Way To Balance Center, Amesbury MA

November 10-11 (Sat-Sun) | Timing to Be Announced EST
12th Annual Natural Living Expo in Marlborough, MA (2-day event)
 Featuring a TWTB Booth and Presentations by Sue & Aaron Singleton
Location:  The Way To Balance Center, Amesbury MA
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