Educator Newsletter - May/June 2018
Thomas Haller, Alisa Divine and Katrina Jackson
How to End a Tough Year
By Thomas Haller
Perhaps this school year wasn't your best year ever. Students acted up, threw up, and turned up their noses at the curriculum you were instructed to teach. You became fed-up with the testing mania that has overtaken sound educational practice. Parents complained and attempted to prevent their children from experiencing the logical consequences of their actions. Your administrator caved and did not back you up. You were denied permission to attend the Teacher Talk Advantage Intensive Training offered this summer in Bay City, MI. You invested hundreds of dollars of your own money on supplies for your students while the school board invested thousands of dollars on testing booklets. No, it wasn't your best year ever.
So with the days dwindling down to the end of the school year, how do you want to go out? What is the best way to end a tough year? What is a healthy way to bring closure to what has seemed like an unhealthy experience? My suggestion: end with an attitude of gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for even in the worst of times. Go out with gratitude.
There are people in your work environment that could use a kind word, a phrase of encouragement or a note of appreciation. It will benefit them if you deliver it before the school year comes to a close. It will benefit YOU if you deliver it before the school year comes to a close.
During the final week of this school year identify co-workers who could use some affirmation for their efforts this year. When you design and deliver them, keep the following guidelines in mind.
  1. Stay away from evaluative comments such as super, fantastic, great, wonderful, inspirational, beautiful, awesome, kind, thoughtful, best, incredible, etc. Those words only judge, rate, rank, and evaluate. Your colleagues and co-workers deserve more than judgment. 
  1. Identify at least three comments that describe behaviors the person has done and tell the effect those behaviors have had on your life. Be specific. This is where you recognize and affirm what they have done rather than evaluate what they have done. 
  1. Use the words "thank you" and "I appreciate." 
  1. Put your comments in a note or deliver them verbally.
Custodian: "Thank you for cleaning my room and the restroom each night. I can really see the difference each morning. A room that you have cleaned is the way I like to begin my day. I appreciate your efforts."
Physical Education Teacher: "I appreciate the new games you brought to my fifth-graders this year. I noticed they required cooperation instead of competition while still requiring movement and thinking. They were worn out and ready to listen when they returned from the gym. Thank you."
Teacher Across the Hall: "Thank you for the idea you gave me to help Phillip take more control of his behavior. It made my job easier and helped him manage his anger. It was a win/win for both of us. I appreciate your help."
PTO President: "Thank you for organizing the book fair. Several of my students came back excited about a new book they obtained. I used one of them to read to the entire class. They were mesmerized. I appreciate you heading up that big project."
Crossing Guard: "You have been here in rain, snow, and sun. Thank you for helping our students safely cross this busy intersection. It'd been fun to watch you talking and laughing with the kids, building relationship as you concentrate on your main job of getting them safely across the street. I appreciate that."
Counselor: "I appreciate the project you took on of organizing a grief support group. You helped Bonita find a safe place during an important time in her life. Your empathy and listening was right on time for her. Thank you for that contribution to our school."
Spouse: "Thank you for listening to me without interrupting when I decided to vent. You helped me express my frustration and work through it. Because you listened without giving advice I was able to clarify my concerns and create solutions. I appreciate you being there for me."
There are people in your work life who want to hear from you. By bringing closure to your tough year through the expression of gratitude, you just might help them bring a positive end to their tough year. Both of you are worth it.
Inspirational Quote
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
∼ John F. Kennedy 
Thomas Haller
Katrina Jackson
Alisa Divine
VIDEO: End of the Year Attitude of Gratitude featuring Katrina Jackson
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