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May 2018 News from Malaprop's!
 A Note from Emöke
It seems at times I do my best planning between being awake, yet still asleep. It is when the morning comes to greet me, as it did this morning. To see ahead at times is challenging, and to look back gives strength to the days ahead. It is that vein of gold we all search for in one way or another. The writers mine words found in the shaft, which draws us toward its riches. We dive deep into the cenote in search of what keeps readers reading. Often I look at the selections in our store and am awestruck at the variety of talents that make them so interesting. Stories told and retold, yet they still speak to readers differently and anew. What else gives you this but music and the arts? It is essential. We support such activities so that the future for children will contain the support that they need to make themselves into good, evolved human beings.
While both looking back and following the future, I offer a list of some of my favorite writers and titles to read on your journey toward understanding our region and its strengths. These books are like “comfort food” or your favorite blanket to curl up with so you can face the days ahead.
John Ehle, Wilma Dykeman, and Horace Kephart should be on the first tier of reading assignments. The Road, The French Broad, and Our Southern Highlander will give the reader a sturdy platform. From there, reach for Gail Godwin, Thomas Wolfe, Ron Rash, and Charles Frazier, just to mention those who are essential for growth into a full-fledged Southerner.  Once that basic training is done, we open the door for all our stellar southern authors who will color the palate of your mind for the region you have chosen to live in and read in. This is our land in the sky, the Blue Ridge Mountains that cradle us like a mother’s arms.
To complete the education, I must mention a few books that will change and expand your outlook: Dance of Anger, Women Who Run With Wolves, Radical Forgiveness, Book of Qualities, Mists of Avalon, Delicacy and Strength Of Lace, and Solace of Open Spaces. You’ll find them at Malaprop’s.
I am quoting a customer now: “Such an amazing, REAL bookstore!“ To be the founder of such a good thing leaves me speechless. Starting our 37th year is a gift that I can attribute to you all, writers, readers, and such committed, noble booksellers.
Life gave me a chance to bring you this gift, and I could not be happier to be doing that service. It is a good time to remind you that we will be rewarding our shoppers on June 3rd with a 25% sale on all inventory in stock, as we do so every January 1st and in June of each year. I hope you can visit and enjoy this event. Malaprop’s is usually a hopping and happy place on this day, too!
Give yourself and those you love the gift of opening a book into a new world and let the journey start.
Peace be.
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Lauren, Bookseller
Be Prepared by Vera Brosgol 
Pubs 4/24/18
Sweet, nerdy, bitingly funny, and brimming with heart! I repeatedly saw my own young self and experiences in this well-crafted memoir, and it reminded me to be kinder in my recollections, to myself and everyone else struggling through young adulthood.
Mrs. Calliban & Three Masquerades by Rachel Ingalls
Ingalls's stories read like you are in a dream... evocative, dry, whimsical, dark, and utterly strange. Dream? Nightmare? Who cares? Just give me more of this wickedly tender, toothsome, and weird fiction. Bwa ha ha!
The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang
Bubbling with humor and warmth, Jen Wang's new graphic novel is a feast for the eyes and a balm for the heart. It is a story of expression through fashion, self discovery, young love, and boldness in the face of the boring and conventional.
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Justin, Bookseller

One of the more pleasant challenges involved in book buying is the certain satisfaction in finding titles that might be undiscovered or tricky to track down. So, it's with an amount of bookseller excitement that we were able to find and stock UK paperback editions of Thomas Wolfe's Of Time and the River, a book long hard to find stateside in paperback. Also, as a bonus to Asheville readers, this edition features an introduction by friend of Malaprop's and local favorite, Elizabeth Kostova, author of The Historian and The Shadow Land.
One of my favorite writers, and one of our most quietly prolific, Jesse Ball, has come out with his latest novel, Census. All of his books have been a unique reading experience for me, and this one is no different. It's a strange, quiet, gentle novel that's a wonderful mix of surreal imagination and universal humanity. Census is a heartfelt novel that reads like a dream, or,  maybe, a beautiful memory, that manages to be sincere, yet never sentimental or maudlin.
Two of my favorite books of 2017 have recently come out in paperback, two titles worth a look in a season already filled with great titles. I wrote about it in a newsletter last year, but Emmanuel Carrere's The Kingdom remains one of my favorite books of 2017, part memoir, part theological treatise. Carrere mixes his own experiences with Catholicism and his own interpretations of the Bible, sprinkled with pop culture references and literary criticism. An endlessly readable and fascinating journey.
Also out in paperback is Steve Erickson's Shadowbahn, perhaps the oddest, and one of the most entertaining books I read last year. Erickson tells the story of an America slowly falling apart, told via odd, lucid visions of a surreal, not-so-distant, nor necessarily implausible future. All this is mixed with the collected history of pop music. Clever, ambitious, and fascinating in its constant inventiveness.
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Patricia, Bookseller
If you are interested in joining a larger online community of readers, the PBS News Hour and the New York Times Book Review have teamed up to host and moderate Now Read This. It's available on Facebook.
The book club alternates selections between fiction and nonfiction, and this month they're reading The Death and the Life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan. You can submit questions to the author and enjoy discussions in the FB forum, too.
I'm just starting the book!
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Sunday, May 27 at 3pm
Jon Pineda presents Let's No One Get Hurt
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