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Sunny Bunny
Easter Bunnies
This time it's a bunny and an egg combined.
I used the leftover yarn after knitting a baby blanket for Zoey and made them in one day right before Easter.

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Soft Purple
The colours are traditional 'Easter' colours, especially purple.
Last year, my knitted Easter egg was not traditional. I made it very 'easterly' - oriental...
Take a look (click on image)
Baby Pink
Of course, I used this colour because we were expecting a baby girl !!
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baby knits
Girly Rosy
Word forms: rosier or rosiest
of the colour rose or pink
having a healthy pink complexion
rosy cheeks
optimistic, esp excessively so
a rosy view of social improvements
full of health, happiness, or joy
rosy slumbers
resembling, consisting of, or abounding in roses
Collins English Dictionary
Rosy - seeming to offer health, happiness and joy! I love that!

Easter girly outfit is here -
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Happy Easter
Lots of eggs... or bunnies... ?!
Don't they look nice and funny?
I have more Easter crafts - click on image.
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