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  May Message 2018
Dear Friends,
How are you?  In this world of dramatic change, we are facing, on a daily basis, that which was completely unthinkable only a few years ago.
How can we best navigate the continuing challenges that arrive?  Many of us live in a constant state of hoping for the best.  We just need to make it through today and tomorrow will be better. 
Globally, we all need to face that we are living through cycles of change- weather, health/healthcare and the economy will continue to experience dynamic shifts.  (For more information on this, you can tune into Gregg Braden’s first season of Missing Links on Gaia.  It is free for 30 days.) In many ways, things are not going to get better.  We need to be stronger and wiser.  The best strategy is to find ways that will support your resilience.  
We are, after all, powerful beyond measure.  Innately, we hold the power to dynamically bless, heal, and transform our individual reality and our world.
It is now time to live from your “Sat Nam” – from the sacred Truth of your self, soul and spirit.  This is the most pertinent time to live your life consciously and consistently in harmony with your sacred Truth and graceful power. 
Our culture celebrates busyness.  It is a sign of success and prestige.  All is well, if your sacred self is being honored and nurtured.  If you do not have time to eat well, to exercise, to meditate, to care for your soul and to honor what has genuine meaning in life, then your energy is contributing to the chaos and distress of our world.
Each day you need to ask, “Today, was I part of the solution or was I part of the problem?”  Learn from this answer!  Harness your power and make better choices.  Every day is an opportunity to choose again and to navigate a life that is meaningful to your self, soul and spirit.
A true measure of living a life of meaning is how you feel every morning and every evening.  Is your heart light?  Does your life flow?  Are your relationships in harmony? Are you noticing the beauty of nature?  Do you experience joy, love and laughter? Are you supporting/serving  that which you believe in?
We may each measure a meaningful life in different ways.  Truth and sacred meaningfulness exist beyond the whims of today. A life of harmony and meaning exists beyond day to day response-abilities and are extensions of the Soul.  The benefits are eternal and the scope is infinite.
To live a life of meaning, you may need to make some changes.  “Where there is life, there is hope.” You are the hope.  Your life has great meaning and impact.  You matter.
It is my hope that you are inspired to choose your life with meaning in harmony with your Truth.
In Light, Love and Peace…  ~Robin
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It is my intention to inspire and empower the actualization of your greatest good by utilizing spiritual insight, intuitive perception, energy medicine, guided meditation, shamanic practice and modern mysticism
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