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The Anti-Fur Society
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WOW!  Hard to believe that two years have come and gone since our last conference!
It is a pleasure to OFFICIALLY invite you to this year's conference. If you have attended our past events, welcome back. We look forward to seeing again! It will be an honor to see new and old friends at our lovely, boutique type conference. The registration is open and will go until all tickets are sold, or until August 30th, if you are buying tickets for breakfast and the reception. Otherwise, please register by September 5.  It will be our 4th Anti-fur & Vegan Conference and it will take place on Saturday, September 15th at the beautiful Scandinavia House in Manhattan. It will be a very full day of learning, fun, socializing, enjoying delicious food, meeting friends, and making new ones. All in an uplifting environment where the true spirit of compassionate animal caring people will gather to exchange ideas, learn from one another and become stronger as movement.
The registration for exhibiting + meals is open and the prices are very affordable for everyone. We''ll have about 20 spaces for cruelty free vendors (fashion, books, animal groups, etc.). The spots go rapidly, if you are interested, you may wish to reserve yours as soon as possible.
A LOT IS BEING DONE!  But there is a lot more to do... 
We continue doing all we can with our tiny budget to accomplish much. We don't have time to send out newsletters, but we are on social media 24/7. This winter, we had another billboard in NJ (near the tunnel to Manhattan) for two months (see the link below). We were unable to get someone to take photos, but it was in the same location as last year's.  We are now beginning to ask for donations for billboards to go up starting in December. All donations are greatly appreciated:
Thank you for reading our news alert!
We look forward to seeing you September!
Rosa Close
The Little Fox Book:
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