Author of iGen on CNN: Kids and Screens — “We’re on the brink of the worst mental health crisis in decades."

By B.N. FrankJuly 19, 2018

What’s good for the goose has never been good for the gander in regard to technology and kids.  For many years already, tech inventors have been sending their kids to “low-tech” schools and restricting tech use at home.  In the meantime, at the advice of tech companies, public schools have spent a collective $60B to become “high tech.”  Students are required to use screens for long periods in and out of the classroom as part of their education.
Some tech inventors have started expressing remorse in creating screen addiction issues with their products and are trying to raise awareness.  Regardless, it gets lost in a sea of marketing for more tech designed for kids and everyone else.
Dr. Jen Twenge, author of “iGen” has been interviewed many times already regarding tech-related mental health issues in kids.  Her most recent CNN interview is heartbreaking.
“We’re on the brink of the worst mental health crisis in decades.” 
According to Dr. Twenge’s research, the increase in teens’ mental health issues coincides with the introduction of smart phones and other tech devices being marketed and eventually used by almost everyone – including very young children.  Go figure.

Regardless, those who seem to be profiting from technology continue insisting that we
  1. Wait for more research before we reduce the amount of tech used by kids in schools and everywhere else.
  2. Blame genetics and/or parents who won’t control their kids’ use of screens when it’s not for school work.
Are you willing to do this while more technology is being designed for kids and implemented for educational and recreational purposes?  Even Sesame Street has been playing a role in this.  Et tu, Sesame Street?  Et tu?
Prolonged tech use can also cause mental (and other) health issues due to
  1. Artificial light from screens.
  2. Wireless WiFi radiation exposure.