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June 2018
Thomas Haller, Alisa Divine and Katrina Jackson
You Can Figure Everything Out
By Alisa Divine

Have you ever felt stuck in an area of your life? Perhaps you get stuck in your career, in a relationship, in your health, or in your finances. Chances are you’ve felt disempowered in one of these areas at some point. Below are some ways to develop solutions and begin to move from a feeling of "stuck" to a feeling of expansion with solutions.
  • Recognize where you feel disempowered. Identify the problem and identify what you want to change.
  • Make a list of steps you need to take to get to where you want to be. Reverse engineer your steps by starting at the end (where you want to be) and creating the steps of change back to the present moment. Then work forward one step at a time.  
  • Seek role models. Find people who are doing, feeling, and being the way you want to do life, feel, and be. Ask the role models questions, or ask them to mentor you.
  • Develop the mindset that you can figure out the solution to the obstacle. Holding the belief that you can figure out everything, opens doors of endless possibilities for you. Often people do not become what they want to because they don’t believe they can figure it out, they get stuck.
  • Act as if. Move from stuck to expansion of possibilities by acting as if you know what the next step is and make adjustments along the way.
  • You can start today by making small changes towards the direction of who you want to be and what you want to do and feel each step of the way.
The link below is one of my favorite Super Soul Sessions with special guest, Marie Forleo, a well-known entrepreneur who has worked with thought leaders such as Oprah, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson. Marie's session is entitled, "Everything Is Figureoutable." The video is approximately 20 minutes and is full of takeaways.
Thomas Haller
Alisa Divine
Katrina Jackson
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When you have a 'solution thinking mindset' - and choose to focus 80% of your thoughts/words on solutions - you will not only be heading more speedily to long-term success, but you will immediately feel better in the moment.
~ Karen Salmansohn
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